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Do You Have Tattoo Regrets?

Apr 2, 2014|

A study showed that 50% of people have a tattoo they regret which prompted this discussion, do you have some you regret?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I always -- ten years so that's okay asks us. He doesn't poker online and none out and that's I'll be honest I was doing a little beauty shopping during a -- yes and I saw that add this website is central block com had a survey about tattoos yeah. I want to know what you're sonics and we have allowed people listen that you have tattoos and of course they'll be -- as -- down on. They did just I don't know I don't. I've been through a -- 12100 people responded to their serving they found over 50% of people regretted their tattoos really she -- I mean. I would think maybe it would be like 2530%. To fifty seemed a little high -- regret them because they got them when they weren't armor -- -- -- -- hammer in different reasons. In different percentages that. Some people regret at least having one of them done because the meaning his change whether it was symbolic of version of the events that. Have no some of them a lot of women. -- worried about tramp stamps because they got him gunman were eighteen and now they're you know soccer mom's guide your opponent. And bring him back 34%. It's. Said that they were worried about sagging. And image changing is they got older. A lot of people -- -- one in six about 15% worried that that they were gonna be seen his promiscuous. He's tattooed people are seen -- more likely to have won all stands that chip that chick has the trend that's for sure learn as I probably has her name -- princess under its shares -- -- fears she what -- ankles. Top of the army and on top with a fine yeah. Who -- why I mean. -- is that true there -- a lot do you think it's more women than men and yes he still cannot -- I mean -- they do a lot of like tattoo removal places you know -- do laser tattoo -- UC EDT so he's going -- -- -- we have to get stuff for movies and he -- got everything we do a cover instead it diet -- do you see some people -- on and -- the Texas says the best thing is seeing a soccer mom and no longer -- he has such. -- yet -- the show it's quiet. It Lake Lanier. -- globe and here me now in his own floor has the Yankees trying to buy back -- well. -- mean that. Ladies you lists that those of you listen to the show is that accurate you this you wanna get -- you're tattooed do you regret it. And might be this might be a public service -- because there might be some women who eliciting -- Thinking of getting a tattoo and then they should know that. In ten years. They might regret that you do I mean does -- that -- prevent people that prevents them from getting. Job replaces it does someplace especially counselor really get. Some places will discriminate against I I just I I whenever my friends my girlfriends get the dudes name. I have a serious like complete physical and mental breakdown public what what it was a bit -- -- no -- ex husband's name tattooed on her arm. And then she can we just got it covered enough and she got her boyfriend's name -- -- now and only apply got a our issue why did you do anon. Yeah. -- I don't know why would you what's the comfort a little cannot break the colors of beautifully act first -- integrate what is that is that. You do it wrong does LB regret it is tramp -- now -- now in regretting your -- Nokia. Every everything on my body is it means the world to me you wouldn't change anything at the moment monoline British and similar -- and I hope I hope. Yes all like Barack Obama's at all. And then you have any you know I have a need give you ever a Red Sox than ever Red Sox the below though. That was when that knob from New York -- -- forward on three is is yes and I yeah Red Sox turn to that we beat him in seven games terrorists that -- still owe me five -- box you know Walter the that it. Let's see I don't regret a single one but I never got the stupid typical that check one's well I guess that might be. By the way most of the that -- conversations. Have described my stupid neighbor. I'm 31 year old on the 31 year old female accountant and I and several tattoos have never had an issue. 23 year old girl to death -- is in my smaller hit that I love they are hidden the group so only a select few can enjoy mobile. She can't stand and -- got to count he had and a -- content they have a new email me LB yeah I -- -- -- -- -- taxes. I didn't close I got into fifteenth I need a serious albeit W ran downtown business and let -- please. 