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Name That Tune with Joe Castiglione

Apr 4, 2014|

Voice of the Boston Red Sox Joe Castiglione voiced some hip hop songs and we find out if the listeners can Name That Tune?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- jobs that Grail they've mapped to. If you believe it. A lot of abuse and Berrian did I could could -- very unhappy viewers mired. The ordeal. If there's -- what I got to do it I just had to get my schedule has not laid -- do they want -- -- -- watch. I appreciate you -- to block rating outlook -- I know -- as a lot of work to do before the game and things cannot. A brand you can I hear that again the enthusiasm. -- like laughs I have three I can say is -- more time. It's a joke is that Grail they've mapped to. You believe it. Sounds a little depressed and alas I -- not the normal can't. Yeah all right well let's meet our contestants and somebody is gonna win tickets for the homo -- today what is your name sir Josh -- Josh boy weary from job Worcester mass -- -- -- that -- no work to. What's that no work no. Help now did you did it's legit excuse shortages makes them the -- what it amounts to today okay what do you do for work unity confident union carpenter. Are you excited about -- most getting is that ring today's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- so. Here's the way the game works you guys that are gonna hear joke it's the glee own wounds. Song lyrics. You're gonna have to identify the artist. Who who who whoever ends up with the most correct will be the -- okay. And if it's a tie would the what do they fighter side this is okay. All right. Here comes Josh take a listen here comes. Joseph Castiglione name that tune entry number one. Lot ID Dottie we like to party we don't caused no trouble we don't bother nobody when we rack up that music we Iraq that Mike. All five dogs keep you all and now just to see you smile and enjoy yourself. I don't know I gave. Lol Joseph I rarely news can you identify the artists who thought. Snoop dark let's see if your right Joseph it's why he's got -- -- snoop -- can you believe it when I. Not. My nails it. -- it I have a couple that I had a couple songs that Joseph just wouldn't allow. That guy that wears those tennis players can't do now and I just there was a couple that he just wouldn't do -- maybe next year maybe maybe next year. All right oh for what's your percent against -- Tom Tom are you ready. All right all right listen to joke is it the -- joke is that on the voice of the Red Sox. On our sister station WUPI. And on the Red Sox network this is entry number two Joseph Castiglione and that team. It's like this -- like that like this and like that give -- the microphone first elected -- -- like a bubble competent Long Beach together baby and I had no your troubles. -- about the buddy keep things maybe. Ten. We'll right now. But he got. -- Coolio Coolio. All right well. Let's see let's see if you're right during joke is that -- name that tune. It's nothing but it -- thing by doctor Drake can you believe it. -- That I faced kid I've all right Josh as. This is why it white guy from cape 'cause it's -- -- Omar Omar knows you know all these right Omar. -- on the profiling. I had proclaim that aren't Josh you ready all right. They close attention loose. I was over kaput when it came here to license plate said fresh and good advice in the mayor. If anything I could say this gas was a rare but I thought I forget about it -- almost about fire. I asked. Too easy. And Will Smith left the island but let's see if you're right it's the Fresh Prince of Bel Air things on break DJ jazzy Jeff. And the fresh print -- you believe it. Yeah actually we believe. Last year Joseph was kind enough to do heavy metal lyrics and and this year we had to get to another genre. All right two nothing lead for Josh here you any time in in -- Actually save yourself. We go check it out of. This CA SA the NO VA and the rest -- FLY. You -- I go by the -- -- the doctor the next. And these are reasons out tell you why you see I'm six -- one and I'm tons of pot. When I addressed to a did you -- I got more close up I have at a -- and I dressed so viciously. He doesn't address and you know you know it's it's just is building a business. There really is he's in knowing he's such a great guy he is the is the he's the voice of the Boston -- -- sights on as the answered your -- game. -- cash sugar hill gang with C not to say let's see if you're right it's the rappers delight by the -- -- game can you believe it. -- Is that rappers delight or is it clearly not just -- the you can tell we both that the those to the thing that's occasional guy -- winners but not I wouldn't rappers the FaceBook. All right we got a two and leave here Josh are you ready. Yup -- hear is I believe the final entry today during jokers think Leon name that tune. They won't have any noses go back to these ropes it don't matter is though he knows that he's pro he's knows that and he knows when he goes back who was mobile home -- went back about lab again you know. Now how. How. All. Weight -- I see an opening for Tom here. Josh again now -- you got -- -- -- I thought if you can tie it up VP you can name that the joke is legally raptors. You go out and argue. -- is I'm drawing a blank what is everybody. That means that Josh is our winner get jobs. Tickets now are you at least bring the top of the game he's gonna leave him here he says if I'm -- if the the thank you very much paid during the game I don't and aren't -- -- here's the -- this is absolutely true that we know Joseph big time so like we ever out of Basra felt this big Leon. Not a clause. Round of applause for the voice of the Boston Red Sox on on Red Sox radio joke is diddley known who is willing to risk his fine reputation -- -- by doing that the fastest lap for us for us here -- somebody -- and it's the joke is legally and the Joseph Castiglione benefited. That's what are your favorite. I have. I don't know I all that -- it and it's thought that suck -- Dick he got it done good rappers like run a little going to the record's going to. -- rappers delight -- -- the baseball tavern one of the greatest days -- here. Home opener live broadcast live Budweiser will be right back.