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Hill-Mail 3-26-14

Mar 26, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics hit were the weather conditions and LB's impressions/story telling skills.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- always on the online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Each you to -- talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents his old man out. Well I think if you -- -- Thought they had good -- -- -- Out of put that on WNAE any. Others. Today hill mail brought to you by the beer summit that the park plaza castle. Happening on April 4 and fifth. You cannot miss it people great event not it's it's the one of the best of beer events that -- ever -- to ever it is unbelievable you can you can sample over 200 craft Beers. Go to beer summit dot com for tickets that's beer summit dot com next Friday is opening day so once the game is over on the head over. Head over to the beer summit Friday night is a great night at the beer summit animals we'll see you there. Hello call every morning you hear what's up Ali beta you know you have all over sitting in traffic wreck your stupid impressions. It was the barrister. Have you ever heard LB's got Kermit -- -- -- -- and and I think it -- and I I just voters. There's right now that I do I've been doing that -- and I've been thinking about my favorite characters like you know it's like Yosemite Sam yeah. -- Rhetoric is -- back and bang bang and end up. He's. But analysts thought they don't have to yeah yeah yeah that was did nothing is good good -- Jessica are already. And this is -- good. Are you out there aren't very. It's your -- can't -- throughout. Didn't plug -- that's when he wants when it went a sad thing is when Sam watched Andy's -- -- bugs and the cowboys -- a -- in the saloon and he watched through the standpoint endured the counts and. Today we family's -- and our opponents didn't miss aren't mail has. Outlook is out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know the don't have that problem when you do your vaunted. Richard Nixon impression because you know exactly what Richard Nixon's that it's hard didn't do it. Now that's not what he says I'm not a crux of it I'm gonna come out like it was as I've bullet sure but I'm not I've. Is that I can't I guess it's important progress -- and -- -- Zimbabwe Bergen is that this truly when he hired I mean it's a way Ramirez started a breakthrough is -- overnight already and it can't. You can't learn overnight -- what amounts yeah all of hello -- Hey guys they do and I go to -- hey wait and -- -- and -- well I mean the have you heard -- have you heard have you seen this -- impression. Yeah I -- watch that video. -- should link to that and the -- I certainly well a guy. I mean I'm I'm I'm trying to. -- -- -- -- future not so good data I'm telling you take a look at that went to the fullest he'll be peaceful field decompress. The the an -- out of every minute to the -- And Florida's urban America talks to you via the what you me your story is supposed to be a minute but it's an hour every time and I vowed to know. I'm a -- women women yeah. And every minute -- did you guys live now wanna live in our so many of them when you wake up late you're really like six days later the show happen. His 100. -- -- Here's the -- here are the the very best -- -- messages of the last 24 hours to 1108. And again. Well maybe a little heartburn -- and well. I know. You're there. And -- To. And -- -- -- go to last week about ten now so my career was Shannon yeah. I don't anecdotal deep technical cars. We'll see yeah I have yet more clarity if I ain't gonna be the little missile alert me 430. Man. Turner it's not accurate rendering them and make it on that -- -- into their snow you know the -- up. Automatic and it just made. Anyway and we hope that they went angry going to be over and done with -- that plant have been up. Anyone and almost no bank will now and we might rank amateur in the F at a lot. -- hundred -- and left him. Let's listen now no ethnicity and so I don't think -- man. I'll go Obama go look bit and I let out a bit out bloop hit good out by the popular. But -- this message about a blizzard what's what's smaller than a blizzard well what is what are they -- -- is there a name for aware rulings. The bluster. No both blustery conditions on street it is so QBS and was during -- blood blister that's nothing to -- -- Abdul in the toilet of the. But the but well -- -- a putt putt at 6270. Man. I. It ended up totally. They like we are gonna open up. At all. And that left -- -- an army merit the Internet and Jones. X 37 inland. Bring. You let me know of course I'm Kathy Hilton can get loud and stepping out that no. Still garden with people. And Dave Wright who can put it. Under now about how sums it awesome sound effects there a couple of upgrade was done that was you know clearly you live in the grinch not an aluminium now when I came from Britain it was doing an impression on me because I was commenting nine. Jerry Remy -- parent thing and and during that discussion earlier in and then he's saying that I would cut Greece's allowances that punished. Got shocked. Probably added discussion earlier this morning about the fact that the custody. And Jerry -- grammys daughter. Has been split by a Massachusetts judge yes please name mark tells and the grammys and a third party but they're they're family member of their family and over that is. You know to me. And don't you know from what I have observed in red in the in the globe article in the and they the court records you have to eat your year only three kids have all been arrested. I'm not sure that you're the type person who. Ought to be taking on the care of five year old Lleyton and I just my upbeat about. Situation I just think it's amazing to me that this apparently failed the the judicial system failed us and now. This system is failing against what. And and I am irresponsible and this is like coming from a complete -- adopted David shouldn't impaired