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Hill-Mail 4-2-14

Apr 2, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the past 24 hours topics include the man who had his penis bitten off, the Sox at the White House, and Greg's home invader.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Each unit -- to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- man out. You know break I don't have to -- -- -- those -- -- But I woke up at 6 o'clock according to make sure I get to hear that news intro to once again I would -- go back and and you know. On WK. Okay. -- -- Laser show laser show on the new intro and Fuego on the on rob. -- out did themselves with the new into believe it himself on his previous drill you'll hear about -- Oh yeah that it could really of that and 835. And it was. It was woman with the kid who -- been met that rehab you know that's right this kid who got poison again and the -- -- shot I think I remember correctly and fortunately I thought that's who she met at the Korea. Sponsor for real -- Robert today. And you are right. Hill -- rod do you buy the beer summit happening in the park plaza castle on Friday and Saturday. Sample over 200 craft Beers. Just go to beer summit dot com for tickets that's beer summit dot com and get your tickets now for the beer summit at the park plaza castle coming up this weekend. Guinea only grew one and then. Boom I mean right. Now I am. Like him and electric I want our vote. Not a message you know the witch doctor tells you get reaction -- unique eats years. You're generally I don't don't listen in that Ireland -- -- -- all the witch doctor Reid told me I get rich I don't think it's. I don't think it's happening. Didn't say -- -- -- Iran. Really turn your little law can director like heaven I -- -- -- -- And that's not a zombie games and moved me in the -- But what you mean it's. Yeah yeah. It's. What it would -- -- didn't. Appear not. We're -- -- It's. And the message that was well done. I like day after the extra effort in the moment I -- attempts you know sound effects music. As a negotiated in -- download that they on the iPod Mozilla on my hands in misfired get into record I'll mail a lot of work lot of work takes. Grew one and -- But I think what got you know who that caught up the middle -- -- well. Where do. You get the ball -- the -- And he never. Go back and knowing what we won't put up and not come. No more don't go pro. In London now and. The fact that it was pretty eliciting these people dollars an old school curriculum warm. If -- have a twelve game went up when they put forward their there. And the message. This. That it. Thanks to do you run him. Out. Can we -- that then they'll boot. A -- Google -- intimate and make sure. And that Marion -- -- -- -- it was I mean it was and it was kind of an unfortunate incident that I felt comfortable but I did you know I mean I mean how could you nine you know -- glory it. And you are really product I mean -- in the understatement of the parents have to beg the. And in index finger and down the middle likely didn't know it's my shirt off pull your shirt just right off. Nodded you know not a nice thing for a fellow to do. Well he's got a nice fell I don't know why mr. Unlike mister sells did that but you know it's generic it was the revelry it was it was a glorious day in beautiful weather we are celebrating is having a nice conversation army reaches up and his -- down and. I think I think you had a little book surprising your face right now might Giordano didn't even flips up. I mean. And you have no broad that that -- -- -- talk that is a strapless top that I was wearing with a built in brought let so you really couldn't where do you really you know if I put a problem I would like -- my face that's stupid. Anita -- skinny puppy up and -- I mean I'm just and just thinking about it now and it's like it was yesterday minute see them right there right in front of me. The fact McCain and I'm gonna cover Raikkonen and -- -- -- -- him. Six. Forty aren't -- and it. Aggravate good morning. You know great -- -- did a fantastic job and matter of fact I'm thinking about using it as a Rinko -- I don't want to. He then there were over and now -- -- didn't vote that way congratulations. OK about it. I can't I mean as you know Gary that to get around Gary -- we we haven't heard from Gary in the longest. They did Betty called once to check in a less it was OK -- know he's dealing with some help initially it was linked we'll sound -- agree it's very nice gentleman out yeah we like them. Parents haven't had his -- currents haven't heard from yet he hasn't sent you any they don't know where they come. -- time. That burden to Halloween now. That's -- -- business. 724. -- And candidate who didn't. Look nervous. Clinton 24. Million. I bet that there -- that it. Up and then met him. That's a huge pool supply -- PM. And the message Alice -- you know human. The pole day -- Well. In now. He's probably not not not familiar with the every player on the Boston Red Sox probably a different thing if you're the president didn't. You're working on that you know international. Crisis -- the you don't have time to learn the name of every. Busted. Red Sox -- and a -- Napoleon I don't at all. Mike if they don't know -- that's what that was the doubt and say you know can he get -- He was forceful than Mike. But Danny B hold as it might get -- the polling and people do PM. -- -- -- about -- it is nice that 770. On Saturday what is is that is going to be and I heard it's going to be exciting and now it's going to be like fifty. According to what I saw on this morning going to be like that. It. 38 AM. Ribeiro. And then in my. Room I invite her well in the message -- -- Danielle is all over me about -- -- -- mean it's just you know thinking it's the game wrong I don't know what that with what's wrong I was complaining about that too that are vice president of audio services might bring to 40 this morning where downhill like he's gonna bring up that -- -- story this morning -- talk about it and one of the guys -- down the -- have him being here and he's like his son has an Xbox Roman -- -- both like. And I you know it's Greg I really don't want to -- what I -- Where where is the kids both the -- acts by volume some people earn an 800 square foot -- but you've done well and you've worked hard so you should enjoy your children should enjoy the blessings you know square footage. Or Danielle -- a mouse running around the Xbox Ramallah and texting -- I had this. I can't allow the thing we keep running around at had to get rid of and they use a -- cared and who we are great make it -- With. Drive back is a good that would have been a good option rather than drop in the countdown on the yes and then you're gonna listen to -- squirm and suffocate to death in the pentium I didn't hear any cell phone video of it. That -- him what would you have me do if there is a mouse. In your home. Larry and put a Tupperware or club box over it's finally could hardly original and the nodding your port why then it comes back -- -- -- you know I think iron and like comes back a GPS tracking device I -- -- -- back. And Danielle you would have been proud I actually. Trapped miners are trapped tomorrow with a Solo Cup up in green he's hurting in my but it didn't agree Bob Verizon and I set him free. But thank you but but but but but but I can't check the -- -- my solo -- on my -- -- a 726. Million. -- -- -- -- Our humanitarian movement it and they're still very. Gas. No doubt down. On the third and -- -- It. -- -- That's my real dinner to dinner theater Jennings and this I was spinning down RC server. It is was it too little you've got cyanide Denton and. So I am yeah yeah yeah deals that. I. Argue for participating today during help me now.