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Ed Kelly and Richie Paris Boston Fire Department

Mar 27, 2014|

Ed Kelly the President of Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts and Richie Paris President of Local 718 joined the Hillman Morning Show first to talk about the tragic lose of 2 men during a fire in Boston.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always -- -- on your schedule at WAM. Romeo welcome to our studio couple friends. The show. -- -- Who is the president a Massachusetts. Firefighters union professional firefighters union. Ed. Good to see bush it was under different circumstances. That I -- in. Let me just say that's always -- rose. The regular foundations the end of the five players every time in the tragedy and means a lot to us. And throughout Richie Paris is here from little -- -- local semi global Austin firefighters local 718. And just an awful day yesterday Tom. I I am always we were talking a little bit earlier about the media coverage which wanna ask you guys about -- but. Just. It you know I think people from those of us who aren't as brave as you guys are. Wonder how does something like that happen -- those guys go into that building and they're good they're going downstairs into the cellar. And obviously there's an investigation on that but if you do wind as it is a big factor in a fire like that yesterday -- yeah absolutely yeah. In a great yesterday we were -- -- you know all. We recommend and we can't say we do when you hit something command you know when they arrive on scene it's an invoice. And we we we we respond to all time million -- special calls. And we went right away. Into the wind was kicking up. It was a bad seems to Israel -- it didn't look well yeah -- a deputy chief in there and in knowing who they're great chief deputy chief. They're controlled it and he knew that it was a it was a bad day -- we had the wind we had every smoke. In we will lots more people if it was 2 in the morning. -- -- to daytime so I thank god you know who's was in more people in the building but I just wanna say this. Eddie. And -- in Michael. They were part of a team that's safe people out of that building yesterday. They -- their children and -- make sure that -- -- special people in the fourth floor. Could get out and everybody allowed in you know that I just wanted to let people know that. They -- supreme sacrifice to save people's lives. Well and that is one of the things that you know because as somebody was texting earlier in saying. And I and I don't know if they don't get it or they're not they're not watching but they say why did -- -- those guys have to going yesterday they don't we end. Because people may be in that building. Career where people actually going on in the fact is when you ask that question blatantly. Michael and Eddie were on engine 33 -- the whole team we call it I know people in the stands by a fine that we have basically two sides of the house. The latter companies in the rescues -- too -- to rescue them in. And pull people out of films and then the engine companies nickel -- national water on the fire. That's a one of those two sides of of the of the equations I was like an offense and defense in football. Any Michael's job was to get water on the fire so that the ladder companies could perform rescues so immediately. They're going into that basement right that's well with a line they were first regular first do -- job as the water on the fire fire started in the basement yeah they were an alliance the basement I talked to. My hands in the -- quitting in seven. Lieutenant man's. They pulled up about ten seconds behind and in 33 in 33 were in the basement and just settle at the first law. And like you mentioned the wind in which he talked about the wind the wind can make the -- audience to its own music and you know where that building was right on the back of that child grew up. And granted this is still speculation the investigation's still ongoing. But the wind coming off the river yes they have probably had gusts up to about fifty miles an hour flight fifty miles an hour and Eddie and Michael did exactly what they're supposed to do in an Atlanta based think you want and -- to protect. The truck companies who will make in the rescues. And without their you know obviously something went terribly terribly wrong. And let me also say this I know Michael and any well. We've I work in the same district. Eddie was on lad of fifteen to flow I was on last 174. Still win and we work together. Michael and I were together two weeks ago. You couldn't have too tough for kids. You know Eddie was about six foot three successful -- big strong. Absolute. Leader of men. And Michael was this marine. -- -- not. Built like a bill like. LB. -- OK yeah. Another. Yeah do we think 19850. Yeah I don't know a little bit like to -- -- -- you -- And now you know. You could NASA to Bennett guys who. To come get you if you are trapped and you know we we lost to a best firefighters we had the city -- strong history if you. Only