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Apr 4, 2014|

With the Sox Home Opener upon us we embark on an audio journey around Red Sox Nation to hear some confident bandwagon jumpers opinions on the Sox, or at least who they think is on the team.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. All right. Well today is is is opening day and of course I'm on opening day here at Fenway Park everybody is a Red Sox -- right. Right. And world champion. Captain lot of captain band wagons around so rob put out yesterday. To -- try to snare some. Some impostors. Find some captain band -- out there in the world to know where to go now Greg and I went in that time now at the mall that you went to the taught Maltby out -- -- walking around everyone's kind of a buys you can feel it's in the air in the state of Massachusetts are ready for. Opening day here at home but -- wanna just talked to any Bozo any person walking around. I made Sheila that these people had the Red Sox hats even had. Already bought the new. World Series champion in 2013. T shirt the trophy on it yeah so they're real fans is he's -- he's a real fan vote that that alerted me and said OK I I obviously don't go and talk to them and they're the ones that will have knowledge of the soccer back. Now. I may be altered the question and you also that the questions a little bit to see if they would picked up on the fact that years actually and do you know that. Now was not going to be pitching -- your view view. I'm are on captive in a way to get a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- know that the bronze not going to be in Milan on runners there and it I'll hopefully. I'll believe it. Yeah some we have some issues with some captain bandwagon here they might have -- not known aren't Lurie who we started his first person we talked to his Tim Tim. And you found him in the taught mall hippo and a captain band lagging it -- some -- -- on -- let's take a listen. And I'm here -- Please you big Red Sox fan I am along you've been a fan now over ten years you excited for opening day you are you excited -- now about pitch tomorrow. Yes I am. DuPont has been talking a lot about swinging the bat well this year making contact with the ball how many home runs do you think -- hit tomorrow. -- -- means that at least three. Dale that's just three while I -- they plan and and National League ballpark grew I was. What they way -- -- act I don't mean I don't think and did we change leagues I don't I don't think so now. I'm all right that's been captain been like it number 100. -- next guy an idiot did did he have any idea at the end it was he fired up he was just like no I let them believe revive heated and you know when they'll find out Iranian. What shattered dreams at the record but did today when the games -- Bronson on on the mound they'll find out. Our next guy Isaiah. Is is another jam who's been -- Sox fan forum -- that you think longer than I was fortunate what's the name -- Isiah -- captain band -- yeah how old is this -- How do you get mid twenties to mid twenties I let's hear his. I'm here with. As is he excited opening day among of course how long you've been a Red Sox fan that substance. Fantasize having solid attack core. Are you excited to see Tim Wakefield in his World Series ring tomorrow yes that's definitely a big thank how do you think Terry Francona has been doing as a manager so far. I he's been doing good on essays that against Gaza and things that they -- and you know baldness on that yes that. To -- has been talking about throwing in the bat pretty well. How many home runs you think of it tomorrow. I'm open at least to me meet a man who liked it will hunt and a Red Sox Tommy you think this year's Atlantic. Of new hits -- reckon this I'm hopeful -- or are we talking hundreds. -- may have to peanuts. This right -- there's been a big controversy. But the World Series being held in Vegas this year. You have any thoughts. The only combat thing I have against that is not may have -- type place and I mean as. You know way out to dry heat to -- bring kids to drag and you know baseball's a famous boy you know as television remove and replace. Are you disappointed that -- Napoleon called that are in Korea and retired last year. Nine you know when a player knows it's it's it's his time -- it. Glowing at the top big game -- you know drag on and. -- that the heck yeah yeah. Yeah Napoleon did call -- a career. After just we've missed a terribly good year here at Boston with does it well is it for deployed. -- a mockery of it and you know the -- not too familiar with the World Series is usually held in a neutral city. I'm I'm not -- I don't think they have I ever held it in a city without a baseball team and I don't they have all now well maybe this -- detonated that was the controversy might be a good idea yeah Steve -- is building a stadium. That would be sick are right so that was captain bandwagon number two at the time mall Isaiah was his name and and again. You know drivers trying to bust mind -- I. I have been able to answer every every one of these questions Aurilia -- -- It Greg it's yeah let me tell you that this last guy by the way tricky is his name -- -- get the real name them or maybe that is on the birth certificate yeah yeah. This is the greatest -- ball. And I think that you might even get stumped on these. Unless you remember Dan Cortes from the eighties. Did it -- in court that's got. Bill Bellamy bill passed away. Bill Bellamy. -- -- guy name asks purple or may be enormous Deaver yeah. Right past circles I'm not hitting you know I am not kidding. One giants game -- you might know him from yogurt commercials mean. But -- apparently. Different different thoughts on what these guys actually do you want him to sit and what does this captive in wagons and tricky tricky all right tricky from the top spot mall at 30 yes all right here we go. Resist tricky. And tricky how long you've been a Sox fan. My whole life excitable opening day. I definitely know what do you think about -- -- Cortes this series said he'd been swinging the bat well and spring training how many more months do you think Dan Cortes is gonna hit. I mean he's been a solid player of the year on your I wanna say maybe another two when he 25 solid home runs this season. We'll definitely see Ann Arbor I see that definitely could hit it hit -- -- -- good basin of I definitely good feel we'll see. Solid -- solid and what about bill Bellamy you think him coming out of the bullpen is going to be solid relief for us a white. I mean that -- always been good year on year we definitely have a so little -- -- -- feel that with him added on but nothing be more for reliability expression on an off. The fields. If we weren't as -- teams so we need to see what's going on H I didn't see John -- most get his World Series ring tomorrow. Definitely I'm definitely say to see everyone get their World Series ring how hurt I wouldn't think about. Circle. -- circle do you think guy he's gonna put up some solid numbers. I mean hopefully hopefully we'll see. I don't know too too much. I've seen him play a few times book -- it wasn't even clear you're time they have any message for Red Sox Nation or anything for opening day. -- a Red Sox charities support the Red Sox this should be another great yeah. Well I can say is. Go Boston -- Hamas'. And we go Merkel. And how about the death from rob pretty good. Ozone standards. Yeah now I'm not allowed to go back to time my cousin -- as an American everybody wanted to give everybody -- not look like it'll all I know it made him look bad. I now. Duties did he say that he had seen -- -- go play appeared to ask yeah he did this do for retirement and he was here not kidding you told me he's seen Steve Europe go play on the Red Sox. I don't know away viewers watched in the stands. Split with circled the did I do that guy -- -- -- yeah. -- I figured he would've picked that up but now. Yeah no Red Sox Jersey and off -- you have -- the honest answer if we get -- -- -- -- you'll -- out here today the idea that I'm hoping to run into tricky dynamic and his beloved if you do there gonna get the waves that it has said snake is mean trickier about the -- I'm. -- up according to a snake in the Amanda asked -- They must deserves a ring and if anybody does that mean the years it live when he was here we weren't winner I mean -- -- -- you really aren't sure it did you restructure -- the other stated as they have most nice of our ground that's been out -- -- -- Captain bandwagon you think combat that was that was Tim and as Isaiah and tricky I mean it may get a name like tricky is that self given -- -- thinkers now unit. That was a friendly. Minister we can envision -- back staring at the and -- Jersey half knowledge is what -- -- that's about I percent.