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Hill-Mail 4-4-14

Apr 4, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics include bashing Greg and LB, Sox Opening Day, and an epic My Nuts Call.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. You may now. Boy it's only Hewitt sport more it Maury Maury Maury Maury -- more sport more -- more sports sports sports sports -- But what it would put forward. Point to pressured. On WAA. Staff. Appreciate that -- at the fifties. If you see there in the -- here at the baseball tavern just go -- stewards say panties or employees or. Oasis. Scoring that's like in the days and anything. I can't be held responsible there is where there's just two words that women cannot stand to aid them out -- -- them out in those are working. Where can look at what the quirky. Are your hill mail messages that during the home opener alive -- broadcast are brought to you by the beer summit which is happening tonight. And tomorrow. At the park plaza castle I will be there tonight is a great event I estimated Saudi Arabia everybody got to -- off it's it's a phenomenon it's it's a great -- or wrap up opening day. Sample over 200 craft Beers tonight. At the park plaza castle go to beer summit dot com for tickets that the beer summit dot com. Generally I think I mean that you should try but but there's two sessions tomorrow in a day that they sell out. Pretty quick so. -- quick message here. 401 text there. I wanna mention enough for a good friend of the show. Who had a bone marrow transplants. This week. -- -- and the great the great -- from my MS walker yes. And is doing well I get a text from -- -- somebody's texting and who who works with his wife -- a they donated some money for the foundation and Kenny -- a big fundraiser for the foundation. And the partisan -- applause I'm a big future plot. And so I -- say hello to him and you know he's he's up every morning in the hospital with -- and everything's on sale at a lower body skimming it off in the morning candy yet here are the very best hill mail messages of the previous 24 hours. They've only -- 35 AM. There were I don't mean I thought everything you got. -- And now. Everything an update on the -- to cover but I mean the videos float around everybody's paying attention to it and I think it's legit in the in the baby marsupial we have let me ask right now. -- expect that the Danielle here's. Fellow female who wants to know what you think of the workers -- Supple. OK with that you're okay it was supple as supple breasts is seeming silly thing I think that wanted to sample size -- boot. Is apple. It depends on who's saying it I know that when I mean if you like you know three inches away from motor go to our senior analyst -- -- creepy guys that your glasses off tackle these are so. I probably switching to a -- a however at the moment and give -- what about fluid. I'm an independent contractor and I had the depends on the up and fix this but it's very good. There's only eight. 360. Man. Belgrade and Arctic especially don't stay under -- Jillian devoted. -- -- Italy and -- community. Oh you know. We -- at period they you know they elected and that it would need air. They all that quote they it and sort. -- -- LP would agree you know. And then now I'm not LB believes in them just like Bill Clinton you know. And he believes that they're actually here we just don't know what warm there and they're not in the same form as the so they could be. That window here at the baseball tonight murder -- and probably in about two hours you'll be talking to. That that when we -- here at the end of days actually the ATM becomes my friend about 1 o'clock -- -- -- could be if it could be the yeah I don't mean whoever's standing in front of the gates and I think that the withdrawal. Really. They're playing hand 64 AM. And LB 200 marathon that the country. Hoopla. You don't didn't do it. Look. And the message big problem yesterday with a cleanly in the aftermath of the run downstairs and -- there you -- wind at all. So I'm meeting some bacon and some OK guys I. I get my strength that it adds one data today and get my strength back up 440. Old man. I -- third commercial real peace both Bert and Barack is certainly got paired guy. When you're gonna get your ball -- site. -- -- Time -- comment -- it in it's not -- its early injuries. And a nine in the case of a procedure. But a a takes about 45 minutes now and year out yeah. And and and you're good to go out go to go to drive my arms dot com it's gossip I it was I told I turned fifty. Now -- -- I just it's my second life there you do every I'd just like I'd just like fifty pounds I doubt it Jack but I wanna -- face is in my buddies him -- -- said measly dude. You look great. Really that great museum is like seventy so what else -- -- innocent of smoke outdoors he's gonna send you you guys like 35 a figure that. -- Well I mean you're doing every single procedure mean whatever to do whatever you can make itself look good god this is just above being comfortable and I just it -- in the gathered stands in the middle of a room in your porn you know not the right in unarmed sweat -- Heidi -- Actually you know that I don't -- -- -- -- and that's what they weren't trying to exact doctor jets and -- grill it's not let's just put it right now. I'll pass that was at least a well -- -- I don't know what your message you both say that later LNG I Jack hammered it could get a crack up they're. Did that -- attacked al-Qaeda. At the the girl