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Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins

Mar 27, 2014|

Thursdays with Thorty with Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins joins us to discuss his charity event, the game against the Canadians, and the tragic fire in Boston.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- -- -- Hill Man Morning Show presents there's days with the authority. Featuring John Darden the the Boston Bruins. Authorities isn't brought to you by the city of -- credit union which is authorities choice for his banking needs also brought to you by EMD Serrano and -- the -- -- and speaking of the city of busting credit union. The Greg -- foundation. Received another 250. -- dollars. Via a little. Skill. That Shawn Thornton display the other night authority. More about it here I mean you're goals you're gold schooler. But what about. But that's. You'll -- made us a little bit of money in and now he got somebody else fight -- your battles for you I mean what's going I don't know that. They'll be very very Scarborough Tim here -- he really is I mean I if you help them and Ali is he asked for how -- -- -- It turning -- That read we worked our feet and and it. I can -- show people how not to get hit you can't really teach. Are not part is you're you're very adult. Yeah. Given cheer me yeah yeah. -- It is it. Although filibuster of watch people -- well what does either way you know when he did that job a lot. You -- you wind up fighting and what you -- absolutely. Don't -- -- can't just -- Well this area but certainly an effort to confront. Why -- -- because I a lot of our listeners a lot of people guards stand he was your team when you guys wanna cup -- Anaheim's yeah. It's getting it's like. Five hours by our fighters. Or is it. Obviously platelets and it is so we know we're gonna watch -- to put here. Well loot she used the chick Edwards the other day and and again. In his in his description. I take a look at all not all -- now yeah. Why did I -- thirty does that get old yeah I mean nine. I you know I don't know how much how much filters back to you guys. But the Montreal Canadians are. Did the way they beach used they they they they play the game they playing and turn them Bruins into an iron discipline team and nor going to be damage and meet -- in the playoffs you guys -- Tone it down and you can't be the big bad Brazil have to be more disciplined I mean not for not denied -- pretty you you you basically outplayed them. Physically I'd be you know they got that's the -- goal went off. To use -- stick our time to count but does he get all that you just it just seems like she's scared giving any respect. So a whole different animal you know that they had -- up above. A little bit. Let's get called am obviously here we've worked at the one run I don't Edmund. Cessation sixties it took these owner whoever wrote in seventy. Well we'll look at that we want to -- -- we got hurt most is this fairway a little bit sort of won our game seven didn't. Of course yeah -- -- -- -- should not happen if you are accurate are they get. Well we have Whitman when you when you -- when he had twelve game win streak and -- -- -- -- cheap shots see your your body with a low. Blow it I think it's a perfect -- opportunity take like a useless it did take that panel back. That we we that are on the natural. We will talk perk up and you used to -- you. There's that well I mean you play together for the that the fire line there is. But I'll look at us. People could -- a lot more want to than just seems different yeah Arabs. What about that part either vote. They've got a little bit more -- but it really disciplined critically -- somebody gonna sit down. So. -- -- our guest says he is every Thursday during Thursday's with authority and I ask you about this here a little bit because you guys don't don't don't back and forth with Saint Louis for first overall. On and and you know last year certainly a great season -- you guys but does anything feel different this year on this team. So I. Don't think. The fact that we went all in July last year that we got all our fresh blood in the share as far as you know crude. -- Karl. And couple that are also well Bashir does not but here pick. Reject the little energy and again obviously. One couple caught. It. When they also have -- -- I -- think their purchase. But we we like we're out here was set up for a long time. Do you are you do you care who we at legacy this is the helmet and jinx question medi care Leo. Who you play first round of the class or doesn't that. Although it all night I don't. I'm not getting up about the bigger load either at the crowded up there right that dispute that -- or -- playing it straight out. Dallas finally I was Google you know me authority has -- match but out. I was Google yesterday trying to figure out DN HL playoff system. And today I mean I can't confuse you is that listen you know what when the season ends they'll be in the paper -- I'd get that check parent. Apparently -- NHL network blazers know about them. Plus the Bruins to act on them. So let's -- Authority does his backing of the city -- and credit union and they we have a city -- -- -- -- -- question of the week here from Jason royal. I'm a shafts and I'd like to know what Sean really enjoys eating when not playing and what he enjoys eating when playing -- boy. -- -- and -- right there. I. -- I hear you complaining every time you may eat boiled chicken and vegetables. And I didn't listen dear god not for that -- authorities misread a cup. Smoke should. Can't get over yourself trying to gain little area of trying to contain yourself and I'm fine you're trying you're talking to a Mary and I'm well aware of -- -- of it's on I apologize for my morning I'm horny co worker over here that but. Well good well up. But the basic bargain acutely -- I don't know whenever on the site. Results accessible -- whatever Gillick and then it dated. We're ecstatic that usually. Grilled chicken -- them -- -- Now Claudia that's delicious you can temple -- authority when authority forces Z that grilled chicken breast and rice it's it's delicious moment. It's when he fat -- -- I think it's real it's a real thrill me. All right and -- you're event cuts for God's. Last night you guys raise that kind of money right. Yeah I didn't all -- utterly lacking grip -- -- -- customer that's fantastic. Figure -- hit it pretty well. Anybody try to bag out last minute from get -- Not. Blown up several of these. Ahead of the game whether there have been good or not well I think bit -- guys that doesn't sit well. Or I'll -- you look. -- -- that's for sure you know it looks the worse. Who looks the worst I hit a certain guys to step back offensively because it break uttered autograph. Even that -- And it won't -- it Petrie usually doesn't look great and added. Now like you give the government know we have a big -- yeah but -- myself now. We have a guy really oversized squash. I look like nearly Q -- I I. My head so good because it's so big but it ends up in a point lead goes way out -- they like I was back to -- This -- a -- the they're saying start garnered. Hey you know then that authority I know this is something that's near and dear to your -- but -- you guys tired. Adored by fans and and people kind of look up the guys as heroes but. An alien you may want us it's a couple words about the Boston firefighters and and the the real heroes. Yeah I. Just block caller are also asserted their local -- You know -- update here is a called that beyond her. Perhaps that's been in every -- little circle that they get it up recognition. It's -- that might. Sort of that was. I don't know what was it just. It could the -- that it on the line every day brought them I don't think we did not an unpredictable costs now. Well I you know again I think because I think the local government has her hands on on on the polls I mean you're gonna. They're they're gonna give they're gonna spent fifty million dollars on non trees again. That it yes we need trees we write more trees you know anymore I'll I'll be what do you think there's opportunities. I write authority Willis and the best but thanks thanks a colony and we'll we'll talk again next week and I. I thought I -- they shot and don't know Boston Bruins.