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Is it Fact or is it Schmact?

Apr 1, 2014|

Lb continues his hot streak even the listeners taking on his strategies in thinking out the answer topics included what is the slurpee capitol, what is it called when your testicles retract, how flamingos eat, and how many burgers McDonalds sells every second?

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. But Hill Man Morning Show invites you detest your wits against ill please I don't believe. Such things there's nothing unsanitary and home. Drinking beer and there's got to be a lot of email and see what. Not only name and Glavine about it. It's time full of facts she maxed. How big Ellison Middle East over or today's prize is tax Max the sign filled prize pack. Seasons five and six and a compound on him and more yes we will and more as the desperate brilliant and the best part of attack skis and whatnot you know of by far your favorite television show on a percent nothing liberty that no no nothing me. Unlikely oranges the new black is not the sound and it record development close second second and either absolutely scandalous or a little Britain now. Were for it gets tough nothing happened nothing beats until up nothing comes close hello hey dad. What's what's happening Dan. I thought excellent how are you. I'm not that bad not to go through them Lugo went awareness and where they're the hardest job in the planet where do you where do you come from then. Backed out from an it girl progressive group out there right. Hey admiral you ready for facts which maxed. Out LB mentioned few moments ago that. There could be. A circumstance in which he left radio and went to work at a convenience store. That ties right in where at today's first two backs she Max question. And these little peak capital of the world for the past fourteen years in a row. Has ended. Lemons there Massachusetts. Seven eleven's inland mr. sell the highest per store total. How solar. You're gonna say at the back. She got to top. One man for me I'd be a mean grant act if you said Pittsburgh maybe. The question is who you know. I I can't believe anybody sells more slur apiece then California really well into your blood so we capital of the planet yeah people love you know addicted to the boys get high they want to cheap eats at wanna go first and then you know I don't know that deer baking imagine how like how cold it. Really that's where would you compensation map. I'll be here right on that good but you're not right unaware it is. Manitoba Canada really is the sleepy capital of the world. 200. They smuggle out hundreds and hundreds and focus resistant. Observed some middle of nowhere and sounds like this although I did win I did win the MVP for the Thompson led them though Thompson Manitoba mine cap when I was ten years old the first or broke my -- got to stick in the nose that was the first time we broke yeah stayed in the game. Stay within hours ended down a hockey player. Hello hello happily in Saskatoon that traveled to union. I Amelie. And where you from minimally I had a daughter from Britain's lot of I got to read a lot of good it won a state would do what else what are you studying. Social work at grabber. It. I am believe the automatic. Raising and lowering of the testicles. When in contact with day cold object. It's called the cream pass Derek reflex back to Porsche math. Louis. The Emily can you is can you warm those hands up a degree that no worse than that we'll play is that you're going to act on that Emily. That is there's these things smack their fat Shaq you're gonna say each Mac they'll be what do you know and common agree with am I it's got to be more technical name the cream out whatever cream Derek yeah rocks yes that's act it's got to be more technical I'm sorry that is this has facts. That is and fortunately increase the. And he really that's actually the pronunciation that the actual human dignity there hysteria if you think there. It isn't as standard creeping out a little bit. A lot of direct Holloway shot. Pick a more at what's going on today. And not play LP about. I'll work on that that nice change and UN are about minor. I know I've got a great field and about don't fret that you ought to vote ended up and worse emerges out streets. You know no excuses what he says he says though so you'll you would be in line I think. But that delegates saw a mop up politic and now and I expect the polished in the law. But I think it's ever tried to kill anyone else but Hillary Clinton to almost. By. Com Shaun McDonald's. Sells 75. Hamburgers. Her second. Backed bush map. Well little. Don't think about McDonald's are they were the first shrewd to open up and Sulzberger correct so a road would act on now he's. He's using the LBJ production methods Ahmed well yeah. Yes I I would just say I will but yeah I don't Iowa Jessie Davis yet there are McDonald's everywhere correct if there's McDonald's in China nurse Allen semi file I I would eating gets even more than seventy fibers sentence on the back pretty well you're gonna go back this it is. Absolute fact 75. Per second is not crazy. By the way and I just average it out of five bucks a four bucks a pop. 44 bucks a pop young priest held giant the end of the new weakened club house yeah that's gonna run James is new yeah thank you know that's the Max on side that loses I needed to Sinatra is nothing I don't know again and you're not putting match sauce on waffles or become the greatest yeah. Hello Melissa. Flag warning about what's going on Melissa. Are not anomaly at oak what do you call it now what are you studying. Up at that at their outlook we are and where do you do that that. Not are there aren't okay. Com what are what are we ever gonna grow and you say so what are you doing she says. I'm sick of amenities a hunk. Couple you leave an overview of the of the right on your inner beauty and I didn't think Melissa the flamingo. Can only eat when it's dead is upside down. That or Shaq black equities and back then that just let's just let it looked at it if you're forming gold Glover. Well like woman well she she sounded so confident yeah I think dissuade me Joselio. Back Rex. Although in. Upside there yeah I know we fact you're gonna affect back this doctor is another commitment to head back right and the fact outs and a hello Jeff. Or go to our job. Just go to our Jeff we were it did you happen to catch. Rajon Rondo doing color on the Celtics game last night. Unfortunately. Another what some villagers here excellence we were aired discussing that earlier and Rondell. Played three seasons at Kentucky before leaving for the draft fact or should match. You know it's weird I should know the sport but. I don't think Rondo would conduct the search Mac. Immunization Mac I gave it its its Shamu act can view left after here's a second here well. The only real good that those bright yellow. Got. Very specific honestly I can't believe you just now that I thought that I've just got that was you know I mean you don't laser want to rent it laser should that's abruptly lasers you know. Unbelievable. All right thank you all for playing thank you act it backs Max LB de again. And Fuego when it comes to facts Mac mean railing a lane on the show.