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Masshole Theater-The Dark Knight

Apr 7, 2014|

Can you figure out what movie this scene is from when we translate it into Masshole? This time the residents of Mass took on the Dark Knight.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Hill Man Morning Show -- It's cold. Hi I'm Paramount -- whole theater call this number 6179311. AAF if you would like to play and win tickets. To go see LBs have favorite show of the summer kiss and Def Leppard. At the X dignity center on August 1 through my central I know you have that one marked down but you're going to be out -- you're definitely on of that. Show they're -- estimated Jesse its preferred you know people my age because that we grew up with kissing -- in that cubs who -- supplement definitely. -- not quite but it's great because here's a good bowl bans have been our council are probably is beyond -- yes college kids not I do love and their loved in the music -- I'm that the it'll be a showed to the certainly in LB's case to not remember so I guess it's kiss and Def Leppard call now. 61793101. AA after if you would like to play. And game is pretty simple we have taken a scene from a film. And rock bottom rob has found some. Find -- Commonwealth of Massachusetts residents who perhaps have a bit of an accent. To reenact that scene -- if you can identify the movie than you are a big winner correct -- yes all right this be is Mike -- Mikey. Up what's up my gate I don't know where -- from Nike. Summer aluminum direct from some mobile -- All right take a listen to this and tell me if you can identify this film. You know kid someone tip for you have been knocked on the door for days to say -- advantage -- that brought the -- This. Sort of dead 500 dollars -- All bought alive. You know I got these guys alls I know is my bosses don't use a shaky -- bag and one night he lays it to be crazy than usual. -- out of the Apollo with a knife defenders though Bob -- like that -- not one bit. Source scene he takes the -- and the last ones do it. Terrorism Meehan says why so serious. Becomes Demi with a knife but I mean this kid kid. Why -- those areas he sticks the blade in my in my home. Let's put a smile on them by the viewers -- to lie -- experience that's. -- in the I was really only. People are these guys guys that Enbridge line in the online and people to really handed out there -- -- at their own words apply these you know. Well actually I was hanging out of the bag Don it's been up around and people back Jonathan gridlock that. I was coming from a Little League game. Made a stop in today you know you're not -- over there help me out second -- -- into it. Mikey Mikey -- on film that is. And I would move and I don't read them out there. -- -- -- that are now sorry it is not that down okay yes I guess we'll adjust. Jeff can you identify that movie and -- -- that was Dark Knight yeah snake Donald. A guy who could -- married that's right I'd just hang on you got tickets. Hang out with -- LV intimacy. And a -- kiss and death. Leverage. The accidentally center on August. Thousand dollars. Phenomenal -- Ireland and positive attitude going into Colorado voters gallantly wasn't quite enough thank you got first got his one in his regular heel on it is definitely not me wanna get out of there. I can't do what I highly doubt that the little guys like -- a minute but then you read this for me was it a lot -- -- how now brown off. Let's see here's the text that says LB was not there for the birth of will. But had to be removed from the watch usage brewery when the WB WA AF appeared it was a -- I don't think yet to be. -- actually very -- meet any of yeah we NBA while there was video. -- -- Probably -- did you ever stopped you out there. But I knocked back on it whenever I'm going to be. It's apparently. Believe it surely you leave your neighbor is that the.