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Hill-Mail 4-1-14

Apr 1, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the past 24 hours picking apart the Red Sox first lose.

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each unitarian do talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents he'll make up. Thankfully god didn't put Danielle in charge who wrote me dark. We have not been attacked. On WOK. Eight. There's a I'm really bad cat story today it's that Daniel from the future no not will be that it 90 it's not do that at nine no fly RA it's not me. How does the how is the four feet of cat feces in the Rome treaty yield elbow the vertical horizontal political football that's that's. Yeah that's coming up at 905 hello Kevin. You know then that's brag about it gangster rapper and share. You have to shoot each other sort of and they you ranked. Well listen rob wrote that bit not. And not. And it rail my eyes and I didn't that was that was. As. Those are I don't know Al messages brought to you today by the beer summit happening this weekend. Unbelievable event the beer summit go track must take time yup you know ago you can sample over 200 craft Beers. At the park plaza castle on the fourth in the fifth that's Friday and Saturday. Saturday that is session during the day session and Roddy is I'm going to be either Friday night so. I get your tickets when you go to beer summit dot com that is beer summit dot com. For 38 AM. Ever thought that what you're gonna it's odd but it but what has its beer in my Oreo. You feel like this job Korea. I think it looked like an. Have month. The American. It's an act but not. And it and it. It was Christmas since well Christmas break kind of threw everything on the I mean you know it takes a while. Higher brilliance. The united there was a lot of still waiting for. Candidate X and you get a interview people only in yen to bring him in and download and listen in Dallas rob I don't come all the way from San Diego offers interview brutal I don't think there. That issues that it is stationed out there reason I mean I was there when realities it would and I am legal issues and Obie knows about that wasn't easy ones and not just tiny eight. That's a I didn't realize I've been that good what what that walk and I went to prison in 2000 recited I thought maybe I was to protect your respective the off three prison thing was. I quit being bad in nanny writes news when that they're the president thing you know I was from 98 yeah. Her uncle who fifteen years. As a player's mental I mean well pretty proud of myself. It's a 78 is a seven anyone text some Texas says that. I just snatched in the and Robin out of the big trouble yards on that not snitch is the shot are you obviously around the back against the idiots political bullet. Six thirteen and then. Don't think the red carpet event the way I don't think anyone gonna try to sign up Obama care local time after everything will probably will be ready Medicare by the task now that the girl. Her met the problems with the website again yes downfall of America this wasn't where America and free health care as a touring. 470. Or older. There it's up panic yet actually you know act up is and lately here in picking them up hectic period. And boring to a federal detonate and declaring that they need them compete and asking why in the air you know it may have been. And. I can't abandon. Think we're gonna dragnet Manning or. In fact I think I'm like what you think Garrett Aaron yeah oh yeah black enough that anything. Up George Bush's fault him while his running back. And your method one game play. Orleans jazz won game parallel reminding people this is a long season. Dirty old man. We've got a little bit here we have this season finale at Milwaukee. Sorry Linda providers. After and they're like Ralph gopac. Pocket or are people. And I mean. I never had more faith than anybody. Then I had in Iraq. Or react. When he stood in that train car there aren't any said. They've basically they're raping of the Enron people. And that means you and I as I said earlier I do believe that Carol is gonna come back. And rescue them from time to iron and a girl okay you know I think that I think that they Carol comes back in the room. Sizzle and tire guy and I. I've received some text messages asking if I believe that bath is there a term in this yup and I do believe she is okay I think. The hearse that stole death. Stoller and took her back to determine inside edition Getty merit and not well and she hasn't yet I don't believe that and I know Darrell. You know their role is falling in love with that then. I believe that there are Darrell wall rescue bad there at there I do and knew I. The other thing they can happen is honestly they could take over feminists as. As like the new prison like that right to be great to be that to be their new day new sanctuary. Thanks to England and hold them. What are thought why. Into that. Yeah retired the big poppy. It. Well you might you wanna get on the stationary bike here is. That cap that calf injury that lays them up for like five games in spring train