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Hill-Mail 4-3-14

Apr 3, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours with topics including love and zings at Danielle, and the Red Sox win.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each unit turned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents hill man. Well -- went -- reason I'm not opt. On WA EA. He might do this morning is like 28 this morning so I mean you know. Get with the program him move things along -- April -- -- -- -- -- Basra jacket that's right less than a month of today's hill mail messages brought to you by. The beer summit happening at the park plaza castle tomorrow and Saturday. Sample over 200 craft Beers go to beer summit dot com for tickets that's beer summit dot com great event music. Fun frivolity Friday night and two sessions on Saturday get there and enjoy and here are. The best -- mail messages of the previous 24 hours. -- -- -- 0:9. AM. Glued the greater radio's still produced there and bigger. -- Yeah you. -- -- Robert -- the group they ago. Align nicely and Robert de -- a wind blown to 27 PM. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Moved overloaded note in my favorite -- well being what my favorite -- and we will grab. Standard that any -- Newt didn't do much I'm thinking and going for oranges the new book I didn't do it quick hit Danielle announced then you know recommend it to a crazy eyes and Alex Lawson -- Chatman yeah. Leadership Steelers shameless I used to -- I honestly people recommend that all the time and I watched the first season and I thought it was pretty good. That's kind of get sick of -- -- you know shame on them off yeah what hell on wheels now. I love down what will I've blues and that. What's it into an all -- slam. What actor who was a real well known but it is AMC news after breaking bad it was yeah how long we'll hell on wheels at the ball one of the railways being built across America really -- dogs' clothes. Death and it's. Our biggest scam the American government wipe out all those guys build the railroad never pay it and what Obama care costs are thought. -- -- -- -- -- I personally can't wait to see the AMC show which debuts Sunday about the it's called turned about the Americans -- during the revolution yes. Looks really looks -- really really good. And don't really for a -- PM. And then he would let them at the triple walk I feel my body couldn't be in oh no not. At the end -- -- thank you could bring them up in warming up every day of my. Under that now known as she lashed a little somebody heard view earlier saying that you're turning 37 and -- and if you're not married by forty you're giving up and there trying to make a move the U you've brought the ball out of the closet that. I don't back to when you -- -- that would be awesome though you turned forty just turned into a nasty hole upgrade. I was given an out left and right. Is it that points. But it varies a lot about forty year old. May -- ask that you want some of the a couple of ladies -- -- -- -- -- -- Someone -- -- 720 improved 200. I then went back up and I am very glad to be allowed to go -- -- -- I don't think I'm up again. -- joke of Joe's of that spheres or -- he's really great column. I did you know he's he's participating once again in. Joseph Castiglione name that bin -- now I was worried about. The subject this year is -- game but he seems to be here cooperating so that's goodness we love we love Jokester glee on. We don't own my -- 1 PM. Follow all I thought -- There. -- Then they. Are. Under that one -- I mean. You wanna find dismantle people have no idea where they are. Ruled out of the Fenway area Barack 0:4 PM the one I you know I mean. I'm in solid tests all the oil pre game one of the great -- is -- bears down on those that think the weather's going to be okay like 44. I mean it's it's. Will be at the baseball tavern tomorrow morning come out and enjoy the or Molly with a some -- so soon. Well that they would. I'm a -- you might have gone in -- -- dawn. And it had to pass. Only Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin had an open married and now the list is out of the the the individuals that they. We're smashing after he ran themselves. But they're not together anymore well now writes that -- -- voters think -- or where. Obviously stomach doesn't mean I guess is -- and what what but they're getting divorced because. She wasn't going yeah -- the mag that she's a neck yeah she knows everything. Who like me I can't -- -- I -- -- and I don't like you say twenty old man. And now -- public purpose and output from Peter Griffin. And everyone and everything okay and I am speaking on behalf of the confession and at the peak in mind. Content. No plot marsh trio now. Now the chief of police chief was did not in my town he was pretty serious