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Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins

Apr 3, 2014|

Thursday's with Thorty where we asked about the game against the Red Wings, Big Papi taking a selfie with Obama, his call from the veterans hospital after, and the way the playoffs are setting up.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Hello. -- Hill Man Morning Show presents there's days with the authorities. Featuring John -- of the -- Boston Bruins. Thursday's with the authority is presented that guy is the city of busting credit union. Authorities choice for his banking needs also presented. By EMD's Serrano and EMD. Camilla wore. And joining us. From the city of rob -- I assume it's -- Jordan's hometown in Toronto this morning authority. Here are correct Tom do you know the man you know the man. -- our -- not not a -- of biodegradable. Now we you should invite into the game music go over to city hall and give -- couple tickets for himself I don't. All of this mosque and I've always brought up here about. Now that's July alone there -- not -- -- can rattle wall Lauren and that's ever have to wait in line in New -- reconnect. The LB Hussein it is are you from Toronto authority. Front walk up our area little suburb what's the sub what's suburb. Should all our shall I shall watch a lot of great. So he's the -- when you're a kid you make the big trips into Toronto. Yeah I would have been what are young and ignored these little trouble ourselves really. A good -- it. I bet there is. But I -- the Canadian ladies were gone bonkers -- back and that was when you're a steelworker. -- so that their. In my career and I asked when you worked at the is that the the plant -- Roscoe. Pretty cool that's pretty. So job by pumped gas and -- yeah. What are they -- here it's usually you're the KFC manage my time marriage scarcely -- -- was duties now. -- lot of talk about the disallowed goal last night's. Dayton and question earlier about. It not being refueled bull -- what what was what was your opinion. The ball but they must. All but. I like to -- capriciously and it has got it because. I could see why not I think. -- -- used in the crease from the -- hoarding whatever -- of -- and saw I don't. Regardless what can do. Sell -- official immediately tells got a dollar in the officiating that's not authorities or merits me a point at you saying the way you'll find. These guys got quite enough but this yeah that's that's that's that's exactly the than anybody either six to go our I would it was a little surprise or not in -- -- spot last night. But I would stand me at least talk a little more days but let you know here. Somebody 0612. And you're probably okay here's the great chocolate beer that has always expected -- ball well but I won't let. -- The answer her arm yeah. -- -- for you guys are obviously you Aaron ten points you guys thinking about the presidents cup. Well that and not let's go to award itself. -- or the obstacles look at I work Barbie have more of all places and it just if you're fortunate to make it through. We saw you know we saw last year that it can come into play watching all of it at the end result. It. Actually present strokes are particularly cares just Republican lies all the troops. -- but I yes I was gonna say so was that that's enough of motivating factor. Did kind of counteract the urge to maybe start saving yourself for the playoffs is that is that we're saying. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- David let go a little bit and just relaxed here and work force part well. Particularly given the right way you hear pitchers -- why are you -- you would if you just. -- -- out quarterly -- chase although it figured out so. I think -- that would about talking also Simons and conserving energy -- -- not chaser all over the course. It's pretty cool -- Riley Smith played his brother plays an -- in us he trained yeah yeah defense that's pretty cool. What was. But it felt my -- or relative fair against it could be done. Bombs if true this is -- -- -- -- all relevant to forward slash. That is trying to turn 23. Then the brother thing doesn't it's bizarrely. That's special and Marquez a sudden the settlers carry around it yeah there -- -- -- or six Norman and their kids played their grandkids are planted -- site -- -- down here solves the stall doing -- I -- whose. Even the stalls kids and let -- got a brother in the league it's like there. Bad genes Doherty. -- -- there are real well about it. While speaking you have of Chara. And an outside and and I guess I'll ask about the power play in general good. Major differences this year the last two what do you think that is in and how much of -- difference you think that is for you guys going into the playoffs. Facts and every little draw last year I think this year haven't -- on the back camp. He's he's been really good -- cricket World -- -- around the clock so successes better and output old pattern just -- or from the the front that he's such a big body that. It is very tough hurdle it is here out of say -- yourself. Capitals could look at 406 foot all -- the -- Well they're it's so successful that other -- actually is but do and I have ever go Los but it let -- -- argue them. To sweep -- video on the back and I don't think there are expected. Well it spoke yesterday. Quarterbacking the power play on the back and come inevitably someone -- now. I'm I city's role in the yen to you know they're a year and yeah. Now he gets he gets a little tough to people forget that he was you know ace they young guy trying to. Try to -- and is you know -- I'm sure he's he's here it's kind of surreal offer for Riley -- in more areas in his career you know they're coming from Dallas. I'm not not not known if he's going to be a big leader menus you plant for the first -- Boston Bruins who look like they're gonna go on a major role on the Playhouse and he becomes a major player. In the in that outcome soft. You know I'm I'm I'm happy formula. I think there are people. Seems like all real it is somewhat popular -- -- them talk about -- -- -- -- -- -- -- here. We -- and around we we're really don't look so women are thought could all the other stuff but whose government -- not want somebody else. Hated yet -- and I don't know if you got to see it or not but the do you have but I catch the -- sell the with -- Obama. Did I did it it could could see a video or more are aware of and so what's that all about big I don't well the president's not hockey fan. Our lives maybe a black -- yeah I think it that's probably limited well there's some of the -- Upset I guess because poppy as a Samsung deal. And sound they feel like the president was duped into the -- I -- I think obvious but the picture of the other -- what about Sony Open ended authority. You and I. You and I both would take the million dollars from Saddam's army and the Soviet that was Armitage that it could what. Yeah. -- Here he actually called it later in the day that Walter Reed. Have one. Gloria refused visit will look like I have not really have baseball there ever early -- step -- -- -- That ought to be called talk to the big all the all of it's that I stopped who got really good as. Oh that's awesome -- like you floundering here I was late real on the ice was gently -- We're we're always -- they thought I was like I think it would cover all of your pecker what qualities are all -- that -- -- in jail or. That pick up. You're you're talking -- greeted with the puck found the little booklet about. Off of that awesome. We'll be all right John -- our guest on Thursdays here's Thursday's authorities let me get to the city busting pretty union. Question of the week it comes from Kevin hall and we discussed this briefly last week but I don't that you're specific. Which teammate did you most enjoy -- C. Is that correct grammar most enjoy C getting their head shaved per year cuts for cousin that. -- Enjoy I think he helped -- but that was wearable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Other times better but -- I think I think Johnny boy chuck Billy. This seven hit a little bit up there I think we -- -- they're articulate what. Map -- -- see that he now a and attacks that wants to know I guess is as we were talking about earlier if you're a game of thrown span. Actually -- -- you about that up -- up all of everything on HBO I'll let let let sacred vote shoulder. It. Yeah I was gonna ask you what you're what you're top three favorites right now. Through village -- now all. It out watching some of anarchy of the -- I'm -- wire probably. Very combat. And I'll bet this put up a lot of a lot of shows that maybe it -- it -- -- our dads are yeah yeah zombies the Walking Dead. I've never I've never checked up on climate what's wrong. Well that maybe that's next on the other victory. Some. Anarchy people say is really as it is as it is a trillion. Jack it is especially. There are certain usually Harley bike rider. -- all about it I liked salt that I would I think -- all the motorcycles whatever so. So it's replica I don't know but we all but finally start to talk about what does that actually pretty decent shot. That's what -- so tough because your mom rides a Harley. Bob that would -- rate policy is. But at the pages -- you're supposed to say that poppy called you on his Samsung phone authority. The -- -- it real well. I'm. Because I'm a sympathetic puffy -- early on my into -- deep Boehner yesterday and -- -- All right last question. But again based on what we're talking about. You're you're not here in the city said he is that you're gonna think this is odd but do you believe in aliens. But now now now you know I will not now I don't believe in in my there LB does and you know and Bill Clinton does. Well I'd open it good yeah he was on Jimmy Holland on Jimmy Kimmel said he believes -- aliens. -- -- Arnold I guess I guess you know anybody there ought to think he's seen he's seen the the detonators so he he has little. Pull inside information so that certain spaceship. There are you gonna make it to the game tomorrow. The basics are probably gonna happen this him. Because all thirty in the next favorite have I get a couple tickets -- She she could go on on a look at practice or did well Andrea a lot of. It moment -- mentally and 10 o'clock start we'll see you there that's what I observed. There are right the best buddy keep Euro and yen as the prospect that night -- it's there is that Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins.