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Christopher Knight

Mar 25, 2014|

The former member of the Brady Bunch stopped in to talk about a bunch of random things as well as a few chairty events going on.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. What we're. Next guest is television icon and is kind enough to stop in here whenever he is in town Christopher Knight good morning. I always hate when you're here to saint Peter Brady became a -- big people need to now you know kind of who realized he announced. Right where Brady works in this town for our share operator as where in this you know you simulate Jones Johnson I was like I'm all American name that crediting it anymore all American now they're operating -- our thanks to Kennedy -- -- -- -- you know pro America -- in Iraq. They had Kennedy's that a lot for the countless apparently they really did yeah before Kennedy it and the -- there can be no Catholic president. Because there could not face. -- now and there hasn't been another one sense is that -- -- well I don't know I don't know. I don't I don't know early analog. And you're you're probably -- a run but yeah again I guess I guess here and about the now you were telling me that you hate the cold because you're from California on my -- I like that we you know we not to complain but we've had this perpetual summer. Yeah yes yeah like eighty degrees there and it's just endless as part what part of California are you are you are you front. Be a little in the political south bay just south of LAX under the age it's fantastic and it's great and he's -- to live in LA -- figured. I gotta do it's quintessential balancing Britain and its beaches there you know in the they work -- still recognized all the time all the time yeah you might appear crazy they say I haven't changed to bet you like to get there again I think it's crazy. News thoroughly and also did you reach a level of acceptance with and then and then I recognize as well I mean there was a period time and I was. Definitely I -- if it had I had to I had to be tot. That it was a bad think it's really just the love that it's a familiar rarity and that's sort of you know an -- a position of -- of honor you know and and it's like I just had to learn how to accept. Other people loving me for character that made them comfortable may need. Made them feel I was a member of their family. You know and and and and frankly. They treated me better and cook for a quick -- yeah. What's the big deal. I'm not. The way television is. Contents. And I don't know if there will ever be in the future. Television shows and stars. That are as iconic as the Brady Bunch because he you know you're talking about. You know reruns and and things like that that may not you know -- -- you know -- people vote. You know I always like house of cards for instance on Netflix on -- and and I haven't yet but I don't tend to get. But you know. People are who are watching television completely different way there's always new contents there's not so I don't know if you have I think they're at I think firstly. A show like ours and back then there was a lot. Less to compete against it was that it was and so -- they did that fragmentation of the markets -- really courage yet every there's really no broadcasting its and it will narrow casting and everybody is it's a micro market. And there was two there was three networks and actually they were only two networks ride up and you up to about the year before we run the year. His ABC was a brand new network -- no -- I was fifteen years ago when fox is becoming an hour yeah it's sort of over time it became networking now we recognize it as one but there was a period before that that it was just it was just three it was NBC CBS NBC. Well prior to the Brady's coming on there was only NBC and CBS and ABC was this thing like fox was that was just trying to. Become a competitor against the other big two. In trench networks and and and in fact their first evening that they want -- to call winning when you win this this -- for Europe -- on your network for that night was Friday night our our Friday night in seventy. We're up against what show -- you up again. Well I was ever you know I don't I remember our lineup I remember eventually what we were up against that we couldn't compete with what was that with the show's appeal and that was Sanford and Son always. I was really Suzanne. And Friday night light night because it's a life I mean people go a lot of pride in yeah but not kids not necessary not at that -- and and we had as a filter. And that continues to be a filter for kids kids kids love to watch kids. They don't necessarily recognize it for eight. A period of time that it was produced -- mean you can look at it now as an adult. And see that there's something different about the -- these people are acting with these people are dressed guy and you know the way that the way that the home spurs this might not be today. But a kid doesn't necessarily know that you know so one can find it in this happens all the time. Parents telling me that their kid. All the sent on this great show and there and and there are introducing their parent to it and you got president like I grew up with that and then they love it because it's there it's sort of a common denominator is somebody could talk about you know five to twelve I mean that's what it was originally form maybe today it's from five to nine when the kids find -- they. The first communities families and we're a family where you can easily find somebody to plug into because of six of us. Yeah you know end and them and Oliver and Mac I. And so -- forget Oliver Oliver still alive. Garcia a -- went -- say golf course is the magazine architect couldn't and now here he is alive he's still alive could miss the -- -- -- a musician yeah yeah and if he knew he was Oliver was he looks the -- it looks exactly does like an idiot I. Yeah yeah I'll sit in front of photos -- a competitor as he looks like Kim would John Denver would look like if John Denver hospital was still alive right. Now when you guys when you when you see people who looks the worst. Can we start in the other direction I. And at bats. Even looks the best right now eve you know just isn't as good as he likened him he Colombians on what's great right now. Barry never changes. I haven't seen you know Maureen we just did. The points just turned eighty. Her birthday Florence Henderson who just turned eighty yesterday and and she her birthday Valentine's -- the the talk. Which is not the view but -- yeah CBS's version haven't yet. Through birthday party for -- and -- and as a result there was a Brady retrospective on that -- and we all got back together for Portland Maureen didn't do it. She didn't know I'm thinking you know I hear up front -- then you know other knew they call us two months three months ended -- -- advance to try to get us. In all all surrounding you know checking our schedules to see if we can pull a -- And before they even contacted me ARD had to know for more. Why I hope like right exactly well really what I go did you really -- did you really talked or did you just talk -- people -- You know include what is she doing that she wouldn't wanna do that. This really good -- and not enough good question so so and com I don't collar -- here I'm doing this in Boston. So I guess and calling him up because -- have a cheap just -- my color just to say listen this isn't one of those things were you I can understand not wanting to do Brady you know case. Because you go through these passages where you don't want anything to do with it and then maybe sometimes later you you're not you're working because you sell a book or something you know so. It you know the I'd like just the fact that the people who that the LT premed and now I just as I'm just is you know. Just as curious about it as everyone else says because it's like wildest thing continues to live Armenia. Now fortified you're OK so yeah as an end and that's rare fight there I mean you can you can hope to become you know about part of a project that you're proud up. But you can't hope to become part of the legacy like swimming you're giving this is just this is just something that's gifted to eat well that's kind of what I mean about shows now like a successful show is on. What three or four years they want it any longer than that it doesn't have the same impact because not as much of the audience. Watched it then so so episode though even in house of cards and and I know I you know I should be watching Michelle and I I just heard of it you know haven't watched it before when there's only three networks you know you really had EPA has a 30% chance -- are probably watching everything everybody else was -- -- now I'd like you know -- you have we have 400 channels to choose from now and then and and then the Internet and yeah maybe entered. Maybe somebody in the flesh now remind me about Florence Henderson did you -- term was that was. There is none and none of us smashed here nobody there might have made you think he did Eric -- again and baited him right Berry probably did I -- actually I know that he. He would've smash that he would have a yes because she would have smashed anything. But there are a lot of he tried hard. -- repeatedly whether -- groupies. Like forget it for -- because how old were you -- they don't worry when the show started. Well I was telling me below eleven to fifteen and eleven to pick eleven to sixteen okay where there group VCR where their groupies. How will be after the election -- I think you have to be eighteen to be -- -- -- is then you're you're just to misled youth. But you. Where you guys hit somebody without apparent around. Like Justin Bieber take you know that's another guy were you guys like the beavers. Two of that -- yeah out to some degree telling. There were there wasn't so much attention. And that was and any attention and media there was no there was that there were no. -- rag mag to mean there were there were that the original sixteen magazine tiger beat ya and for runners to I guess. You know nationally -- Star Magazine and then that would lead teams in all this other stuff that sells everything in a grocery store dot com. And I always contended that that you know more about and end -- -- celebrity not from watching the show. But seeing their face constantly when your restore from the magazine covers that there might. But there's just an entire. Industry that is created from celebrity. And you know from making stuff up to you know to write to following their lives and -- tragedies. And that wasn't the case back and you -- you were left alone to some degree so that teen magazines in that period of time did. Did you know foment some you know fan attraction and so forth India and then at they had spent clubs and I have that and I. You know that laughingly remember that. My greatest fear was walking in a mall. And seeing. More than one probably three. Girls my age or maybe if I was fifteen they were thirteen yeah because a single girl at thirteen. Is the most intimidating in life yet at the three of them together -- -- I don't know that anyone even