in on -- is a great lieutenant -- AB Kelly said yesterday he would have been a deputy minister one day. And I terrorism and that was what Michael Kennedy the night before to burn foundation yeah there's a convention in town for the burn foundation and -- And I I heard some stories auditing was a Big Brother for six years with kids. Who. Kid in them. I'm here I also heard that he helps someone fight. Alcoholism. In -- -- involving crush training and help them also I mean yeah that's a sector and and he loves any he's leaves too young kids behind -- released tree in and Michael wasn't married yet knows is poor mother yeah. Well that's why don't you know and and down you know the the foundation has been taking donations since last night. And and we're 28 the guys don't know this I talked to you that you. Ed yesterday at about 530 but after that I went to an event at the Sam Adams brewery. And the the founder of the of Texas road house donated 101000 dollars on the spot. For the families and we're now up over. 121000 dollars which has been donated by by the listeners. And that money if not I think people don't understand there or don't even think about it because you don't want to but. There are two families you talk about Michael's mother and win. It here you can. -- to families that have. A funeral expenses and and don't have. -- husband and and don't have a -- any longer and and there's a lot associated with that itself. And that and that's why did those people who give and will continue to give this morning. Are making a huge difference in those family slide. Well thank you so much everybody is getting and then down I can tell you that Eddie's family -- and I was with his eight year old son -- a brave brave. Little boy. Any else as a a five year old and a two year old. Alien. -- brazen and has a great great family in the his -- a very strong girl and in all the help that anyone can do is log on to a to a great place yeah and in anything tees. Her mind and her stress. Is a good thing. They own Michael -- to those would be obviously maybe news it's pretty tough job that we have yah the president's. We have to go tell him when -- baby was with. He's feeling I was what Michael's mother and step Brothers and you know I know who appreciate everything they can do yeah they're really in. Well you talk about that I just want to get your opinion real quick as Danielle was was upset this morning. About the footage. On channel five of the compression is being given and I wondered if you have an opinion as firefighters about the media's role. And and that I could be interesting to hear from from your perspective what I just wanna. Mentioned that that who's with us this morning. Ed Kelly who's a good friend of the show and the president of the Massachusetts professional firefighters union and Richie Paris who is the president of locals 718 Boston drivers and so on give an opinion on that. I think if I was. A failing them around they go one mile one trade that way. -- an imminent and it's strange to me -- that I guess is because of and in the union business salon. The other -- we want people to see what does the sacrifices the enemy. Because people forget too -- yeah yeah he do well that's an interesting elect candidate it is and it's a really interesting way to look at it. And those guys in a minute guys that's that's your job and you. You know you never know when something like. Yesterday is gonna happen in you never now. You have -- always immunity so the paper today the pitch of the firefighters yeah. You can see it in their face and they generally had a brother firefighter on a stretcher and you're gonna go through walls and make sure that. You're gonna do the right thing for him. Don't -- I gotta give the the chiefs that worked yesterday great credit. Chief -- Fleming chief passing. Chief shape -- because one of the hottest things fights you've got to do. Try to check this five -- Because. Would just assume that Iowa went -- Ireland. Than anything else them now and then two make national election -- Well that's I mean that is a thing too is that the he gets its. You know I'm a big fat cow or you guys are willing to go in and do that -- for your Brothers and for everybody else and that's why. I I it's it's amazing it's amazing to me at the you know the scene yesterday is engine 33 -- that flag to half mast was just as heartbreaking. Cassel -- our effort that was actually it that became his guys are covered and took care that cup was -- -- that's -- tennis beat I know the president of state firefighters let. We're all the same. You know I mean you remember -- India. Well it was to accumulate from compete regardless is -- Yahoo! died to build apply to -- -- business. And we had -- -- died ABC's John Davis via -- in and you guys took the great guild foundation stepped up every single time. And we're all in this together and you know -- boss comes from a long line of five -- His dad his -- he's got a cousin was there a cousin in Braintree cousin -- cousin -- -- to capitol Watertown. In you