that she was walking into the baseball -- she actually locked into sugardaddies dot I convoluted -- my my sugardaddies acting -- that the that the that. I -- -- he. Told them. -- -- -- -- Now I loved Joseph and I and I honestly in I hope Joseph is is give in. Full involvement full broadcast I don't like when they -- -- of the to the background that crap you know Joseph deserves he's a legend he is. The voice of the Red Sox Red Sox radio network our sister station WEEI. -- And of course. Joseph was kind enough to participate. In a Jokester legally own name that tune which we'll get to coming up for some tickets in just a little bit go ahead bridge. Think 230. Man. Yeah correct order and are -- -- And the Little League but that's -- because nobody at Antalya hello I'm Betsy is out. Non-GAAP -- to have a one time and thousands -- -- When I got to the minors in the major as. I was stand up guy I was it was a I had a lot of passion. What happened all that's being number one. We have carpet -- -- we -- show going on here you realize that these. So you know I mean it. -- the people are very excited here's nobody we're -- decision of birth and right now everybody's here it is there or else you. That they. The productions that have their own health policy and -- -- game that it's a party that is that is really. -- -- -- -- All in a bad -- for a little. It could work its corporate didn't grow -- and -- and. And that's what -- -- underage girl's that he. LB was being facetious earlier -- I. I I am an -- sweat shops and I -- I'm not I you know I I bin. I'd been to countries Third World countries and and and you see how the kids live they have nothing so. Rather than have nothing. I think that it would be I think they think it would I feel it would be better than if if it's five bucks a day if it's three by -- nothing nothing. You go I've been to countries where a father makes like they live on like fifteen dollars a month. I you know -- ideally -- the island EC generations of families that living cardboard boxes yeah I mean I you know so so. How can you tell me that you know working -- making a little door bird you know I mean I'm -- tortured children and you know you know I'm not. And so when I'm saying but. You know for what are you hi in my eighties did that that you know would rather the kid. Starved and live on the street and and and not -- I I yards you have to you have to make a living somehow mean those countries you know. You realize that like it's it's not that they're getting the eight and today in room and board and all is -- they're still homeless in the streets -- with -- huge. And make an -- and yeah of course we're at worst case scenario -- all worst case scenario and I don't hear any job I've ever been over. Knowing how you do that in the get life in swap these guys know I'm I'm I'm privileged -- The rightful. Have you ever been to a sweatshop have you have you ever had ever been not one top part to not drink in Bangkok. You ever ever want to hand made suit from a fourteen year old goalie -- barks a full. Awesome silk suit -- is not -- what's happening more who LB after his -- proceed. That's I go -- -- 7:10. -- I grade your glory days now I have to let you know those are not that great photos. That that security in England I've been sending out healthy through most of my -- he did it in part. And that message. Gary that's not scary that's not the real here -- scary. 7:15. AM. And we keep it -- it -- -- that was double jeopardy so called in to put it back actually Linden -- really let him. And that could happen. That's my dream is to get on jeopardy. That guy busting trip back -- ball goes -- so funny. That itself what do you do with the money well they can actually can you grab that audio brand deported. This is jeopardy. This guy was a contestant who did documentary about sweatshops. And he starts to buster -- balls because he wears a Perry elicits yes and and Perry -- apparently has what jobs slash jobs sorry Randy you know how it yeah. You got that Michael. OK let's listen. John Kavanagh. Million dollars at stake in this tournament and if you win it you're going to spend a lot of -- to work on a documentary what's documentary about. It's it's. On sweatshop labor and you know country in our country and around the world. So I want to Bangladesh about ten years ago and toured a garment factory and about what if what do I saw assured that I was wearing being made by these people -- so -- to trying to. Put a face on who might makes our clothes and -- you can find out the names of the eight year old to meet your fancy suit their -- Yeah okay. For them to -- them. You know you know trip back wanted to slap it all -- -- why he wanted to go slap at the ask another guy. How dare you on trip next show on jeopardy today how do area. How severe my shell was outstanding -- what is bundled and dragged away and beaten silly. -- 500. Correct current facts -- right. 