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Hill-Mail 4-7-14

Apr 7, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages from the weekend the main topic was the Sox 3 game loosing streak.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always -- -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each you to -- talk as the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- man up. -- just quoted an attack on the and I'm already -- you know -- I don't -- our. On to help you -- -- to. I was great friend and ally yeah a lot of fun Friday I Rajai demos. To I don't know went over the weekend -- outfitting the -- also an offer if dammit so how did ask her golden and yeah I had an object. Yeah thanks to everybody came out Friday great crew with a baseball tavern in just one of the great days in Boston. Spring is here we want more left we get the the Marathon Monday coming up quick and would we put two weeks to -- -- about what they believe yeah I think correctly amazingly well so yes so thanks everybody thanks to the crew at the baseball tavern here you -- everything. Pat thanks buddy you're the berries and yeah now face for everybody -- called -- with a a donation but I don't LB Ochoa get a cup of big -- LB Sean Rogers he'll show up at your house with -- baseball tickets and a jumper and then -- -- well yeah that's. I don't know I don't think it's enough in my opinion there's nothing nothing nothing happening. There here are the. Friday 4:57. PM. Well apparent Tom Brady is human after all can see that video of I can't not gonna try to grounder and Greg and and good round it has -- -- -- like top. You follow up and I know he didn't -- But at. You know this outdoors than watching and events. Are trying to and somebody is. Telling you endless stories about. Growing up in Canada out of Atlanta and I'm -- for you -- that you and I go to -- and I have a that's why I. That's -- -- all -- allow in my run into each other very well. When you allow -- -- behind a line into this guy Von -- that the posts. They did a good job without a whole ceremony. Yeah and I enjoyed that the Red Sox they really I thought I thought I mean did Yemeni issue is whether there -- no good. No I think everything is really nice really well and they're good -- it that they brought in over there and I would label. I mean I AI and I was it was it was pretty movie was it was it was well known far did you shoot and then. Above all -- there will be. -- dark out there. Are well written ball. Here earlier and. And -- is that a little bit of with a very similar can you believe it not be enthusiastic. Can you believe it but he can't -- -- restaurant he could come through pacers a little off for now know what the intro but yeah I mean. Now laser show he'd joke is that Leon name that tune I don't -- will would joke consent to make that a regular features the only going to be noted that for you would. Well now behind -- now I I would pull -- -- -- That you don't think he'd make that a regular uncertain now if he's willing to do it's have doesn't want a sabathia and a good time. Final -- and forty -- man. Getting out -- although they play and it got cut off. Under that. And announcements though. 628. And then went out there are always at all. -- -- -- back in that dugout interconnected. That. The clinic on the World Series hangover from people start to panic coming -- to wonder what they're a demon half past three games and people these weren't three organizer -- -- 11 of them both. Now you're about poppy now and -- and an important time off here in the manner of hobbies all of -- boy -- he he's sort of certainly enough. So light. Died. Down June 1 -- In -- a 162 games long way to go for the big -- people are. Somewhat upset about the the fly overs inundated like the fly over they wanted they -- the -- was the jets can't ironically well when you artists are confident that don't India is not you know he -- bitch about. Many in things and concession prices in Iraq. And be happy with a helicopter the helicopter cheaper than in the six I would enemy of problem not -- old -- and want to surely. Yeah. Sudden boom ENN. Door -- the power went out for perhaps you thought well that's right never played it about it. Interconnected. To talk show. But the plus net none of my recruiting trips into the to the East Coast really asks I was like wolf it's going to be fifty below zero. Animal and in the middle and normally get paid for. The period of united and UDH on bland generic. So perfectly set and looking for -- -- Well within unleaded buyers that they that he's a call from one of the import. -- I didn't it this morning. Flew -- all of my mother thought include collapse and chronic back out and power and -- picnic food and and I. And the -- -- a the buyers corporation -- believe -- -- be used them there the last Norris -- 28 inland. I. Can't. And it now. Failure realizes -- Zambia border it's on fire Jordan playing great. At some Guerrero came from middle books. Would play down. It's a long season that's what that's the only thing that's got to get it you know get the bats Roland Jon Lester looked awesome he's known to bodies -- -- you know that's what. That's -- we say this time a year.