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Hill-Mail 3-31-14

Mar 31, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages from the weekend.

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each used during the talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians feel may help. I slept until eight. And I truly get out there electric animals can't. On WA eight. Today's tilt mail messages. Somewhere I have sponsorship for me you know that I am doing that robbed of these are really angry I know you've got. I haven't somewhere. More than. In the final here it's my cluster of its in the pile of stuff here I got. Yeah yeah and then he'd made it to me this picture of your pile so now like when you're you're going to do this madness. And in an Aston where's your confirmation from the 2006 test you took the FCC indecency standards act he pointed out that it. Now if you're organized mass you know it's organized. I mean here's my eight some of the show notes remind LB to wake up the good news there and I. And then 9 o'clock the people. Who. And socks and also on the toilet and I can't I cannot for you can find it I can. We've. And did you love it gives you the truth is that a that's aware that in the show and I realize if thrown an inherited an you know look into the barrel and I'm like not like every hour. Please just uptick in pregnancy test during the show I cannot but I'm hoping for an. Renault. That's on the hours on the floor. I get your tickets now for the beer summit which is at the park panicked park plaza castle Friday and Saturday. Sample over 200 craft beer is go to beer summit dot com to get tickets that's a beer summit dot com and here are. The best film mail messages of the last couple of days trying to take them to. Hand. We are right now I don't want I don't but then like girlfriend can't Obama got to stay put a gun in my head and I come out that an accurate. Myself. And definitely. An attack America if he. It's a story on Friday probably seven didn't settle old man. You know. Security got a one worker ecstatic about that Gupta has AF or direct double A. And I get. To share my friend Dario. At the half blind security out over their one world trade I was very allegedly was not asleep not been a maker of photo viewers exercising exercising as last line to iron out exercising his eyes who has worked winners silence now. I mean you've got the probably the number one terrorist target in the world that. The new one world trade any ideas security guys who's. Got an issue with us fallen asleep frequently knock good. Funny 7:41. AM. Thankfully god didn't put Danielle in charge who wrote ER. We get not numbered cat and the metrics basically. Couple wraps I only did pretty you have played. Four million people wanna go see it even though everybody was against it don't fan of the regular deserted your president it records a genius Yale Odyssey Russell Crowe. On here's another one a 603 tax somebody says IE idea this one. Our instead of our war so he should say on how I would never say our. I just don't our shop where our hearts I guess never say go to our house and I think that's that's what it is SR outs of the hour. It's The Who whose every hour barn come out but yes I was at just think you know this and again and. And they fact and 58 PM. Groupon because take woman through why not. Don't mind that reprieve and cut them. It's another there was little undue definitely notice when you look at the important thing Boone. You act. And now you know I don't know Cadbury egg season you're at that iron and I mean that's. You really have to you gotta go right to. Doctor after you like us getting to me that homemade ones are best like sugar what you make homemade honey make homemade ones feeling a little molds for the Shelby and that the Amy you make green argument because yes the yellow in the whites. An intelligent thought. Men deal with the cream out of the once I got showers and make sure area is either separated Lynn. In half and click it out that way or secretary of all the top. And all 3:19. PM. Coke truck. I don't. Who are. And men who got. Stood on his head you know losers are just took a judge Johnson sooners had through that again I mean and died debt amid mounds are not good handle it like being up there's dogs and I think both peaking too early and I really are on fire all six teams in the top the united Jones everybody peaking too early ever business owners I'd start to panic come like this is unbelievable to me is enjoy it that is nine road wins at around one Mike. They're so good. Some got to go Iraq. I mean avatar and I was listening to view of Paris and more on when they're they're very crazy goofy golf stand for Philly went in yeah I got boy it was a crazy stuff he talked about track. You know between them they're good guys are playing great to get players such. Looks twenty poor. Regular for top go to Q. I never wrote in dirt. Road near earth. On the map and look at the perfect parent so according to Jerry Bruckheimer. Top gun to plot is Tom Cruise excuse me maverick. Vs drone death everybody drew and play illustrated if they get to double dipping because because of this all the young people. We'll go back and watch you watch it watch great watch one era. Tapped guarantee but I mean Kelly McGillis molecules and it is like didn't she wasn't she a lesbian and I believe she still has it's it's. And why I was bears. You know our our allies and our life Taiwan's arm and I don't know she can line from Michigan playing that same role have you seen her lately but that's probably have to be there she's out of the US and Israel. Oh yeah. Oh my lord what I now let's get Kelly yes yes it is our youth. Who know. Go what year did tonight and I'm like oh my god it's ages ageless Nike ER 806060. It was almost thirty years ago oh my god my right