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Mon, 31 Mar 2014|

Marathon survivor now launching his own charity after fighting the good fight to get his life back.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Well I've seen our next guest an awful lot lately. The last time at the Sam Adams brewery actually twice at the Sam Adams -- Because we were beaten with -- first time brewing. 26 point two -- and then the other night we you're we were drinking at. And I'm Boston Marathon bombing victim Jerry curry is here and an end of the brightest Oden as so Don't Ask Don't Tell him as someone else said. And then now. You young and exciting announcement about a new foundation that you are that you have creative rights. Absolutely Greg. But quick funny story above the other night I didn't know that was Jim cook. And they give us those little Dixie cups are known to drink nothing anomaly beer drinkers all moans that I was at the biggest one of them available at -- the -- coast at the glass he's like the only guy with a glass. What I walked over to him my buddy with -- so you know who used. As an hour commute would like it to glass welcome you get a glass -- and -- don't know what's so special about you know I don't no -- plus I drank -- -- -- -- -- Mine it's mine and right mind. And -- pretty good dollars and that all men really good and what a great guy don't Jim Jim he's the best brilliant idea and and and you know as you look at not getting closer to the -- I know that. Various people are dealing with it in different ways -- you as as the marathon gets a year closer before we -- about here the foundation started but. What what's on your mind you you anxious about you nervous about it. A little bit of anxiety kind of wanna get the anniversary know with. Phone's ringing off the hook things like that. But not no fear or anything like in only everybody's ass what you do on the day of the marathon -- Do what I did last year or not -- my friends in the morning -- zone in. Play by -- you bet result EUS is everybody's gone down there you'll you'll go down and watch the EI mean to my friends JPM Paul -- from -- stone him. That's -- -- with last year or so you don't just gonna calm in the morning and then they're not really show what they're gonna duels over. Yeah say I mean it's probably going to be crazy down I don't like crowds anyway so yeah. Well I left. I think it's going to be -- mean certainly. You know we musing about security and and all that that's going on I think it's going to be a it's going to be a day that. Is going to be tougher to get there is that you have to go there earlier and there's going to be there's going to be just an awful lot of people showing up -- since street in an all on the -- I think yeah exactly. And I've been down there have a dozen times since on the first thing I did when I got out of rehab. From Spaulding was was go around the finish line in pay my respects and spend a few minutes comments on what would you tell him we told me the other night at 127. Pieces of shrapnel in in union. To be honest with you -- for yet I know I still have some film they went from. You know my unified. I think the medical -- parent AM but. We all called to tell me knows that -- there was which called -- it is difficult to -- you know. The medical care -- funny I get my medical term for that is who. Funny story about that I get all the surgeons at Brigham and women's com entertainment. And I was gonna apparently in an announcement. You guys both learned something from -- area so I got I. I go little damage there are kind -- write down of my ankles and they go Mosul about to agree over the yeah. I get a big springs the logic behind mine the because the size of a ball cap to solve -- fuel and nails and palates and stuff so yeah. So curious com tell everybody a little bit about your phone. Nation and how he came to decide you -- you wanna start your own foundation what what happened was when I was in there a lot of famous people as you can imagine with common man in the Bruins and and the patriots and and Michelle Obama came in and you know the whole -- use of buzz and all the nurses and I I said what are you guys wanna meet up and they couldn't believe that you know I invited everybody anybody don't want to come in my room when she was there could come. So I said -- you know this would be cool if if we can live stream this. And then all the kids that have been sent me letters and on the walls and everything they can enjoy a little too because listen I appreciate. Everything's great kill foundations -- I really really appreciated but a lot of great things that have happened. And and and I just feel like everybody should join in a little bit so that kind of -- on the idea or not. You know who may who can help the kids on the anti -- front nine utilized video conference and live -- pretty cost effective so most of the talk enough. Thousand kids that I school now we talked 101000. -- don't make it a little interactive and stuff utilized technology so so that's kind of what's on the idea. You know I love all the gifts and all the charity and everything and I appreciate it you know but I -- I wanna turn around and you know give a tackle but yeah and and you Greg. You know. You sets on the narrow if you remember it was -- felt for disclosure you know we return economics -- so yes you -- -- I have tonight's guy ideal I ask you you know why you do this and I you told me and it's just burnt in my head he says -- I'm blessed I'm a little good life from the I'm happy and only give back so. You know that that really helped me along. Did it come out as I'm laughs for a -- it you know -- we're supposed to -- -- We're supposed to talk a little -- 5 AM tomorrow. That -- there lecture notes and those are great nine -- out of the -- I mean it all go home and you know on the night late you know I I do it's really interesting because. You know. I feel fortunate to have. Got to annoy you guys and to really kind of I hear from you how it goes and and wallets one of the worst. Things that could ever happen to anybody it's also. Sometimes a blessing because of the things he's gotten to experience. Despicable I mean the worst thing was -- you know my frenzy that is severely injured. You know they lost slams and you know when they told me that you know they were all alive I was I couldn't believe me you know on. The -- so district will put a bomb publicly that I you know I don't care what the cause or whatever it's just a despicable act but isn't it it's really 12. Of the worst humans have but then you know right from the first responders to the to hospital and family and friends and it's fall by the best -- humans have. So so that's like to have the view I took because I mean