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Hill-Mail 3-28-14

Mar 28, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics include the Bruins game, Vince Wilfork and of course shots at LB.

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Guys they Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians feel may help. Not enough important. And I wanted to talk to the room only people who you know you're a reporter for your putting. Because if. On WA. AF. All right you're hormel messages. There are. Presented by the beer summit at the park plaza castle. April 4 and this all off track in minutes is a great and it's added animated series. Sample over 200 craft Beers gonna beer summit dot com for tickets that's beer summit dot com and I don't you can't sample to BSE and you have done that LD. Yes indeed the truth with. Ground around downtown I'm getting a it. It's a matter of getting all these text message is that the seagull is is talking about. Well what about how he was gonna he was thirty seconds from knocking me out yesterday. Themselves are I'm not and I am page. I can't figure out what to do the seagull went down and complained to lead to the boss and and and good doesn't want Segal doesn't want us talking about it. But now seagull. Is talking about how he's gonna knock me out. The C don't know where the studios look at it he can come down and knock me out if they wanted to right now what he's done pick and other people's trash you have glasses opposite what he can I mean could not if you get through LD kid you know that's the I mean. Myers mysteriously disappears into the perfect lie about it sometime wrap my arms around us our our Jeff. Two radio concert at Rockefeller. I'm I'm haven't thought them all so. And the biggest Jerry's gonna you know me and I was out of Revere. He's gonna have you know we we do we are we really out do we really get what. Happen this week and we're going there I can't really I really would magnificent Israeli I don't. Shut the F I appreciate years I appreciate your text messages all of a everybody. Com the radio up in the rivalry and it's not a not 1986 yeah we're not having a radio war or not you know we're not. And have fun time but at that point in the day back in the day. But you know in Sacramento hand Deidre nines tomorrow. Look I'm not an amount that. Yeah hey lie my way around and not I don't it was I'm not be any of this seriously in my little work and play the radio fantasy world. More crap. We're in radio fantasy world every day anyway. Now. Let's let's look that the with trash pickers get riled up I guess I don't know. The seagull. All right here is what should get the mail messages he always looks at it let's get that today still no messages. There's only eight. 160. Man. The only thing that should and gonna be screwed up because. They're watching Mickey mode and auto electric feel what they built on earth putting up thirty years after the future what barely got to the payload. Martina. Moon return plan. Method it's like a fifth person vol. People have been watching. Mickey Mouse collection to a hundred years and I've ever suddenly they determine it makes your kids violent automatic if there's no pants now that you announced that the wordy and right. These pamphlets as it gets confusing bit confused that mouse isn't a suspenders on its merely eating chi master planners still ahead. I think my I think and think about how much anger I thought it came from because I was a ridiculous of the hour and everybody else had everything and I had not heard it was making up some. But they've only 1038. And hand. Cool and don't forget to promote its commitment that they can go grilling cardinal out he went over within the group. And I would like to look at the green and important thought the very best. Interconnected. But it's. Let's there's only twelve who didn't warm. I'm going moment that it is no little green and that really happened in honor. And I think that Boone Pickens I know I'm confident I don't think I I can do I didn't think they could. Clinton you know local one but I think our competitors. A little bit how. Well do you use and I couldn't I couldn't get him back. And that. On the net and seeing my knees and with James Mason the guy in 20000 leagues under the sea. Yes said it right. Without him we said. I don't think we're going to make it I don't yet I don't know what Peter Lauria I think all here is a little I think that was there and I think that was Peter the Great looking little dash via the weird voice and yet this thing on genes we send yeah like there. And can only a little bit leaning in the direction and Jimmy Cagney but not full line Jimmy Cagney and that was Peter Lawrie and 20000 leagues candidacy. Why did in nineteen. Ultrapetrol portrait of they were doing it for three more years if that's group that would let you don't have to pack up everything in that country where. The important thing gossip that. Why did she should a guy big guy carries a hall of fame is nose tackle for the patriots and that's great when he joins us super balls it really is his grades up and oh cute and then. They knew exactly what our important play. Love that it won't threaten that they create company. And by the way your typical if you wanna move and that the that it embodied in the wake up period so let's thank our. It's math it's great when he lifted that thing out that the puck went right hook. Bad because he didn't even bother like trying to fall into it right now are you lifting it up. Sorry money that doesn't work I you know that it is again and again it reaffirms. In my in my you know buried the whole. Problem I have with the officials. That that there were four guys yeah on the ice and have to go to Toronto and they had bigger turnout and a couple of flew to do any of them. Didn't I know what I had them make a lot of kind of looked okay. And at that we've migrated or yesterday you're elevating. There's a teacher in Florida who is a sexting a kid that she wanted to know what it was like tomato would somebody would races. Though we also apparently wanted to know what it was like to have sex with somebody and have a homer have been over in thirty seconds I mean I mean Africa and probably these you know his disgruntled wide answer litter girlfriends out there. I mean what a great job to try and get to match from rise to a senior mean yes sewing teacher with. 44. Of them. I cracked down there and I. Out. There at the end of the food. In the Al heats well I think he sees its that's my worst enemy and a and road who. Your street cred to the heir to the truckers in the people going to the this that the stop periods and they grabbed the pre made pre wrapped. Shall I. Haven't been in there for like four mine oh yeah there are now at the view that triangle package with that you have yeah it was a salad. It's all well on the Sony gave fresh today don't know what he did last Lawrence. Police. I don't believe this this a bogus text is correct them. Correcting LB that. Vince is not won a Super Bowl with a New England Patriots. Unity yet here. Our doctor when the last one. And he's been here ten years what you're talking about housing mania I think there I want since. They haven't won in his 20043. May be no I'm I don't think he has I don't think wow that's I voiced approval I don't know start announcing misses one. Thanks to you again. We have gone lower followed it up but reading the bell bottom of our. All of the bill what do you call it yeah it will lead and open what both for. Younger men hit the the thinks could send him. He probably would not start another when there are enough. I rendered an ironworker and any over all of our locker. The that in. Try to clip Booth Booth. My man. 704. Inland. It. I. Under that are in great invention by the way the title fight on in any case of irony. But I can't do Heineken I mean I'm arguably Bonny light any light it up at a much needed a regular. I've said that the aftertaste Americans just spouses dad actually I'm style. A lowly Chris. Hey guys what's up Chris. Okay well what you out of Miami yet and you hear about the bailout but gets the ball. He would bear false or five when they wanted to Jack thank. Aren't so he was so well he was right he did indeed went on and women in 2000. Children who stinks Guillen. Now whether I'm not all right I got that pretty gaga and Shaq come mommy. Pretty bad you know the. I think our way I can't wait for management is you're you're excited and I love it I love about the can you believe it aren't asking myself I've been Debian Debian it tweet and text would be demand for Manchester trash guys are gonna come down terror government. Are they ought to ask you all are excellent yeah a long trip. We'll be live at baseball tavern. And forward though home opener on Friday. So I hope you'll join us who are given delegates away. And we'll see there and get it all started primarily and of course some huge day for Sox fan asks. Slowly great day they get their rings and I saw yesterday there wearing the jerseys with the Boston on the front like they wore when they honored on the first responders box it. Marathon wise and so it's going to be an incredible day of Fenway.