the right I'm right there holy crap all mines. God. Yeah she is we use FaceBook that picture can you FaceBook that are linked to that she's 36. I find a photo of her attorney she went that I saw it but pepper gray Pollyanna yeah embraced it as top are pressing. Is he stuff like that you realize. The data doesn't see that's why you gotta do the class AB yet Kate you do after your surgery she should the well dictate to have a professional you're rare for sure I like reserve embarks dosages had some plastic surgery. They should do like senior citizen top currently turns conquered it like and it went like you know like docile little. They'll like still Miller Leighton now retiree uses like let alone on the basis. Yeah yeah yeah a little bit today but again you know that's out there that's how this is going to be in a Tom Cruise is giving me like you retired teacher react on who are you aware of who has the most. I'm such a he's in it like he's a he's going to be he's got that same like maverick but again yet American and how every now Amber's going to be who was gonna like a flight instructor who isn't quite as underwear with the cobra or top -- I learned that a viper by the hypothetically there's an ally who obviously is gonna happen that certainly is gonna have to move in the plan itself don't let it drop right acted with the youngsters are gonna go a trend there and you know blown out of the sky by the John's and any old timers and adults and ask. This sort letter to Tom Cruise incidents that isn't the damn that's another crazy tough guy walked to the plane went ahead aren't we know the straight on shot yeah. And then at the and Kelly McGillis is going to be on the plane and and they they Wheeler down the there's the walkway in a wheelchair that's the last person to get up in the bag parity with the assistance of the iron. There's a lot of blown up by a drone. Maverick ticket personal but you didn't shoot well again. Big Ben who brought you really famous throughout. If nobody knows three black. And the math I'm not a good thing Julio she's really fairness and there. If you just as you don't Larry crazier order NAFTA and I shoot. Well let me and it's not by accident at a funeral humming you think that'll be a safe place your mom's beat that street cred the big differences. 47 AM. I'm a good. And that is they have like. Kind of leak gang unit and in deluxe fair city course that everybody on the staff. So is this coupling eyes knowingly finally yeah. Movement is they would they had Lincoln gang. Out of work hedge fund guys Zell who. The thing is saying how bad multimillion dollar houses there. That's the gang that they're on the lookout for a normally here in the lack experience sleep 42 year old man. Gartner bought during the it is quiet no. Won't learn I would like that I didn't I don't get that mud brick but there's so it and you're not. You know they're. Good. And that meant. There's some obnoxious kid who figured out for a school project that the federal government. Could save 234. Million bucks by changing fonts say what you are pretty amazing death. Because it requires more gain. To use what does it what do they use times new realm these times new Roman yeah which is it that bad much thicker font and Jeremiah and and by doing so we'll cut down you know turn millions of dollars and record highs. Pretty in pink says boy can't stop. Amazing that they're big you know you government you know I'd look at one of Dora mills six courthouse. And it's still wallpaper you know it's most the unbelievable amounts of paper that has passed around. I was going through editors you get a copy my divorce. But we're doing a bit of this sector went well politically not out yet or several none of the second one and it's like a buck a bucket page into cup in Ireland over a foot past. Why do you need a copy of the things I get to say legal proceedings are put in some stuff on a shot at a they always find the it out of easy be slim Pickens are there and Bill Clinton I say a new workout videos a crappy payless and kind of yet perhaps. With Google book. More than twenty. And you know we weren't heard it I'm ready you are. School. Nom nom nom boiler I've sick I think we've we've covered that's Lou the bit. Some people are flipping out there pressuring him now yeah. I promised that wouldn't I mean only thing I talked about was the wreck on for the jugular but if you don't know Leo dealer you know knowing that means of yemen's elite it was just these guys haven't seen it yet it was it was and then there when there. Now CM about how it almost got close it and by the anchor Anderson I was I was gonna talk about Travis now I'm not a road. Or I'll give you. A lot lot lot of barriers spoiler alert and when they're running through ten minutes if they see all the the bones of everybody that's been the eyes yes Tom. Yes and old can pretty old. Yes and what proved collegiate dictionary until its opponent before you go under fire. Look we're number twelve and port even more than political season for the pro peace. And that message. Yeah Curome again when I blew our 24 all time NHL scoring next step and my nano. When you think about I saw I think it it was I think it was Jeremy Roenick who was saying yesterday between periods that. Again Lou is really been a major difference on that power play that's made just such a huge difference this year image Sharia death. So last year than b.s who are 26 over on them share their fourth overall our power play itself. But yeah there's there are some. She looks that he shoes EM. I think that that's our heart and prayers and yeah. Axle and now all world apple did in the I don't think commented I usually does say is that our airlines our fires and fantastic. All right is that it right there are 617. Thank you for participating this morning during he'll melt.