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Inside The Simple Male Mind With LB

Apr 7, 2014|

Every Monday we go Inside the Simple Male Mind with LB and this time he helps the ladies who got April Fooled in love, why men send penis pics, a husband afraid of getting sniped, and one man yells his own name during sex.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Let's go inside the simple -- mind with the help of doctor Lyndon byers is not really a doctor but but but he does not all about. These simple brain of the male and so here are the questions that have been texted in the this week and today are you ready -- you bet. I think I have a pretty good sense of humor. But my boyfriend Chris did something last week that still has me in areas that we have been together for four months in Ireland and we haven't said the L word yes. Just dating on Austria on Tuesday. He wrote me a card and told me that he loved me I started crying and said I love them also and then he said April fool's. At halftime I am I cannot I cannot get over it and I'm not sure -- and I'm not sure that I can trust. Fund why would he do that. And number number one and if it's finally have a sensing or. And you've only been to your performance and that's not even a relationship. That is really the ball a minute Pollyanna yeah. -- To him. I mean it's 38 it only starts to become our relation when he buys you. Diamond pendant about a mile that's when it's clear how many when he costs up like a hundred and a half and I -- -- really our first week. Conflict. She -- said she -- -- stay down here I'm one under after her answer should have an idea that I don't hurt now I would know nobody should shouldn't because they're sending -- said you're setting yourself up to be disappointed on a weekly basis. If you truly believe you're in love with big guy needs and leverage -- -- after four months it's it's impossible. Wealth not impossible says what about love at first sight there's no such thing and western together and -- ten years later when you get married venues Seau was love at first -- I loved the fact that -- me and I think I need. That though it has card in just like bawling her eyes attitude so if you think and I ran. The day today. All right this. This is so bizarre I can't believe I'm texting this to you but I'm freaked out. Saturday when my fiance and I had sex he yelled out his own name. Why then why would -- well -- -- do. That plays his game Tarzan of the group -- the today I mean it's funny kids eat at either center and and all I can think about is I remember with with the former first girlfriend -- You know you heard you yet here we are having sex and the years I was you really fired up and it was really good job. And when that was my moment now to shine now giving -- well. I stood up over her credit and that is -- up and I Wagner power yeah. And -- -- very exact words where reflect quite what to do that while the -- Iowa and we we you know we're not matter -- in the throes of the action -- -- you know -- yet. You'll have sometimes you snapping a loser no way says his own in the best they'll never forget that. My sister Amanda just started dating my ex fiance Karl. That's the sick or are saying is I have defined out about it from -- knock him they have been together for six months. Why wouldn't he tell me to cachaca these -- guys -- policies. Quick what's what's the we have freedom we don't want content including -- -- she her sister yet is dating her acts beyoncé and she found out from the girl her sister not -- that not not a guy. -- have an obligation to tell learning right does there not a professor at any obligation has hired an ownership is it OK if it's very afraid when -- is or are counting did you. It's like we're gonna what it's like when women get pissed off you know that boom. You know when they don't want -- you don't wanna have that sit down. -- -- -- -- -- They're trying to work it all feel like look don't we all know it's my fault or MobileMe it's not yield of let's just you know tonight -- hearing now just got free without tears and on area director -- we -- with the drama that I just -- -- -- So my thought I'm the Baghdad. So it's not back guys obligation not tell his XP on activities in your sister there again I would never do it -- a -- would never do we wouldn't nobody has -- -- -- have been pretty balls. What's the best way or gates what's the best way to get a man to agree to allow another man. Who have sex -- me. It's been my fantasy for a long time and I think his friend Jeff it's hot and I would like to -- That -- arm. Just just just to mention it. And then I'll just ya I well I will say this warrants if he says yes and you view. He smashes best body. They won't be best buddies anymore right and you're gonna have to start -- -- -- gonna give my relationship will be over and their relation will be over. It is an -- you unless it's a strange woman. Two guys and there's no I carried there's no way no I don't have a friend. I did -- -- that amount right there and I could never I don't think you know they can they know and handle it no. And the Miller what they say they don't know see that I did I know how to -- that no I'm not sitting there and a lot of Miller but the odds the odds are the yards. You guys can definitely get your swingers and yet you entered the couples who don't have a terrible that was good for a couple wanna desperate -- especially -- -- America is you're not -- -- And I can think my boyfriend shows no interest to and other guys hit on me I appreciate the no drama no jealousy but it makes me feel like he doesn't air them. It went just. Juan Carlos it's just one of those banks and -- just. Now and I'm not a big gift guy you know I'm not a big. The Honda guys and other big you know Mamas days. Anniversary. Downturns. It's you know where are guy guys are hard work hard wired for that stuff so does it mean that he doesn't care enough and not just -- and