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Hill-Mail 3-27-14

Mar 27, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics include many jabs at LB for his imatations.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Only time. -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each unit during the talks. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- man up. Don't really blue markers -- street and well. I -- not you know you couldn't. Afford. To do. On WA EA. It's pretty impression free LB showed today we got -- earlier remember what that was though what was the prospers by him Diana would have. John Jamison yes and you're right about that is not JD John James it's James Jonah Jameson. Hair it's like I need to have any to have beaten now -- still you have to -- -- -- -- -- of his -- I loved his -- her to put it. News cruising. A stagnant yeah I I totally forgot -- if you call my -- yeah my my you know your ringtone or whatever -- is Yosemite Sam when he when he busts into the into the into the saloon. And then at the end of it. Bugs when he goes. And show them up. You know if you watched your Childs grew up. This this is interesting news it's out today if your kid watches Mickey Mouse yet. Or any. Animal character that dresses like a human being -- the child may become violent. What happens is that is that the winds and yes it they were specifically. Targeting Mickey Mouse as a real problem our colleges say the characters like Mickey Mouse Winnie the -- and Rupert bay air. Are harmful for children's learning. Because in real life and those animals don't talk and they don't Wear pants or -- The eagle on the other years in a million dollar study issue -- Or billion yeah I have to admit he must raise kids violent and only. He doesn't Wear pants into the characters -- the cartoon characters that don't Wear pants make kids violent. Seriously cancel them was justices who who did the study how I think Al. Who got any money and I don't need Yogi Bear makes his violent. And Toronto university's department odd moment in human development. So when -- the deficit -- hands list. Are close later you're that any any character and characters that Wear gloves -- Although we're human close relatives -- legally -- like mice don't Wear festive red shorts festooned into the white buttons in the -- of dogs but amid violent how like they take off their handed hitting their clothes and they say enough for any animals don't have an understanding that in real life they struggled to cope with the facts are these animals don't -- easily characteristics and it. Manifest and all sorts of psychological -- after -- visit Warren responded dress and I know her personality and they get frustrated because that's just not as -- bears don't Wear hats and ties in the media. Don't know those genes that help the smoking what it is is you grow up thinking that in real life you don't have to Wear pants and it's a real. Wow well that's pretty organized an alternative satisfy those people I would say you know wearing pants is -- NASA the OK I just wanted to know who's getting paid. For that study I don't watch hours and hours of cartoons of my child I want and I got out of podium money for that guy and -- a lawsuit I say I fill us economy we know my child actually gets really violence and when you shut the TV off the back and then it's like it's like as a -- It's like pull that syringe away from the -- as -- And back they -- you know they smashed like a picture frame and they hold the glass you're next turn back time and I -- You know it happens -- you don't say they have in this. Here's the Texas I don't I want it appears that Texas is maybe they should come up with a hair brained theories that doesn't have fifty years of history to disprove a threat I don't know but at what followed all there was this Walt Disney's like planned. Don't know well violent close aiding children and yes that will take over the world. The better shot Disney World down I'm down oh my god -- shut Disney World down. We did that controversy few months ago about how they they wanna mayor well -- make mascots that where only jerseys in no pants like Don pants yeah that was -- -- guys yeah. I was in -- killing nine passing its -- of advocates say here Yasuda prints off Feldman I mean that we put pants on no no I'm Donald Duck. -- And it. Helped me OK yeah it appears to have colonel. In the yeah. Okay I can't collect. It. -- -- -- He. -- yeah peak. And. Now Al these -- -- -- that the Mac all the laws on sale I mean that's the best impression I don't know. Yeah because I want your phone that I thought oh my god I -- -- -- mailed it to you live -- practiced one out of a -- that that's your ring. -- -- Then let the whole thing plays out not -- on -- he -- you know hey guys people I don't holds a few minutes people ought to also aren't I thought. That's his ring that is OK keep people from leaving messages below full hello Jim the. And it looked up the morning -- -- -- for a parent that I guess this goes back to the eagle question what is to speak out. And it is against you develop and it's not answered -- of the -- ballad that let's go you know we don't have been a dog what he would. I I think it is did god yeah he's a tuxedo is it's not a little actually dying and who he doesn't goofy guitar concluded you're wondering -- that's how it is can fear is accepted -- but the teenage mutant ninja turtles she did exist. I think they're there. Lemon at Portland where he didn't worry -- Mary snow I -- it will eternally in Asia Asia free go to -- it -- by -- attacking Univision abrupt jump out there and and it just seems like a whole -- wide shots scenario though and that's very. -- -- -- Somebody come Miss -- to put some pants on and as I'm winning is caught up. At all that that's I mean I'm sorry Texas and you have that the bad guys are confusing and I. Chairman Craig guy finally got a guy who -- a disaster everybody equally and didn't care about that permits completely nude -- is right you know with a fully -- big market value statement hello I'm starting a little little little. The very very urban music. Very confusing. Paula and and you bring this up on a day like today Holloway Tony. Thanks Goran what's up Tony. Hey I know these guys. Deep repertoire -- can he pull off Willie wood so far media. I hope he can't and -- I -- -- I'm Canadian I don't know who will also list raise the matter about that in -- I think -- thanks doesn't really whistle and the tone was just -- my favorite in the real little Willie was -- was hard to listen to for more than two minutes -- and is a fire and now my favorite Terrell was. Good to have the RC MP there. With a hotel. And you know yeah well they were -- mounted police had Dudley do right ugly -- and you have a -- -- I was always looking for the the two Indian these guys yeah and -- one though the though the older one