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Is it Fact or is it Schmact?

Apr 2, 2014|

LB was anything but on fire this time, find out what questions got to him such as chess in his home country of Canada, what percent of women have restless genital syndrome, and the highest scoring first word in scrabble.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against still leaks I don't believe. Such things there's nothing unsanitary home. -- drink yeah there's got to be a lot of -- man and see what. Not only name a -- blather about aids dying -- facts she Max. First this morning it is June good morning Jim. Well good morning everybody outages I'm Gloria. Where you from. Up in the New Hampshire is that as as the snow melted up there -- -- -- right back yeah yeah well. And that night good news good news what do you do Jim. -- meant a -- the market. All right excellent. I notice just quick traffic update as we see here I notice several cruisers and and buses and things. Heading down the Massachusetts yeah. Like last. You're gonna be seeing that now. As public service officers snake their way to the to the funeral today so that will be. Be aware and stay out of the -- that all right Jim. -- approximately 5%. Of women. Suffer. From a restless genitals syndrome. Which means they experience an orgasm like sensation. When not being our house to -- For sure Mac it's. All that's why not -- I don't know the the fact stacked. I'll bet they are doing -- Jim vote that's why the guys were always in trouble we can never satisfy it's never kidnapped their rights and our grill a that you discern do another you bigamy Nittany Nin and and have a little and so are its factor -- -- There aren't you you're both right record. I can now file or older I also suffered from restless -- syndrome effect. I think as -- -- Arizona's governor on the it's it's just restless and I wanted to it's nowhere to go nothing to do I'd restless hello Troy. -- -- puts up Troy. Not. Yet where they were great where do you come from drug. -- -- -- There the yeah. Troy the highest scoring word. You can play on the first turn in scrabble. Is amused subjects and UZJIK. -- back to Porsche Mac. Our hero. -- -- -- -- -- Absolute -- and I'm not -- I don't know without -- -- -- and you know what number now than it is. I. You scrabble player will think I used to be I easiest -- newsletter when I was imprisoned -- No word yet as I want and now wouldn't dominance. Do the scramble being read books. I'm -- ago I'm gonna go. Should match you gonna march I do not believe -- objects music you don't mused hicks is indeed. The that is impacted it is the our area but -- -- I don't words in his. So what would Danielle will probably tell you what that means and you ZJIK. As muse objects. Music CIA and music her music is a Russian -- a Russian peasant yes. Aha so the our that's our fairness to -- north side of the English language. Yeah you're right and do what his problem putting is another language. Because of its board that except an English dictionaries so light and music and the peasants the -- problem with a passion. -- nickel platinum phone playing on the second. How do you go to many I couldn't cook -- A little -- Africa. Hello Laura for the hot as well as kind of -- a couple of but I and how Mario I don't get -- excellent and where do you come from. I winning. In Cambridge. Excellence. And what do you do go Laura. Am I don't work and technology. Well you weren't in the right we actually have a job in that. In the -- tip our lure children in Canada. Are required to learn chests in school. Canada is the only country in the world where -- class is mandatory as that fact or she -- -- -- I know I had that they shell and back in the middle school all in the clash. And act okay. Back on that when I was I know smoking is mandatory. Fooling around in thirty days you know managers and those mandatory. Him. I did not have to teach a certainty French. That was mandatory no -- than -- changed since you were there it was that the I think of the horizontal additional charges of Cambridge -- In the ID business yes yes are you wearing any underwear today it was. -- that I -- -- amen -- I agree on your friends they're gonna go that its it is she -- right now I'm tired. The country in which it is mandatory is our media shift the -- is that I pass mandatory in Narnia. I get sucked into there is you that this is this the answer to this will probably really disappoint me so I should even basket. Is US history still even mandatory in high school in the United States America. When I'm not sure with -- regulations are first civics one related -- -- when I was young -- junior year it was mandatory -- took US history the rhetoric to about learn about the country lived in. There were subject never that oh what are his history he I I think race alive he on the history so I think my knowledge is I -- history I love geography -- The hated English illusion there ASEAN love -- Calculus three college loves men. What is wrong with our hard to believe but I love public speaking. I once I once your message -- a little out. Let's I want everybody team. UI I I guided me plus in in public speaking I I got up. On on a -- -- and now -- zero preparation. And zoo up in front of the class and I hired brewer I talked about a -- About a -- brought down a lifetime era but I hear me. Obscure reference. Wolf of Wall Street. Bad the end of the movie -- the guy asked that the people in the -- and I have to show on how to sell -- yes we haven't seen you didn't watch it opposite -- rates he got if you miss it in the next thing you got to watch it below it that he. What's up in that he. Does Anthony last year in Ingle and the there were ten reported cases. Of brassiere. Finger. And which men were injured. And in went in it in a torn ligament manner. Removing. A brassiere. To act or Russian. God. Oh look well you're gonna look -- -- that Lyndon not you know it now and have them now my mom's was born I've mentioned all time 50s50 miles north of London. Yup she -- massive bonds for area 510. Pound. Lady -- and so I would call it a which are ID I DUI we are in Hawaii when -- team in my apartment was checked out to smoke show checkered past and and in her her blues all right perfect for smaller and there have been nicer to my mom. She was mad that my dad was looking she slapped them and I looked at memoirs are just jealous because their future. He deserves -- massively. Major and Simon for. You're gonna go back. If it's -- that there only because there weren't ten cases. But according to the British journal of plastic surgery there was one case where a surgeon at saint George's hospital. On reported the case of a 27 year old right handed man snapped a -- here. Had a a left middle finger that need that required surgery because when he was. Removing the -- he got his finger twisted between the straps that cross the idea at the shoulder blade runner and tore the ligament at the very top visited the one of those retractable dog -- you know hazard. I mean. I get fifth. You want to look like here Casanova but -- it is just asked them to remove and maybe they only nova. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Only ice coffee that's like that time when you flashed Meehan that sells at the at the greatest lines and flashy you Aaron pulled my top down and you had no -- yeah isn't as -- Well I saw you well they were both like -- right now mine and they were stupid and messy you can vouch for the fact that they say they're there aren't they yeah and it's a while cashing in as well which is not my list were fantastic -- in Syria they really where'd. -- money are right.