I'm I'm like that again you know but the but Darryl you in and not for nothing he can't wages and -- if -- got just every time you'd think he was needy. -- Why do guys never stay with me they stay the night and then leave early in the morning I've never really tense game. And bad of their proper policies not. She -- it -- bed GA idea around or -- I'm I'm I'm I'm -- and I don't want it gives I don't believe there is such a thing is of a woman that sleeps around a but today they are in a committed relationship and know that they can get action yeah that your booty call mean which I think is perfectly fine now. I think you're awesome. Is that -- and you're really a certain I will -- Sure looked more farcical. Elements you can order a lot better course Hewlett I would -- a come on a Friday or won't leave till Sunday. Here's the Texas says there are 45 Jeffs has just ruled through the friend list pretty swift Bryant well yeah and -- -- -- -- or why does my guy friend always ask me what I'm wearing what does it do for him. -- -- what you're going to look at your -- for one on our own shall walk off you know you look like my mom all the guys in order all right and Matt but that's out Alibaba doesn't matter which are actually wearing anyway and he just. Tell him what he wants to year and which is sure they're doing I mean are we talking points actually that's a whole different ball game. My my girlfriends out work and I are comparing penis pictures we got in the last few days. Why do men think it's appealing. To see their penis through tax. It again at CDs deedrick -- -- can I just. I just don't believe -- I just don't believe in the southeast again I don't get him I don't understand it I don't want Moreno there. Because it's like hey baby wanna jump on this now and it's you know it's not just like -- quite as much as you guys -- you know act like yeah yeah I just -- this quick snapshot. There with there rely and I think you're not going under here amen I -- -- push it publicly what did all right and. Well you say to exaggerate the -- shuttle Atlantis NASA internal remove it's that it's out of -- It's too early for the penis. Or is it disclaimer put on as soon as it's like then like growth -- a -- -- like smash this guy for like two years you know how it's always the friend would be okay. I. Have got a lot of African how easily do laundry. Can tell stories and I get the south and we -- we all. By the way are we. And -- and committed loving relationship we all show and we're just smashing you were showing the pictures showing exactly sure it probably loving. But you know she would -- you get these pictures from this one guy that she -- -- and just different to benefits thank. And you always send the disclaimer so posing a crappy picture of like oh and I'm not hard yeah I know what you look like. And you're and that's eight other costs. But again. Is it not the same for men and women because now confirm what it meant like -- women's stuff you're pretty women don't like it didn't get it -- who -- lovingly. Some women are like an analyst John what -- in charge ugly mean period. Let's see my husband of fifteen years doesn't Wear his wedding ring should I be concerned not. Now I never lost I have mine tattooed on it's it's it's even it's a bit bigger check married and then -- not wearing. -- messed up a let's send by the way yes -- chicks wanna -- guys who brings on win more often and if they think there you're single then yeah. The -- biggest hypocrites on the planet there's there's nothing nothing better. Com I'm a busy single girl living in Boston I need advice on how to meet new guy you WA have done. I touched unless you're there is a I'm a theater student so -- access the straight guys feels a little bit limited. I haven't been on a date in over a year now where is the best place that I should go to meet guys with the law -- Please McDonald's known only hears him at my previous -- Degrees again enjoy it right now -- -- very -- for for the tornado forty. Crew -- the which I include myself and any fundamental right in the middle of that gap up. And a failure and -- you're gonna -- out that's the thing you got to get grab a couple of friends get out thing -- him paint the town you know. A couple of days a week here. We are going inside the simple -- mind with the help of relationship guru Lyndon -- just a few more this morning. My husband keeps putting off getting a vasectomy is he scared or does he want another kid. Oh gosh I've -- obviously I think you're gonna hurt -- legislators DR IR -- would never do it because art and more of those people. That I will never give -- being done and down there because cases -- for Beers and actually there's an accident it'll never -- again I think that. And probably is lots options outside of the vasectomy. Get creator of a pop up. And I appreciate the help a brother out compared -- -- OK you know stand on now on you know. -- Bob my ex broke up with me and then as soon as he heard I was seeing another guy he came crawling back I got back together with -- -- -- interest he -- why does he do that. Kick him to -- he's insecure -- -- he's a zone grapples with the guys -- grass is always -- play integrating great in a great example. You you just ask yourself when you go on a trip. The guys are always harder when you're on the trip them when you come back column and then it's it's the same for other people people I played my -- -- Canadians come down here. Church X Ers are wrong. There's so much -- that -- not Canada. Then I go to candidates are your chin action show aren't Wimbledon so why aren't they -- Boston -- a tough tough opponent. Well it is inside these simple -- mind today thank you -- a relatively easy to do that every -- that not every Monday at this time. After the ladies that are giving their husbands back -- -- doesn't even realize they like college basketball and they were just using March Madness to be -- uploaded as a yeah. Both the.