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Is it Fact or is it Schmact?

Mar 31, 2014|

LB put up a good fight with the topics including some old hockey with Hartford whalers roster facts, something about Toto's lead singer, and has 1 former cast member of SNL been banned from hosting the show?

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. They Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits again still leaks I don't believe. Such things there's nothing unsanitary and home. Drink yeah there's got to be a lot of email and see what. Not only name you blather about aids die in full of facts she Max. Ellison's well Monday guard to wake yourself up and you're going in and even considered doing battle. All is okay alerted man like Lyndon byers my caller right now. They're not there yet the number is 6179311. AA out 617. 9311223. If you win facts Max today you'll win. A pair of tickets. To go see Wayne Brady at the Wilbur theatre coming up. On Friday. This is John good morning John. Good morning show you just hope that that happy Monday and TO well away from John Randolph and what do you do. I'm on the air all right excellent. John the great boarding house turns 86 years old today a look back Gary Gordy played for the Hartford whalers at the act or shall act. I have no idea at some referendum backed into a. Well sir well played indeed that's not only did he play for the Hartford whalers but he went down you got to play with both these signs gas on the go whale on the well and then a fact yes one of his sons do they incredible injury. It changed the nets. Of hockey got the nets if you remember back in the day used to come so the puck wouldn't come out of the net there was a metal piece that was there was like a little. Like. Spear parent where the puck would hit it Greg and shooting up into the net yeah his son Marty got tripped when into the net that spear whipped up his hoop through his pants. Pull up Venus. Requiring massive surgery. Which are going to ask you read designed the nets into doubt point drop and now they just have. Like I did a lawyer really glad they do it yes grew anyhow and I did play and play with a loyal if you are correct and Sony you. Lyndon byers my last training camp Parker whalers Hartford whalers and Yemeni jail they strike two or three year deal for 375 years set up and they weren't straight Burma and in my career hello Brian. How are you Brian. Excellent Brian. Behind then. Is named after the Greek god fort Payne. So. Fact or should map I didn't back I am a man named after at a good agree saying prepared named. The hymen is named after Bill Simon called the doctor that discovered aren't up up I think that's. Smack if this back. But but only smacked because it's named after the Greek goddess of marriage. I have a cooler Simon you know people back in the day used to wait until. They were me every couple 23 still hope to consummate the the Khaleda while the Greeks did the Romans and we don't act now say well he drinks particularly urgent and nobody gets that the INL bit. Pull a job at a running ally in judge okay Jeff where you're from and they all fit. Excellent. All right Jeff the lead singer of eighties superstars. Hotel. Men who was Joseph Williams writes Joseph Williams is the son of legendary Star Wars composer John Williams factor smack. Back up back stack yet you know it has the total music can have that kind of rain to dole you know simply type deal huh. That's arranged out of Africa or another and they'll be using your favorite that's when my favorite total science I like all of you Lauren so what are you going on this family a fact. Back did is that is that is being. There. Nice job a lot of minor rulings. Reliance. Eric Snow White and I prefer to dinner or other big hint. Given. He went to the so. Say. It finally. The wind speeds. Okay did you catch the rains down and out there. That I did it's I started this on anyone here. Now I mean AJ got busy any great union hours anyway I said yeah I mean ask for Tara government did we go backwards through an as yet to the Condo demy condom PB yes and I forgot my keys in the cape. So they Hewitt who we have tried we tried there was a third story window open so I sit on your shoulders and then we try to do assert his India pzena optimize it. My shows who replied deep to the window. And we kept falling and then add the fifth or sixth time by the police showed up. And we're asking what I was doing here and there are pursues saying we are you know we're terrible McKay I forgot my key to see a window. I live here you don't think of that story. Finally I yeah. Roseanne and the game is not going to have a great and our value I don't know that's written about Rosanna Arquette you know. LA hello Jennifer. And I want you know I'm great how worried excellent night where you're from Camelot and from Waltham what do you do. Am enact a nurse. I'm only one former. Cast member. Has ever been banned from hosting Saturday name Saturday Night Live again. Backed bush map. And in fact. Jason that humor terminal and triggered only only the only one former cast ma'am yes has ever been banned from ever hosting Saturday Night Live ever again. I I'd definitely the time because who we are having near that blunder from S and now we start an all time. I'm Garrett go along with tabs so only used to do the imitate he did president clay does President Clinton unbelievable. What you. He he did Saddam like Phil Hart yeah back. It was anywhere I am Darrell Hammond. And he is talking about all the drama. So I would I tell you that that went on and Ali in fighting guys you know you want your bid to be on and it gives up when you IQ and then some pissing contests ominous saved your guys back in fact we. This I guess who the cast member Lou. In jeopardy of a yes. Not a clue. Brooke and I with little elbow and not a Clinton did not just in case you have to pop the mile and a big cash Chevy turns allegedly these yeah he's gonna do creative racist like the love her to just what I call continuity and not leave shehhi on yeah. Met him when he was leaving the voicemail messages for the part out correct yes recreation people and I community a community and yet that's Kennedy era as the hated them proof I have.