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Is it Fact or is it Schmact?

Apr 3, 2014|

LB pulls in a sub par performance this time with topics including when Yawkey Way got its name changed, has an NBA player wore the #69, the most popular salad dressing, and is there only 1 pig in Afghanistan?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against -- I don't believe such things there's nothing unsanitary blood and drink yeah there's got to be a lot of email and see what. Not only name and -- about it. -- -- I am full of facts she maxed. Here's the number to call fuel would like to use your brewer rain powers to outwit Lyndon byers and and it is the action -- the number. 617. 931. Now only one AA 6179311223. Today's winner. Of facts she Max receives tickets for 311 and at the Blue Hills bank pavilion. On July 17. And Justin is up first this morning hello -- -- Good morning how are you but. Could go to the window -- he comes -- I -- out of our. Of a -- All of -- bullets 413 special. -- are you he's still out there views are actually it or let our last for a -- it would it would it would what are you majoring in. I just great at HBO and I'm here and while done. I'd just and the most popular salad dressing you have an advantage. When it comes to going up against LB and when it went about salad by and I can not -- miles. The most popular salad dressing in the United States by far is Italian. The act or should Mac. -- -- -- -- -- -- I looked back not and -- Not avoiding an automatic first thing every waitress waiter bartender says to anybody that's having it's our Diana did it Italian -- as it is basically a host soured every restaurant. -- -- how the Italian house track sorry -- Xerox get out of here it is there -- and I. Man everything there ranch. And I are asked the distance. It's now I wonder if that's a strong favorite salad consumption or it's skewed by the did that probably is skewed by different right. And there is nothing that is that is she -- here. Then dipping your pizza in ranch did so that's ultimately that's where is no doubt about it. They may name arrest name name Tommy went to a restaurant it and I ordered a branch at times a house dressing and every restaurant -- America I'm am yet it is just you'll -- is outlawed now. But you wanna know and number two number and she's a diet -- blue cheese the broke for. In the I think cheese wit which I can't stand again and she did I don't view only and -- can only for the buffalo. I think I I hope until I started date and our love the -- crumbled blue cheese on anything on -- -- -- well if you can't let let -- lizard yeah that's the best singer -- our guys yeah Ali yes got me into the via buffalo balls. I can't we take the blue cheese -- make it into little ball you put in the middle of a a meatball you know and then -- deep -- it in the blue cheese melts and the multi that he put double you're gonna rub up. It's not I don't -- don't -- balls shouldn't say should bring -- disposition officers were. Hello John that the the Oriole how Arianna you all -- not included forty -- come from Randolph Randall. All right John in honor of the home opener tomorrow. He yawkey way was originally known as. Jersey -- -- or she -- Bash on the dark on this from a really. -- -- Boston. Acknowledged by the local effects. You're gonna go back to that hot. I played this -- -- hours desired nor ideas performer -- -- the Iraqis we're the owners of the Red Sox and ranked yes. -- -- Tom ingenious lot and and Tom past and I'm sure he was running the show asked if she were white people blame the -- via the Red Sox for being a World Series what's your grass so long yes yes. You know this is one of those things W bush -- It is very hot it is yeah I'm off today is a fine. Here's the text that says I would back this up fully. Obscure reference best house salad dressing. In the world is at Ken's steakhouse and yes that's why they get hands I was just there this week goes well we're meeting on nine Tuesday analysis what. -- -- I Hilltop was kind of a weird like I hope they don't want to hear it honestly and unique. But what the Villa. Texas. The Villa and -- when -- went -- as the best the best Solyndra isn't what's what's what's my -- replacement Charleston the week -- -- new. Didn't renew the new deliberately cafes to McCartney's yeah they gave him -- their hosts I'll address and this man was to crack. It's insanely good bill and Aaron and in it's it's phenomenal do the house Italian shout out to bug -- if you do about. They've knocked out shining hello tennis in Turkey tips and everyone what's up Kevin. Yet -- care and where you're from. What that Lewis stuff love that term. Kevin no NBA player has ever worn the Jersey number 69. Act or -- Mac. I'm gonna go. On the golf app that you're going way -- I went back -- although I'm and I use that is that was my fevered passwords. Until. I'm offended someone network -- might pass portal RB six 696 -- As the as the master of low hanging fruit I don't doubt that for a minute now until night I I went to a turn had to do so a couple of highs and yet the changes I was I could change -- in my medical or whatever and I. Had a lady that was I don't think it was an odd but that's not yeah a few moments -- you guys you guys are right that is that is -- -- -- -- going to that that is of that hello Aaron. There are so Aaron Daria I'm doing -- where you from Aaron our cross that lock stock Fossum. Hello my home my second marriage Camerota. In the morning hammered Hillary video via MobileMe -- -- and -- -- -- the drug baron. There is only one. Did. In the entire country of Afghanistan. The pig's name is -- here. And is that a fact desperation act. -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah those crazy Muslims don't -- the on court product site right now I. I am I don't like this is -- weird woman on the go for your brackets now you're got to be read into that is the facts. It's just that it's a reminder yeah. Who easier resides at the -- Living conditions there are a little of it is June oh yeah phenomenal animal the animals they're just didn't it took a snapshot shape -- -- -- Yeah now -- I write off -- very -- but it's not alright nice work on action Max today.