know the Wall Street alien is like one of the legendary five fine feelings in the state of Massachusetts. And you know we're all in morning and we -- step up we all take care of each other and we appreciate. We appreciate that you guys. Recognize. The sacrifices we make me. The top with the guys they generate. -- what's gone. Not much just like make a comment I understand the Second Amendment right everything up but there's also little right to privacy. And neither. People your -- and now have lost their sense of all honor respect and dignity of the people are heartened that are serving up. And anybody that makes a comment like that I have family. That in the public service and -- every night. And at a critical mission or part vote speech that it would. Well thank you very much and and you know certainly it's it is. It's really tough because you do want -- I understand where you guys there are coming from and it's it's it's it's you know you're you're yeah you're on the fence about it because there are people who. There are. Women who are watching to see if that's their husband and I'm sure that you guys feel that because. You know that's in the in the moment. He and you're not notified the family I mean a year year year year trying to save your Bure Brothers life and so it's. It's a tough situation they. You Jason. When. Jimmy givens and Paula teaming got killed at the corner or new battery and on the street 1981. My follow it actually you know bill when it collapsed in her mama I still remember my mother sitting in the kitchen. Next to transistor radio and listen to reports -- oh yeah and I'm in house only thing anyone as well -- his old. Yeah I still remembered as the pitcher since then. The one dollar remember little undone my fallows got a phone call me after whom you know June 17 and I remember when teaming Gibbons also know. We both from a feeling of firefighters -- Brothers and I was are on the job and it's a great job is great tradition and now it's a feeling we have to fear and we still won that and home in the one we work with and we spend more time away with a Finley in France and its. Well -- -- who thank you guys for coming in today and and I do wanna I wanna. Thank you both for your service and and say again that. Everybody. That's listening right now everybody in here really really really appreciates what you do and I and I and I and I think that. When you think about those families and in addition to the money. That. Is being donated will be donated what else what what else can people do I mean what Greg -- -- -- -- -- leadership at least there. And and and certainly firefighters. Way you know keep keep them in your mind and and I do you know it's interesting we were we heard we were chatting about. How. People. Forget and you know six months from now they'll be people whining about. That idea how much money over here and -- It's funny because that is and his guys locked in here. I want mentioned an -- you know every other radio person -- building. Was like. Coming on and LA get these guys really gave those of the captives could. Certainly today it's an area it's actually you know it's that time is that it you know you got to try to if you can't think about it think about it at the times when we haven't lost somebody in as it's it's important. I picked a daily Jang should get when there -- differences. We appreciate everything you're doing okay you've done in the past for a while I'd appreciate what you guys themselves. That's are right bombs so Ed Kelly and Richie Paris and guys. Again. Thanks a lot for being here and you know let us know whatever you need over the coming weeks they tell you guys are the best thank you very much all right. If you wanna donate this morning you can do so the website which is the Greg -- foundation dot -- The Greg -- foundation. Dot org and we are matching up to. 101000 dollars for each family and then in addition oh that's my last question for you -- Thirteen firefighters injured yet. -- we actually had done some guys are civilian that I mentioned in one of my lieutenants who tournament minister on McManus and he talked about how quick. Fire flashback on top of them yeah and now -- particularly those lines. In it was a matter of seconds yeah and so we we had some guys it was very seriously injured in. As I mentioned what a tough job the chiefs have trying to pull us back. Guys fought so hot to go get any Michael. That they got -- -- -- and they're going right at heavy fire conditions. And so they're going to end. To get those guys absent and that's how those -- -- thirteen point. I'm so we will also have funds available for those for those guys as well as a as a part announced I can speak for them. They want the money into the Phoenix capsule they want them in all the losses in the -- they don't they don't wanna you know. All right guys thank you Graham thank you can help right donate it's the the regular foundation dot org that is the great guild foundation dot org you follow us on Twitter follow us on FaceBook and we'll read that.