it's it's just a it's it there's a power in there it's like to that the hundredth power it's like I'm an hundred of them they feed off one another in their very brave. And hugely embarrassing to be around Africa -- -- via. And then they do things like you know they'll chase few few months so I mean it's like the visitors sit there and listen to this thing in the news just just shy away or literally run and then have them run after you and that's -- but even worse what you were getting like flashed. Didn't people didn't flash for you mean people didn't flash flashing and streaking wasn't invented. If you into it -- still -- 78 we -- the act and let the there was nudity hadn't come around yet but there was a time before flashing. His private plastic machine madness but what what a tragedy for you -- dancing occurred. But that was a private. Think about how many moves you -- there was deliberate it's hardly any grooming because you know there was no grooming Amin was no -- -- is damn near prehistoric. I'm Sanderson was not -- it's it's a wonder is did anybody procreate in a bathroom and we don't even wanna talk about Alice when it comes to that I know we don't that. You know that she actually gave away all of her earthly possessions. After we went off the air and and and and went into a convent and and gave her her life to serve receptive and I always I don't even know that she was religious -- I do know is that at one point. During the last season she was needle pointing. You know we have director's chairs right now become something new just you -- that you -- -- sort of like your onset property. She was needle pointing the back and seek to her director's chair. And there were religious symbols and should remember that I remember I -- that that might have been at. You know any indication but not to that degree I didn't -- -- -- -- she became like the morning and -- got more emotionally -- knowing what I mean wasn't it wasn't it doesn't that cliche AM ET just literally I don't know what -- the decision was but. Because she'd been always a working actress and this was like she moved to Pittsburgh. -- and lived in that in the convent you know in in the service of her lords I mean it's it was like an interesting Segway. Ya mean we chased during today I think just being -- six yeah it's probably yes generally don't you know that we just but -- -- at that point it is -- to break. Yeah the and Christopher Knight is GA and he's back in town because. He is he did this -- I think the last this is my six year. You support -- for an amazing it's a greater passion it is the best. I charity function. That I can be attached to you and -- Cummings who is the reason Jerry Ford is alive he created it but he is the person who would also benefit because he's. He was a quadriplegic. Thirteen years ago and he's one of your very -- -- yeah downing Stanton. The event tonight is indeed -- in that that venom -- them data -- -- Not done to them they don't then it's a legacy place etc. he's -- yen down into their tickets are still available to put visited benefits during -- for is a an organization it's it's actually a pioneering position. Yeah and it's because of his stubborn stand. Coming just try the bravest. Most you know awesome. Kind of representation of humanity. That I've met because of his ability to overcome he's literally been quoted recently as he became a quadriplegic jumping into a lake. Here in the summer of right in 2000 I think what he's nineteen years old. And and wouldn't wouldn't take the diagnosis that he would be sitting in a chair or sitting down or not servicing himself for the rest is like. And as a result he's actually walking with a walker again matter fact they've just done a a ninety minute. Feature documentary on that will be. Premiered the unwanted -- during during the premiere. And the wears a premiere at the premieres at it is miles of the incoming stories -- showcase. Cinema blocks and up there -- and then that'll be on Wednesday -- but good because this story so riveting. Com he. It wouldn't take sitting in the chairs he wouldn't take a line down. And as a result found a one organization -- nation around San Diego that was -- that was teaching people or or through really aggressive exercise. Getting people that were quads and and and carefully -- to regain some of the mobility and with that some of their independence. And he somehow you know he had to get to point -- could live on his own. The public to come maybe four hours to -- issues she kept addict so they got down into a reasonable amount of time and was able to live free year down -- and and general -- where it. This service was going on and they were just experimenting with. With with this kind of treatment and couldn't believe there wasn't an. You know like this. Helping people like him here busing is they take him as like this is the senator -- of the medical you know in the forefront of of the practice of medicine. And so in that no one else was doing. He brought -- back yet he's now and now Boston College is studying him yeah he's attached in a collective with the the neurological recovery network which is Dan and Dan Reeves. Foundations. Project they're doing a study on this kind of exercise because insurance won't cover the -- would rather pay for all the other Sorgi get another. Another you know collateral damage that occurs -- I asked to look -- that -- it's not so they need to be taught by people like dance again as a pioneer on the forefront of actually. Making people sit up and realize that because you're you've you've got a spinal cord injury doesn't mean. That it has to exist like that forever I mean he's gained. 