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Masshole Theater-Titanic

Mon, 31 Mar 2014|

New producer Rob debuted his game Masshole Theater where you must guess the altered lines from famous scenes.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- hill man morning. Share. -- hole. All right if you win today and you should call right now don't play 6179311. AAF 6179311223. If you win. You get a pair of tickets to go see -- Tyler at the Wilbur theatre coming up on April 19. Asia Tyler I should Tyler I should dial up on it. Well with what was she last what she did she ever own talk show for awhile and some soup. Right yes -- they BS. I'd call right now 61793101. K app. So rob when he came here from my -- Diego radio show. It was tell me that he used did do a little game out there called that was a call you rob goes on Hollywood -- and so you basically. Because everybody in San Diego like to laugh -- your your your Boston accent correct. You would describe films and a in Boston accent and manner yeah I would take you know the man most memorable scenes they -- F sixteens in each film yes and basically translated to -- more. Regional new English island type -- -- its -- violence his let advise that just just enough then yes you know and and so. Upon arrival here you suggested it down may be there might be some. -- legit mass holes wind a bit of an accent. Maybe pull up you might make it hard for somebody to figure out. Perhaps what the film the scene that they are acting out his -- -- goodies of -- into the south coast Greg in my message surely as an out guy like OK so where did you go to find these stuff find. Animals down in my neck of the woods in Bridgewater and went to a lot of bridge a lot of us GAAP as they said anyway now I am as -- I got to get by soup commercials for that plays so her down as evident is that a good that a place I love the food there. -- you must've been there you remember is yes I have crazy probably -- great I'm Ron I know create a hero and we grisly -- does I don't know I don't think it's a first name basis but -- appointed chair -- all the charity argument -- the -- -- you can get to a lot of local -- those places. Our first contested issue hello -- Although ally but -- -- -- where you from. Our food and Nickelodeon cordon. Natick and you living Clinton. Yet. So you're gonna listen to today's. Epic scene and on if you can identify the film then you'll be the winner. Oh are you are you ready I ready -- to. Nicholas. -- Jack don't you do that -- don't say good -- to give me a -- all. -- -- You're gonna get out of you gonna make a lot to rug rats you gonna die an old lady woman that not via. Not tonight and like this and you understand me the it's all out yet yet to win that ticket rose was the best thing to ever happen to me. I mean it was repaying a -- -- the iceberg put -- up before you I hooked up with tricks that would basic. I promise me you'll survive. If you won't do anything half. Do me a favor in biblical that promise. I swing out soon and I. Like -- Jack I'll never -- at all. -- -- -- -- Standing here -- that happens we identified the actors -- and other names yeah. But Ottawa equipment that both men did that money Jack bill goes a guy from -- lot of John Bilko and he told me that yeah. That this was his shot to get to Hollywood though some really would hear that on here and that it's automated and I could -- -- in the nailed it. I say let that get an answer on that film by the way oh god knows so well I saw some. And it Titanic is yeah. Yeah us. Nice job kiosks are excellent excellent job that is so it really yes I'm building that if there was really have to -- delusion and I don't recognize that. It was the -- fell asleep and he sank to the bottom you wish divorce. Like other guys that -- with the guys that Obama. And I -- that does not like dramatically cracked with so many people saying you know ZoneAlarm so I don't get I don't so those you don't you don't is this the fifth if it's a lot of job. -- -- -- -- -- your accent down so well or sick. You heard LB years even louder. Now Yahoo! rock Epoch in the child. Not. And -- talking about slack and my chief. It's Friday the last -- you -- -- -- I was born in Framingham. When I was -- removed all around the -- -- a -- ham. Then we moved to Hawaii for a few years Hawaii on CIA employees -- -- military -- now my father was trying to was the like best and somehow you always like it was like con man was feeling out now and we we actually came back instead his own business -- -- -- most of my life now is out of Hopkinton. And then I went I graduated from Framingham ma oh really yeah yeah though premium high school. Nor Arizona Marion captains out Catholics no -- and it is a little. You know Manila police and and again. Our rights. I you know I've dropped don't pay attention these text messages he get either. Radio gold -- -- not about what is that a name or an apple loves it and I think I do -- -- -- people -- Yeah you have to do it again -- win over one by one with this. Can't you worry about these people related they have is 617 tax -- -- -- -- I love interest. Oh god I never thought I'd say this spring back expanse. Where I. -- that's not a Brown's father was a fugitive. Or it could have been a fugitive Deanna -- may not happen America's Most Wanted that I think you. With your Asia idea Hawaii's Dave didn't do they went through -- building -- vacuum it was probably when I went eagle at village early ninety's mid or announced mid eighties mid eighties. That was a big big building boom out there. What size you all your bios of your turn. So don't die is. Also is somebody says is right up there -- saying I seen that. Someone so. Actually mean no way it does you -- something I seen I seen it are I don't think I seen her again today. Yeah. -- in front side agreements after prayer and name mister Lawrence Guerrier and -- Boston. On -- -- again you know there's this whole thing right you've gotten annihilated nine delivered already -- wants to have his -- down basic grammar is so top. I'm -- -- the income nine it's like winter pretending it's not -- winter pretends or not Revere. It's like yes seriously yeah we're not iMac. You know. Now we're on the ocean where the upscale -- that no actually I drove right through you learned this year Revere what I've -- there's wants candid camera close look at the same exact -- possible and -- cuts must have -- -- totally interchangeable -- -- -- this I'm extremely short drive 4000. We've already covered irregardless I'm really download times that somebody has to know really yet area. Like they say. -- catalysts and you like that's not a word like oh you incorporate don't think that's none of anxious to debate -- -- doesn't Edward -- parameter. Good word here is -- Graham is somebody says it's so I says it's really buzz all right there's just people say that I. -- says a life says that Garrett I seen him. Use guys really in -- that. Let's see Boston Ron had sex of my sister in law. -- Diego sorry. But -- -- -- you know Simon really aren't I think it is apologizing for matters now. I -- coming up the coming out of the would learn it yeah hello hello Andy. They don't like what's up. And I got the same accident were at rock -- ball in my whole life the -- now let it overrated. It was pretty funny. That's -- -- I think downs. -- I think that but what about my end people my. I and the lions lions it's not like buying your cars blew Miami is red yeah yeah that's -- move -- -- get to -- -- land mine mine and there but for the lions are from south of us that yeah. Let her into the owner. Hold -- -- that you do that people I didn't hear whether a whole mother like -- says it will have a whole another -- What's it supposed to be a whole a whole other. A whole other area they get amalgam of a whole other and another yeah now hold mother Iran I didn't do that and all mother. All's I know. Yeah -- -- -- alls I know is all that I now all's I know is I'm it'd be fine non rhino is anxious because I know is they seem cheating on him. That's -- -- the good news is still this he's -- -- and that is what about sell ice and memory of that. From from musicals -- supposedly. Unedited at all phones they're supposedly we are probably going to be -- but and it's usually ended people would do one of these do all of yeah course again specific ones all of them yeah that's what about peace. That -- than the members he does -- disparaging dropped denial reading mostly news video memory usage decent here it is just amazingly donate. Is. That Texas says Greg like when you say -- have a whole other pizza yeah. -- that the check -- on the other Maryland. A La Serra. I think I -- -- -- -- Well I would block and any new England and I was 9 PM rain and living in new could be before we came on actual. I wouldn't want an end at night and Bangladesh regularly from chuck Barry and his mother -- -- I came back you don't in the leg and -- know what you. In the left in the yeah and I'd baggage and -- out and you can get it -- nanny I. -- -- Is mentally I'm -- is that is true of his own Saxon.