could talk and they always have the smoke signals but other one couldn't -- so. Dudley do right I would say good old -- older one would say me income deadly derailment coming the other one would be. Well and then you guys and the other would be it would dad would. He would you today although he -- no problem we purity. Think I'll leave let's a lot of courage to users directed by. I don't know if I I was like I still want to -- cartoons now is nothing wrong with cartoons. Hello ball. Let's go on line. Greg and Matt and you'll get a flight that I can't we get more -- but debt. I can't tolerate go to -- and you're just let gas on the fire and Miami -- and Eddie. I hope I'm happy you'll. -- -- that he's shown. About it -- is Sally was in the news in the break room yelling I'm one of the one of I think it was a producer and here. In -- he want to anonymous. Did you hear what they were saying about -- me this morning and what exactly were they Sunday. And finally I. And I got a he got out affluent crowd up walk off from a listener -- -- told by an -- match up very that we just heard it sounds so well this never say anything about well no smoking does not only losing eleven your grandfather said about is his on his lawn this is there's been losing my daughter's stomach. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lot of those guys I know as the night I was boarding the fast a big boy you know qaeda's claim of people would plate numbers of people would delight me two rulers of -- and just how -- -- think that the -- loyalty that's what it's all above then the big problem ultimately work we work for the same company people think that's the big problem. What do you think -- now Pelosi rumble the little engine that it's going to be a detention tiny. And we are not arguing. Don't look good doesn't are being John desert idea he'll melt Phil's record. Ya -- know about your did your mind real little media need to -- bulletin. This is outrageous. I'm sure he's indispensable to record all those rights are definitely -- yeah exactly and keep going up that an attack about it down the car out. And that I don't believe that I referred to any specific radio show I don't know if you -- even refer to one that was in the building -- the people who have a guilty conscience I guess would be the ones that they would spot in the alleys like I did -- when we tell the shower -- story in a certain individual gets upset and I'm like well I never said it was you it's all your friends that assume it's you -- text you. Now and -- I was called off that path. And I don't -- he's innocent and I have been asked Friday if I don't appreciate I don't think and -- -- and it clearly -- get out of I don't get creative -- and make under the -- I -- they have appeared -- here aren't you had a permanent and you have to -- a little -- -- compact -- -- -- now steadily toward France and about the -- and sponsor it get used to blow -- The public if you. Deserve -- 100 loyalty. You know hungry and they got a big Phillips it and every -- -- eighteen cyclists. Now totally jumped escapist dignity and revolves. On the stick that somebody placed in his way ticket to back but it. I mean I think that only showed that that hasn't been threatened is like -- -- it's probably because -- older if you know why it -- matter you know I mean -- -- you know there's a lot of violence the threat Woodley exactly really wants violence -- and the profanity -- the profanity in the now expect after such as -- cancer. Oh yeah. All right well let's get to. And on each continent I'm hardly -- Prius the Fedora -- I like I do I don't really -- I think -- look and feel -- that's -- -- -- on the -- and the generic and it's. All right. We we believe we -- why is no one addressing Greg's a laser show shaggy impression I was yesterday when I we -- -- -- -- isn't. The laser and you know I should use that in the bathroom yes. I think that's going to yeah. All right our. Being threatened by a great song. And the why shouldn't you be back down to order -- talked about -- batting average. Movement. And probably. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The usual yeah. I have we've got to get to -- no -- and then I believe that we'll hear from my pal Sean Thornton also this morning. Here are the best film they'll messages of the previous 24 hours and 38 man. -- -- -- And -- got that little Jack Cameron I think back and I -- Jack cameras get to the back not able until compression. 7280. Man. And we will be -- your home. -- -- -- -- -- I love -- well yeah a patent but it's the ring -- please tune him. Not completed the I want to pick up we will only know what. The people and you know -- Republicans voting. Because you. And -- -- inaudible I love below double play action. I can't do I can't do the talking skewed and now now and I your mind to work who is -- and -- group who. -- -- -- -- -- And it went -- Jimmy. I know much. Well Tennessee tuxedo here just explain and open it up like. Kobe Bryant goes -- -- it and I could it. But Tennessee tuxedo is awesome. -- it's good and I Wear pants that he Wear pants. Now he you and payments and rumors that he wears it Tyrell that's the problem not anyway yeah I think his tie and a market either because he he he even gives it is a penguin is a tuxedo suit -- -- on the white down the middle making his sidekick on the days has. Each -- soon. I know that you think of the deputy dog now I know WII do you think -- -- -- tightly and I do I knew I'd do events. -- I -- I like UWW. -- and now. -- he can he. This you know upload a whoop whoop -- the president sing in tune he had. And important -- -- when -- But -- I -- -- a sword dancer Debbie dark secret and -- -- A -- now -- own -- second old man. And that they grow up okay. Great. -- didn't quite okay to operate quite RT you're carrying that big piece of work. -- all after. -- while at the Paraguay and there are you going to work out great debt don't let them get -- Hate it I don't go to Korea already I can keep -- -- open. Certain that he wouldn't need. I happen and you know a lot out on the net that -- got me into cleaning up on the news. Given the primary Townsend on notice that fat -- over I put on -- 101010. I'd put on sixty. 73. Weeks old. You know great he kept a lot of great new and then now -- LB it or not but. You don't poke through her true or not ordered bloated and that's the joke but there are. Greater -- itself. We're lucky to have -- don't let -- cannot vote that ticket now or retarded culture -- We're -- who have -- if you plug the humidity and everything and it. Is it pretty PR regrettable and. I was waiting for -- kind of put down at the yeah I was. -- can't that's very nice thing in the listeners if we didn't have the greatest radio listeners ever in the history of radio. And then we wouldn't be able to do it but. -- the EU have been incredible this morning and I know that.