31 year old female working as a paralegal I don't regret don't regret any of my tattoo that is -- to your manager 33 year old 33 year old female I have four tattoos don't regret any been known Trent stamp. Apple wrong LB's tattoo does not say hope it says extra bacon. -- -- Thank the other -- of extra man I think candy removal it has refused to learn how to -- hope that -- -- is -- -- and it's cold laser. I can't get over that apparently -- the -- you can imagine the the secured parents you know of this within a cup and all -- -- -- -- this suit showed no room for Aetna shares to brown and mean. When he nine year old professional most of my tattoos they did would make kids' names. I do regret both of them that are on my hip from 29 year old female. And I am not proud of the tramp stamp whose -- is slow -- the problem I cannot I got off. I think -- hammer out -- 26 year old wife has a tramp stamp and she's a nurse she gets it on network are. That it's of course. And you change my bed -- is lower but there's no way there's no way I'm a so that's story -- -- their smoke show I held it and -- for five days thirty out 39 year old teacher. Have my ribs wrist ankle none and I love them silent you know 28 year old female -- the love Mike two number absolutely let the smoke shows come out of the woodwork. -- I can do attitude. Yeah. Where your bunch and -- 4545. And I hate them now viewed. And a friend who went to. A place that didn't specialize in aesthetic facial tattoos and backgrounds one from. Completely -- dumped by now -- if you assume different brining -- -- -- a great job at Texas. A partner and people -- Ricans -- If -- that espouses journalism -- daily -- -- at thirty year old physician assistant with a tattoo on top of my foot I'm not that check well you might be if you have it tramp stamp or that we know if that's what I want and artistically -- attend the top of the -- tattoos that the where is usually I -- and I -- great when I got it when I was Tony to -- 36 and it's like. Do you is that dirt are in an anchor. 31 year old office manager mom of two children I only regret the bulls' side. Certainly get a picture happening back there is that but I might not be ahead tonight if sometimes you never know him. 38 year old accountant past leave a leg from the -- down. No regrets whatsoever they're -- -- So I mean -- -- haven't had to birdie from there. -- dad yeah. Forty Yule one year old sales executives. The female to tattoos now and -- no regrets at all. My guess it depends on -- where you for a where you end up working in if if somebody is but you know somebody has an issue with -- right if you go to work for. IBM or something like that is not gonna limit here. Lenders and the consent machinist for advancement right now we do your wedding band -- yes you do. I'd very -- traders chick magnate and a series that five or six friends both male and female that have done that. Four or five renowned divorce yes are its contacts chip Mary Beth might 48 year old mother came home from vacation with a tramp stamp after apple patents well. All of them. That. 21 year old teacher to tattoos on my ribs and a -- love them no regrets there but you're 21. That's kind of what they wanted to run his teacher and India so the information today is that 50% of people half of people who have tattoos. Regret. Getting them. I guess that's that's what the story he has. Hello rather than Marty got no idea what's up today you thought I am actually regret them are not absolutely not have flex yeah -- I'm getting wire. Getting more -- how old you forty killed 42. -- of regrets hello mark. Report first loads up mark. According Kurdish alone. -- there should shoot more respect certainly isn't the Marines. I -- like oracle big company. Now as a professional fighter Burton years dark look at Carlyle but all structures. There's always Abu Aldridge got a record that's a. I mean I it really depends I guess sign. On. How the attitude is towards that use anywhere where you wanna work followed days. There all right guys let's -- well. -- my cholesterol I was gonna get -- took me all of my body put all our. Mean. I'm moon and I and it. It doesn't affect that. Texas as you notice LB is assuming all these women that are texting you know how hot -- -- -- -- Feel ready to where he'd make the best of it with -- If you make -- feel it had a a comment let them play every night of sorrow that -- -- beautiful that's -- now with the yeah. Q&A. At a forty year old social worker with a master's degree I have several tattoos and zero regrets. Thirteen -- -- who's 32 year old postal worker only -- only regret one of them food. I guess maybe that's the thing is he regrets. I guess it's the work isn't good you might regret yeah particular what I mean if you get others from -- -- -- -- good person you know you're really happy with their work and go to cover up. -- -- recover after -- here's the Texas says sideshow Bob sideshow Bob looks like he has lots or regrets I don't think cellular. Island -- debt deal and get more you build up what you give Max and I. At one point I was thinking