90% mobility. Yeah from a person who wasn't even expected defeat himself every and it's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- courage is using it off the charts to. Through your yourself. At the technology as a Guinea pig he basically said okay how bad it. I'm your guy do it every need to do to make we walk away and what he's gonna say no no I wanna work out I mean I really I want us to. I would you know we -- dis the I'll do whatever. Because otherwise I'm just sitting here feel it's far from my -- that was an in his cards you can have a family had. Had the the you know the the extra resources to just you know you -- they have him you know you know. The driven around for instance. Well if you wanna go hang out Christopher Knight at this and then. Non Daniel put a link on the FaceBook on FaceBook and on our Twitter and -- there and -- on both OK so you get involved W. -- to WA AF -- Twitter and so now now. I hear he's still single. Client so I have I have a wonderful new girlfriend oh -- -- -- -- -- Hotter than -- hotter than the old life. Yes I. Yeah I feel we've already got a trade -- I don't shaft I I've done I've done it a couple of times and I -- divorce LA weapon now if you look at the thought I was because I was wondering am I want to force I was wondering like if you're at an event like this if there is a woman you know of a certain age. You must be like ultimate sex fantasy like I you know they meet you and -- must go you know what. I want I -- nail Peter Brady just trying to get some last year -- I mean I mean I'm sure it happens but of course here with a woman and tell you you know you're very happy select another -- sometimes you're like. I know what primary of this feeling like. The. I mean you don't see hanging in the wind yeah the -- staging area. You know yes that is the new woman thing I mean I don't know of the primary is getting to pick which mouth is -- then I'm. And sometimes -- still I'm looking and it. I like to have some. Lets you know some choice in the matter is that sometimes the -- that have beaten prime -- are are better ADV cry unreal and then you know within those that haven't Christopher. You know what I'm saying I'm a minute things like that that alone in mind you know -- you know there -- united -- the fine line analogy. To fight the good news is the new woman. Same answers she knows she's not in regular night please. You know -- Adrian was that was sort of a diversion for -- only because they sort of we all have a map. -- sort of and it's and it's and we don't know that we do but it's sort of handed to us either by our. Our neighbor heard our our our family mostly yeah our culture Serb hands us an idea of what it is that it's expected free you up and down. I did that twice that didn't work. So that's why -- for me was sort of like well I didn't think I'd be -- doing this again and she's totally and you know he conceding compatibility. But at the same time those that were obviously compatible didn't work out so who's to say the incompatible won't work out but. I -- I proved it. You know -- nutrients I mean lot of stuff doesn't work I hit so. I mean it's so hot -- I mean still her body is I mean she just. Did you know if you come absolutely but she's also deliberately let's -- -- little -- all over time it just became exhausting you know it and and dad you know just. Is she needs a lot of -- Well her fans are really more of more important tour and then they're not then well banners and our loved -- Did you ever though did you you can't you keep you did you reach the point where you got sick of having sex and -- I mean even if you couldn't standards. We you know I I do think that all relationships -- it and I suffer from the same thank -- ultimately over time but become. -- Yeah. Her yeah I'm -- I don't even at this same restaurant twice a year now I understand I understand but I just look it she's like -- you know you know I believe I got to be honest and I do believe that marriage is a convention. Yeah debt debt religion thrown us because they realize with out it. -- be just anarchy yeah yeah because it before guys that don't everything. Right and then before thousand. Burning things because they didn't have the other you know 6000 women that those four guys that I saw you up -- I have to do is to see how the world would be without this idea of marriage and you know sort of up a life partner just just go to like a beach with elephant seals. See how they did it's it's it's the itinerary did go to hair -- -- idea. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'm sad that that Maureen doesn't wanna hang out with the guys anymore the exhibit at the with a period of time it's just come back to earth shall come back and it might be because maybe she gave away that are beyond our I don't know but I don't like I got kind of big. -- -- some family issues like I'm completely understand cellular yeah. But I don't know I haven't -- you heard that that's a rumor that debt you know I just made up yeah. Yeah and I apologize marine but I have to hit it from making it a bit but clearly the reality is of those things can happen you know and -- -- the reason you don't wanna hang up -- -- And it does he gonna get you're gonna do -- -- you're gonna UT's yeah yeah you're going to be called the -- Brady. That is -- yeah. I was looking -- today. The worst days it. That is actress Debra Knight go by allowing them great event and Danielle put all the information about our FaceBook yes and on our Twitter feed.