who would blame me if -- -- off you know. And in the interest and just -- with that you don't. But also Preston and got depressed in the -- -- -- you know everybody's gonna see the good because you look at the TV and have bombs going off 678 times a day and this kids get in a show. You know he's he's women. So in my mind I said you know one got to you know I was in the hospital but under the umbrella of Brigham and women's great people there and everything -- -- -- radio stations and you know they come Russian into the rooms you can call -- talk to anybody -- tell us for us. They get they get -- to drugs in -- now Alia Ali you get -- get together really it's the only idea just say -- and negligent. Clinton -- the result. You have an event. Tonight right to pick up the foundations yeah it -- for those are on the allows professional ballplayer. I retire when I was only six from him back into amount happy so we're gonna have an -- always going to be tomorrow 9 o'clock 6 o'clock. We have a pro tournament but you know you don't have to. They'll be good spread of food and off the plane in the tournament to be some of the top players in the world than trick shot shown -- flight -- to launch a foundation because you know. I don't wanna forget where I come from my whole life frozen pool players solar farms owned. Foundation do charity and help kids things like. I -- -- pull up a little bit. Have you guys available come down there's going to be some serious pull players and everybody else soldiers opened to the public. Point five bucks -- mailing that's all for charity in if you get an attorney when -- we have 2001 prize I that was -- -- think yeah. Lately have the number I was pretty good at the end at the bumper -- I don't agree on -- -- on Apple's already got that that there by the bumper listen -- apple goes to the highest level to you about a failure to battle and uncle polio for for Iran money. Now big big mile compelling mobile Gmail or do they didn't do bar pool deal. Oh absolutely -- they were phenomenally used to go to -- UK national champions. Touchdown there they were renowned for. Winning -- you know winning -- our attorneys and then brawling with a brawling out there and then turn to our current. I used I used to play for drinks I used to make deals with the bartender because they couldn't drink all the drinks at -- until about images. You know lineup all the -- get to casual will weigh it up at the end of it all those still at the end of the night there's a bunch of -- tennis when -- when I quit -- -- -- about time -- Boston Massacre -- -- the the -- so is there a website for information on tomorrow night yeah absolutely. Heroes hearts dot org. All the information on math and also later it's come tomorrow night so PG -- open to doing it and throws you know we do we get enough tables. You know we get a real good -- -- armies from smokers in Rhode Island re Max amount so he didn't get it done no matter how many players show up -- that's awesome. You know but I thought -- my go so I'll be like c'mon now. I don't religious party lining up an implicit go I'm good I'm I apple window. I that that window of five Beers to -- and Beers and its partners -- we can we can we give a good pro and I and I don't know -- -- but I'm I'm I'm laser show from five to ten years -- -- eleventh beer. Each game goes subtly -- I'll tell us that data tables he might as well we liked when he might warning. Elated written in the -- I don't I know I -- If I generalists and until it's -- and -- there is a tough to ask that and would -- to get fired I know people in not as the needs to be my last question for his cellphone from the perspective of the marathon coming up. And and you know of the victim's perspective. I mean it's like I'm messed him is survivors -- message to people. You know one year later. Point of view you know remember there is always different point of view and I think we all get stock. I think and I and I talk with the smoke here is real quick. You know I've been talking schools that gives -- -- -- is. Our social skills you know we have we have the capability. We have the capability to destroy this planet ten times over technologically -- like adults you know. But socially it's. Where it will -- babies when you know we can't we can't drive I mean just driving in here I want to kill three peaked out a laugh you know so it is so I think that. You know this is the way you know humans in general we have to go we got to remember. You know just because you don't like -- guys faced as a reason a nice guy and yeah so yeah that's you know that's. That's all I've changed a little bit you know socially I think -- home from a lot more forgiving now you know -- personal and so we cut you off Greg gonna. Then that there personally targeting you know our guy has the top half so tell us. I you so does that affect your opinion now when it comes to the death penalty for the you know they've called me on I'll answer that -- Thank god I'm on that position ranchers Zach Graham -- we're gonna make test Chile's. Whatever happens happens. I don't think my personal opinion I don't think -- can judge man but in our society we can't have guys like -- council. You don't put him on an iceberg -- Guantanamo I don't know you know. But don't give ms. day in the life you know I heard things -- -- Smart -- coordinates and now death would you triplets that I can for all the money in the world you know. He's got to go get his 72 virgins yeah. I can't handle one woman I was not happy that heaven or is the it -- you know so with that but I don't don't give him anymore immediate time you know let him let him let him -- let those people do what they're gonna -- and my personal opinion. Doesn't really matter in this case doesn't I -- All right well listen straight great Syria and pass it out tomorrow night Chileans 6 o'clock 6 o'clock you know come on out. And and and help launch his Foundation's. And worst case scenario. We're gonna have a good time and what you have it worse case scenario we all -- masters -- -- everybody's content listeners yes I am very -- smoke was all very new to make. I I feel like it's a sweet sixteen and I don't wanna be there alone -- well yeah. So everybody come probably is -- Silly this is a -- it's a daunting thing to -- I mean you're starting a whole new foundation and is your strategy haven't you -- due to their point -- build and build a build so. A great job and I was gone stolen knowledge there'd be there along I think you got so much good to see you thank you. Hi if you want -- on day here's a number 6179311. AAF or you can tax that WA AF fire motor group text line is 97 and one those seven. I'm wolf you know what we'll do is put a link up FaceBook page -- FaceBook and Twitter.