kids in the first place right yeah. But if you look at this whole if you look at the situation it's the -- take this little girl's life and move it forward got so she may have some semblance of normality. I don't you take into consideration. Would you even want her to remember who are far otherwise because album probably not all ultimately. He you know -- -- ER I don't if I don't I don't know why -- why would anybody. What's the upside on her finding on and so she's like sixteen years all. That her father -- armada. Sorry and then whereas everybody can solar and I barely tell the truth and Natalie gave -- Kate like it's crazy. It's just a really big it is it's it's an awful decision by the judge pollution and not that I mean that the judges ought to be held to can -- accountable for this. Mistakes they made with the do with the way in which Jerry generated Ramey was punished in the -- -- or was not it was not punish them and then in the first place. Looks bleak for -- And I have read the suggestion for rob I would say if they'll let you know what LB for a weekend and and we can start calling in -- -- Industry. I would never do that I'm working hard don't do that I would never do that god I'm not that person who thought that if anybody would yeah. I mean I think that's about where you don't have a -- -- during my best college dragnet it Tuesday pocket and down and that there aren't. Don't know one of those people that and. -- think Clinton thinks war. I open it -- when -- was all these story. A couple that was. Governor on the involved in that particular vote like that -- problem I -- Not at this aspect you're. I would opt out of -- I picked that up there with a little bit longer -- -- OK okay. And yeah I made aren't. It's actually check who smokes now in writing advances -- -- -- 1980 line. They're tight -- have I ever none I was through his through checks from Malden unbelievable only in a bar I was on -- to meet you notice. Well that it had a six -- 88 and. Up. Up top are kept open into bidding didn't Hill Man Morning Show that they. And become a good. -- -- gay off black. Thought that they're not there. What -- -- it stopped and go out and well. Couldn't let up 10 OK I don't know why. Wanna come back next week caught the guy who can't go out back an afterthought go I think it will applauded it and done. -- it's great idea and I guess I've got to go ahead. Did yeah. Those prints -- Diego area councilor rob comes from. -- the Binghamton. And you know. You know -- a lot of people. I I take particular pride in and not alerting some people to the option. To add. The Mac so I suggest to enter any burger at McDonald's I I would like to be the first to recommend I don't even know if it's possible of course it is but but I would like to be the first to recommend. Adding. The holidays. To the the new Turkey sausage sandwich salary or or any sandwich at Dunkin' -- I believe that that should be an option. I have to I would ask him -- -- have to do and -- I've never been turned down whenever I wanted to ask Allah cart something yeah I can't can't the flavor pollen is to my company. Why why can't why he needs coffee when I didn't like I did get it -- and you know we can I get a man nice on when well let me get immediate. -- -- Holland de -- Paramount now. Could I say is it possible for me to get our holidays. Kulana almighty god how good Darren Howard actually care about that as she -- it. All of did I just put the yellow classes to squeeze on the top but rather listen to public -- And he will need. The tale the story because of -- of what we feel that we are in fact unfortunately. That happened. Think much one of the day. -- it'll be easily demand into the sudden he shouldn't England. -- On grades and all. That great. Good years in now way twice once up in aren't likely meant that the. I -- -- started school in -- he did yeah but I I was like yeah I mean up I -- -- first grade and second grade. I to actors I was you are shooting arms fire -- are worries the -- -- -- likely argument there was six or should have been. Great to now but I didn't get a degree -- dual -- routes and when you miss crosses and raised him among black and blue and. -- -- -- -- -- really good that there and you don't walk not. Well now in full. Under that department. Our president. Being criticized him. For as saying that he was more afraid of a nuclear bomb going off in New York City. Then the rescue. And now OK there's also some who think that you should you knew might not wanna bring that argument you might wanna. If you wanted to say that Russia's not a threat to us when you would just say that that not what you -- Denton he wouldn't suggest other things like here's what I'm afraid I -- -- -- I -- -- -- -- on Saturday to -- too much information it's like when LB is has the story and other scientists say just saying here are not afraid of Russian and leave it. Question yeah I again -- -- are real problem to I'm just. I -- -- -- -- expert you know put the president went Russian skiers may be outlays Russia's scary thousands of nuclear warheads -- we went through very Cold War for you on allowing. It's. 47 blew them. We bring more directly there watching that we reported -- -- -- -- -- an emotional on. We really didn't even if we don't. Believe the Bible and. -- -- -- -- You know the problem is that they set up the live coverage yesterday so doubt you got channel seven has like 73 reporters. Even the weekend people. I'll called an action today that I don't Boyle since street waiting for the not a cub -- now recurring and -- seventeen traffic trackers out there. Now Hillary I know we aren't Nelly Nelly now -- on our show him seven didn't really blew it showed that one on the. -- can't and it would pick you up. All are I. Yeah that it was Clinton. And special K a lot of the run out on this they is it a practice that tab that the -- made there it was so yeah exactly guys. Again and -- -- -- great now you there there had to be great job by special case and another examiner. You know want to give ms. --