about that he now 702. AM. I heard Greg talked about how he would like to be bundled up and -- church and let our. That code more tired and I look forward to them in the late. Had a lot of and I -- -- a dramatic. People are all worked up about PX but. A man who plays the play gained you know like that may have worked hard you've got to -- -- you want to have an -- -- for -- kick -- -- zone I don't judge what's wrong with that. Well yeah you have to -- and it doesn't bother -- resting crank the volume of playing some guy from Japan I wanna yell out. Drops him off bombs. Going to be is I -- I gotta be asleep I can't be woken up by screaming RF. And HL fourteen and two and 113012 o'clock and nine. -- -- -- We all remember when we know why from that they -- -- -- They're opening direct thought. And let's not opening day for -- love now. I. Send I was only one ticket insulted that. She's not those days are over. Daniel I AC Harry Cooper but we are -- deal on an older woman announced so -- she doesn't get I'll sloppy -- -- -- with strippers anymore that was a way that was one time thing and I'm proud to say that I was there three times and I don't know that I passed later for now what's that. What's the cut off point on experimentation. Is it three times five times like when is it not -- it's fiction anymore. That's where it's probably like when you're dating I don't know how many OK I guess it depends on person can he get those checks that are Jeff Blake I am just I care and by a campaign Kerry and now and I love men and -- and who was at that just was talking and -- her. Yeah she needs it. But she was a urging the workflow in two you know woman. Perhaps being an Arab absolutely whoever she likes -- verging on the creepy -- -- -- get the doubt let's get back to China trade imbalance in England and we're doing okay is that let's get back to the illness. And twenty wearing it and. Not happy yet compact and I'm I -- to pick -- ethnic conflict the outbreak in the back. I told him he won't. As -- is not about -- a pop a hole. That's Smart in the news and I threatened to kids -- the the use everything. Yeah where's that disposal seven point and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well we know. That they know who grew more. And then quietly you know as best friend who lives there. Sad when you lose a pet that's an Arlington. Especially the a lot of people we talk about this on the show all the time it's part of their families -- pounder won the miss your body movement that is -- benefit them. 7:12. -- -- -- Oh boy oh boy -- boy oh boy Roy Blunt little boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys like -- -- that would put it put it. Oregon and orderly crowd. Amanda had any added that there is thanks so much. 781 text is that check bi curious. Who yes I really really not really bacteria she just like justice is make sure -- like attention produce an eight iron men like her friends via -- to our friend who's slightly less hot that she keeps her around to make inside look ahead. -- -- and I aren't married to a fund raiser and at -- and New Hampshire last Friday hot spot for kids with cancer great great great event great cause. But there is my friend and I were laughing because there is literally this one. Broad who is like if you -- for our way. He sure looked like she was super -- when she got up close Cilic iron a little beat up in Iraq and ran hard put away went as she had like all these checks -- around her. That aura lake. -- -- -- This chick was like clearly surrounding herself with just slightly mediocre brides to maker's probably a superstar I was like look at this -- don't you all do that. No -- in your -- it in your twenties short period the media want a hot chicken and yet don't be friend who is loyal and and support can. Clearly put is going to be a -- so you can get podcast called the final I have an -- is -- we -- regarded as -- She's just she's she's crazy nasty good Nevada is that that's always the societal and still prevent Adobe friend finishes her she's she's our level one may stand here -- If you have a group of like ten super hot chicks -- just due central like there there is -- so overly because they know they're -- -- all the talent like 8000 dollar shoes on and they want nothing to do with the am and I and that group of like. One. Above average check and seven slightly like -- to Jesse and chant messages Adobe. Included -- static -- on American what you -- -- I mean I don't mean automatically first. Yeah I did you take a run at the -- and. IOC president you don't -- you don't have to flurry contemplated the conversation game right. She's pumped the year a year endure and like she's a -- no problem one I -- gets up put -- sweatsuit on leaves and -- I don't about the way I feel like I tell me if I was us aren't there two days so that it. --