720. I don't all end. It would be that say that the mother looked should be either through the birth of your trial and admired her work around the lead up epidural complete. Connected -- Possibly belong like the mother in laws some some some don't -- -- bill. Mine's gossip Lim as Lim is awesome ya both my mother -- -- include ride that people are you proud of where you're behind would have never believed it. You happen to me you got pretty good not because you've had three of them one I've -- -- the first two sets it might get Syria. Let's -- happens afterwards and I you know it does during -- -- the and that was during that could be good at 728. He had. If you don't -- baseball golf he had electric box. -- -- I haven't seen it down there on the concourse field the old car that. To make my way around the whole ballpark on a day like today I am sure I like today announced it -- in the bleachers. Don't mix with the commoners had. Now like and I like to make mingle with the poor people. Lot of my house your kids have a radio allies are real fans here as a real thing and I like to be out there in the in the cold and damp and experiencing another another homeowners hiding in pointing at somebody who's waiting and you see your back to tweeting. -- -- Every year all day good three or four innings strong over there are federally today. I can't play it. A lot of my good buddy John who runs the runs the bar up in the in the EMC club houses vodka soda or seven very best bartender at even that part good man good man tonight glad -- 7:31. -- The bases loaded and expect caught up. It's going and I'm getting pretty darn. And I don't know I. I. -- That's encircle the idea grand salami tonight. Over if I was view of cricket bat with Jack mister nice job that I put the guy says I've seen him play if you do not use times I've seen her will play a few times pretty good. Pretty I love all three of of the guys may be trying deadly cute intelligent baseball talk to cut it right in his listeners and balloon goes on steam Austin and at. 64 old man. They correct I just saw the picture on FaceBook you guys that debate -- whatever it reminds -- -- -- -- on what the -- I'll show. Can you put now I don't know I didn't. And that -- to -- data angle. I'm sure I haven't seen the picture you're referring to but I sure was taken at a bad angle are caught off guard you're eternally -- -- now I wasn't stick in my head out. Then preventing the bigger -- So don't judge don't judge -- -- -- -- 7:21. PM. Not all bought out of the repeated -- record like breakthrough. Eight bedroom and off our Martin. -- out. Complete with a heated at all. They got to prove -- all grew. And it's called cult had no room talking to us but I'm sorry I didn't are true and caviar upgraded. Now. Not a better Robin Leach from that and acknowledge that -- caviar. Now fish eggs now like the road known now I don't know discuss a plan to eat sushi. I love sushi apparently don't have the it to be element up quite sushi would that ever had sushi would that -- Arizona. It is labor and if I had written a book and it was fantastic. But it's not like sushi. No idea long range to get my sushi and I like the spicy tuna. -- -- -- understand out of to a stone makes an amazing spicy general who is pretty cool how they were able to I think they took a scene a legit. Robin -- seen in included and it and applied it to Jordan bell fort in. And willful Wall Street it was pretty cold here to here Robin Leach in their describing. Describing his those. -- -- now I don't know what I don't know -- all the hullabaloo is about the Xbox room immunize me you know I don't and Hawaiian need to be bullied over that -- you people every day. Here is Brian yes below where Ryan. Very. Little jobs dry or it's not yet out of this started -- this -- in Bristol England don't make the all England. I love it. That it. Metallica Metallica thank you thank you all right appreciate anything else. Bridge you get more massacres against thinks that anyone any man. All -- -- batting helmet -- like good little girl. And the message picking up -- that's your acts -- more here there's only 1147. An old man. Might not. We're out and I thought well maybe it's just security correctly you'll -- Beware those yearning for warmer weather -- pursuit of higher education about to embark on bring great. You don't have to be working on a degree in physics you know that one plus one equals -- I'm not so I have but don't repeatedly defied the laws of gravity. It'd once again to welcome back to bend light up that the -- to let I don't I'm not. -- -- -- -- I don't think this brings out an American more than according I don't look at the one hand I don't condone what the between Europe buys and stun gun and slightly off but not. Ohio that hearkened back it was kind of a wide net that you itself and but that effort as the economic damage -- -- look at this they'd line up some bad. Looking at that implementing patent that would knock them -- they were on the -- So that little trick with -- but he helped or better is going to run all the fun of -- about the do no block in the Clinton will conduct the kind of I think what mark said it couldn't and I'm not it would probably look like that if we don't -- high school with a really bad it. And that people had not met with what -- the infected. That it platinum down I don't yelling quote it is a big -- -- my left. -- until I went out because -- -- -- not the bulk up a typical effect of my apartment that's almost always is just landed -- that we can't. -- it won't have been -- movies with -- and there I hope that the -- -- thing. -- okay. My dad snagged it. Love that he would and Collins people either love her hate -- in mind knots but I get -- to the idea stellar. You know what was that. Unbelievable -- by the likes my hat and I don't mean. Well. Done well executed. Well executed our senior on the text messages though. Shot -- -- some oh my god clubhouse I love mine neither should you apply to stop texting some people don't like at nine seven and I you know it do the feedback is mixed. All right. The.