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Is it Fact or is it Schmact?

Mar 28, 2014|

LB did well again with topics including the average boob size, who first urinated on the moon, was Vince Wilfork a state champ shot putter, and what perecent of people have sex at work?

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. But Hill Man Morning Show invites you detest your wits against ill leave. I don't believe such things there's nothing unsanitary blood drinking beer and there's got to be a lot of demand CD. Only name you blather about aids die and full of facts she Mac. They've battle of brain power between you and our own Lyndon byers so call 6179311. AA after right now if you wanna play. 6179311223. Don't win very. If you win you get tickets that go see Susie asked men from Curb Your Enthusiasm. At the Wilbur theatre tonight though way that is the prize in Blake is up first solo Blake. What's up Blake know how much they're alert when why where you where you work. I embarked on February delivery of the excellent Agilent. Hide Blake Buzz Aldrin. Was the first person. Two key on the moon. That's a large Mac. If they act you're going with back them. It was it's a little bit of Richard quest him because when you say pee on the move pursue Bierbauer is on zipping your ass spacesuit rock creek weapon here you know why not your rep which of course died then you -- -- -- would fill up with that. With Wednesday with the atmosphere area showed off into space and you explode yeah Jonathan. I what you did do was he and his suit while on the matter how much I would say practical on our my arm. Who's getting the Acropolis. That. You both track here is the guy you know he was not the first person to walk on the moon he. It was the first the I mean I feel the pressure is your lonely interior coming on him how many trips to the moon to you to have you ever heavy argument with a double loser patients a new business. Not for nothing and I've been in space shuttle you can bridge airline partners region in the space shuttle's ceramic operatives patient yes what was would you breaking generally how did you get I had enough I have friends up there on south and Lori adapt hot. Hello Brian. What's up Brian. Are you bud where you from. Sure ninety days. Brian the average boob size in America is a 36. Fact or she Mac. Croatia waters are counting but she's now at the same smack down. Beat me up to be careful here there's a lot of strippers and a lot of strip joints in America America and that the I can't let go of a 36 36 abstract you you sure idea. You you're you're both correct it's a 36 seat that is the guy average. Breast size in the eyes is a man which is a nice size 36 it was asked these kind of favor that fueled handful that's that you like a handful right there you go hello Cory. Hey good morning everybody glory Dario I am fine. Where you from I am from guard to mess excellent and I mean helmet and I I don't need you to piano mind put my hands aren't big 34 B I got did you know I understand yeah. It's Herman. And it's been slap around the big puppies yeah we believe we believe we assume that America I'm Corey Vince Wilfork. Was the Florida State. Shot put champ in 2000. Back to push back. Our own way to do so I was actually gonna go back done. From trying to de Cuba they're a division one. Awesome football player would waste his time. Doing track and field what is your calling the shot put a waste of time. I mean javelin was cool but now yeah now he's not gonna go attempt the javelin again yes I did our east has been over an ever mess that's that's a every time. Winner winner chicken dinner time ago which Mac it's at the is. It is the fact that it's a win streak so big and it's a load any. Air power in the any. It got it Robert Moore and how about you or do you come from I don't brought little. Excellent 40%. Of people. Have had sex apple worked Danny back Porsche Mac. We're wrote that note of course you are used. What do you think LB. 40% yeah that's I mean that that would mean I'd already have sex at all why did house. Pen barrel build in what is Arafat's threat. I you know I'll sit back and go back I you know I switch Meredith it's a great staff but I think it's a little big less the gap 12%. Just mere 12% change you know he had changed to just wishful thinking on the part of I understand that you ladies you're gonna come on up that 12%. Today there anyhow let's go I'm letting it go and yeah I did you know Israeli start. Eight. Coming up next today's irrational fear being stocked over your cable box that is next.