and he was the was look at. All larger than life when yesterday I mean he's a big guy and a nod and Gary Gary looked a little bigger than big property not quite in mid season format. I'm not saying he's biggest poppy but he figured if I'm getting bigger now he's bigger poppy 7:17. AM. I don't know big hit or killed then you can't go. Like unplug your thought twenty under that they look like at seventy Europe but that that have happened take a look at. I want to play his sticks sticks that sticks and stones my friend against not stressing to us. But. 727. Yeah. Noble County had split then I'm not ever come into work and yeah a little little well how to kill and Berrian like Erik and I don't I don't bury my head and not follow. About my my an apparent bill. And that message iron zero apparent change Joseph sort of but that's not a matter at all like lessons. Why you say you have a lot of life lessons to share by. In over I'd like I'll just say this. You know talking about you know put now for your kids in you know always loving your cases the very end and all I'll just say there is. The day guy what do they do have finally broke destroy I mean camel's back. So when I would be my stepfather. Now. Yeah I think our soil that now lie I think. I think I I think it was when I chiseled the brick at a via my conscience. My caution. Washing machine in place to remember what that was necessary and I chiseled upper kind of a long time when you install a bunch of pop. And then I figured I fought my stepmother or is it in my mother citing Iran and other semi oil out of my father that that my stepmother do like that I lasted a year nation after private school or. I was just toss a sovereign tweaking at all. Oh and directory and Internet reporter well well well are the ball out there enough. There is something very you know very. Well know a lot of Google are out there and it is Trevor. Mountain madness made even if you aren't a big actor and these guys I am he's been. Without the user Nia is is that I don't come back on the Georgia we have on the show and having some areas still. Am them as a Bryant you can't just informed Warren. Belgrade I don't have to wake up at both 630. But I woke up at 6 o'clock this floor but it could make sure I could hear it didn't control. Once again. I would rock look go back at ten. In the met ma. The league baseball grapefruit is not promised. Iceland's Clinton played the sport Olympic community and how about doubling how can I possibly could really be if accent yeah. Yeah. You're just laryngitis you ZoneAlarm I look young man doesn't look at Q what is. Up a foot and put it this put this way they'll be likes it meets the B it. It is its goods that needs to be fixed since then let the let's see oh but a lot of bogus text messages coming in Albania now. He didn't break the straw on the camel's back it was strata that broke it may animals that. But it's LV's still wouldn't it make sense that he would break the straw that are sitting on the camel's back yeah let's be honest thing to do before the end. Didn't broaden. Our. And then maybe it's our country yeah. Baja is Jackie Bradley deed goes down lucky and end the game at 21 game he had a swing that bat youngster is literally. 6:30. AM. The only notable. Or you get our current bowl trip to bring the old we need to afraid to Reebok. And then. We're done it. We're guy in Vegas 66 year old man that is 35000. Dollar Rolex stolen by a hooker and she sneaked doubted that interest and location. In their money where there iWeb lawsuit Sierra is what sixty cents a given credit mustering getting after it didn't want me to watch or Africa or are just typical how long it like break a window like that guy took used to pay off when they'll definitely noted by a but he only got there I I was only I was just that image. Seared in my mind of the guy taken is to pay we put our first or last character that woman. But all along look at this now it this is. Woman texting in here 774. This is incredible. How my husband has an incredible theory on permanence and her. Which is that the people there are hi bred zombies. Locked yeah. They haven't gone bulls on her but they are more like it you know the disease. Out mute mutating the Internet is on the reassignment surgery they well they haven't done full zombie British and urged that's extremely. Interesting. Must be almost as good as breaking bad being the prequel. Where would the Walking Dead which shows obsessive all day yesterday once I learned that. Very interesting to think about so they have to eat people. But they're not belongs on a zombie mode when it is still controlled areas their actions move they're not lockers. Teeth. Very very interesting. The only other America why else that would be cannibals other than. I mean they mean they can't find access to any animals in the area they've gone through Ollie animals that they can kill the leaders there or whatever but hello Bob. Okay I'm talking about doing. No we should be watching her outer structure and yes yes there's meg yeah and it didn't learn to look at what you are. Not a well. I was but but but but but the.