the wedding ring band was a good idea but now I am here on the stats against the you know Tom -- I really come and got his name. No but I'm I'm. Getting married -- The wedding do what you don't lyrics are the problems you get the -- that you have now so. Show destroys your closest to. -- -- -- -- Who is a win win number one you never have to worry about taking and putting on their -- in that garbage. And the other thing here is all chicks won a bearing the married guy there's no strings it. -- here's Austin bidders G keys is yes Jackie. -- I care about Jack -- -- I am so I was nineteen and got about a leg cramps and and I totally totally regret that you do. I cannot I am a mother now and I your -- like I never got to that route. Now the are you ever like get the the cul-de-sac pool party in and everybody's asking you -- Yeah. There was fear the worst is behind yeah. I don't have that many mom friend that I very. I know that I don't in Atlanta I'm sure looks. Paying an -- need to enact it helped our public attitude always look yeah. Well that's that's your months tramp stamp. Yeah app that can't be accurate but that's grandma's tramp stamp hello jewels. Case though I attempt at back further with even at that thing up and they have once all the what is forget that you're not ever gonna -- you know that's how that area and now. It is it's like scary -- like what does that say. Now it's Pink Floyd backed senator Murray and now that album cover certain. Pilots and the the -- And now this training camp which. It's just belly I love my cat -- You should try. He did you should go for like the whole Pink Floyd library as a plants that -- get -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- don't -- it. I and you are in in you are how old. And what is your what your job. And I and you don't have any issues in the hospital at any with -- anybody saying anything or anything like that. Yeah I mean. Obviously I then go very yelling -- somebody is that the reaction is always like oh my god that's so -- How Mike I got a lot of horizontal and driving -- bull Marisa. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- how -- -- right it doesn't think. I'm back I actually. You're not in. The attic and -- -- how old city line. I I think it. You think you'll you don't think you'll regret it when you're like 33 in a mob. All. I think I had a baby that grandma. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How that all. Hang out and now. Now but that it. -- thank you -- much Marisa hello Lynne. Hello what's up plan but -- don't -- aren't right guidance more than excellent how you. I'm I'm glad I'm actually want to talk about the cat two victory that kind of have a buried in attack killed guests what is it. Out in garlic that -- catches. And when I was fourteen years old at that I was there's -- cool kid and trying to get attacked you. Attached to my own name on -- rest. And technical. That he doesn't trying to get it covered the and that the difficult spot and it buried. Did they get married and they're always coming up. Jack LB said I. I believe that you can get laid liking they have new like laser removal or whatever maybe it's not that new McCain you. Don't -- new ways of doing it now get takes a few big -- elated that they use some of them are a better than others the leaders error. It gets cold -- are highly either. They you know the technology is advancing you know pretty rapidly when it comes to that stuff so you do if you passes in the it to go well we're hiring we were talking earlier. About 50% of people regret the fact that they got a tattoo -- and here's a 31 year old female texting I work for Porsche headquarters of -- and hello. Top three tattoos. Both ankles and one on the arrests LO so. Yeah I mean. Some regret and most everybody is called I think doesn't -- Anthony. Italian -- let you guys off and what's up. I've given all of that that's true Ramesh 49 years old that work for a local law enforcement agency in the one of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts yes -- I got about 48 tattoos and have no regrets problem. And the goal in the local shopping list amassing its database but they do outstanding work by it's got to be -- sort of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- didn't want to have them. It'd depend on the army war or no government military guy they just got a whole new. Block out the vote getting more tattoos what you -- pilot then -- -- -- -- -- saying they wanted to uniform when you're not but I have falsely since they say no regrets or possible a lot. -- -- Thanks for the call this is skip yes we'll skip. They are ignored according guys what's up. All of our statute that I absolutely do not regret. It's sometimes and says yeah. Sometimes it's about five to respect because. -- regalia -- other big you have big job flying dunks over.