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Is it Fact or is it Schmact?

Mar 25, 2014|

LB scores perfect again this time with the topics what percent of people check facebook during sex, can North Korean women only choose a certain amount of hairstyles, is hitting snooze as bad as smoking, are hamsters illegal in Hawaii, does Singapore have the most millionares?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. The that the well I guess before we get the news we're gonna get to facts she -- this morning so call now if you want applies. -- -- -- -- -- Four pack of tickets for the world of wheels which is at BC -- World Trade Center this Friday through Sunday. And you qualified to meet wrestling superstar Sean Michaels. I don't call right now who's that well on the phones that they Omar yes OK call Omar. 6179311. AA -- call right now. And that it will be -- on intellectual challenge between UNLV this morning facts show -- at 630. But -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against -- please I don't believe. Such things there's nothing unsanitary home. You drink yeah there's got to be a lot of -- -- and see what is. Not only name you blather about aids die and full of facts she -- Is Adam who is up -- All right guys is not a light blue and I'm prettier and. Well especially when the woman we're talking about his 67. Years -- out. Several inches and 300 million dollars mixture twenty to reject -- because that's what that's true. After yesterday I am afraid to ask you how you are Adam. I I was a little bit of those little uncomfortable that poor Fella yesterday when I asked the -- weekend lessons bothered me. An amendment that says the -- that was kind of an island mansion. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Night where you from. Eric Franklin and I. Bottom 15%. Of people checked FaceBook wall having sex. Back -- smack. Are you gonna affect up a couple of it's really no meaningful for a lot of people that but I have really slow romantic -- Lot of people have sex should favorite TV shows who got -- come from 1111 there you have sent us. The first commercial break him and then there's the shows back on senselessness of this experiments. -- what was there was a present it's 15%. Five you know that's -- that's a -- I I believe people watched corner on the computer written and and do it in front of the computer now. -- seems like a little much some Jewish man. He goes smacked you right they -- -- however higher however the sad thing is that 5% of people. I 5% of people checked FaceBook during sex legacy that that you can -- answer people are they did not tensions in these things you know like doing your deals or anything. I know I'm a focus this focus enemy on the tends to do this governor but look at a lot there's a lot of women -- do understand have been counted -- real I don't care and get it down -- -- -- -- -- -- kind of glanced -- I have to finish -- up this cucumber. Number -- Here crawling -- topic Meehan and there's nobody. Out dealt what is that what what you know now I am again upper rolling go to the jam. Blog Brian. Good morning nor how are you Brian. Where you from. -- -- night Ryan North Korean women. Can only choose from eighteen government approved -- styles. When it comes to getting a haircut backed bush backed. -- Now I'll do it -- -- no -- Have tabbed -- number and I've been. I yet -- we have the we have the Castro bull -- we have these sellable cut it it's and there in week and we have the searchable cut off. I thought I guess it is that Dolan baby back. As Al bay yeah now and it today lasers out kid we have the mrs. Kim Jong Owen and the grandma Kim -- got -- -- is that I. I was challenging yet as we actually talked about there we did yeah we talked about it when we when you did the story about job. You had a good bit off when the father was in charge and he had the eighteen all the ones yes we were also talking about the fact that there were you can only have -- prove only half cuts three -- thousand went through everything so. So -- that's coming to this country I know it is still alone neck. What's up neck. Much earlier are excellent weary from. Are you ready for the oh you're not getting any snow I don't believe enough or mass you're lucky -- and you yes yes you can laugh at us now we'll see next year putting the and -- hitting decent -- these snooze button. In the morning. Has been determined by doctors to be as bad for your health as smoking. -- Porsche math. Bruno actually you can go smack -- that. It just gives them on -- on our -- two -- under which match you're going to -- -- -- English -- British -- -- -- -- -- That. I'm not -- -- zealots you're -- -- yeah me that I always government itself. However it does make you less alert and productive OK so you should be well aware. That could lead to an accident or something later writes I cannot stop hitting the snooze button on -- view it as this -- thirty wake right up. No I am I have to set my alarm middle east's third he forty minutes at a time I'm good just like hit like 34 and a half I mean I know. And that last one. If you don't hit it it's so risky because it -- pilot had ritual alarms went on for half hour later and then the tool arms enough you know I tell my type guy Garrett I can't hear -- at the Everett knocked in India are not hit it. And then said you know what I'm -- -- backed out of bed for assignment and then you've been near the -- what -- Minutes later I'm like I can't do it -- on when I I I saw just keep the jokes to yourself. I I have to do ideological Atlanta the alarm I get up -- dress I get -- no matter what and that's yeah I -- news I wake up capitalists. -- -- A -- jog Jenna. We aren't now why Jenna. Area where you from. And mash up some great game by the way. He had great -- -- and ends and NA and we know what that means -- it is illegal. To own a hamster in Hawaii. Fact bush math. -- -- -- -- You're gonna go smacked on that L leak by you know enough for now than those little vermin their predators severe native fruits. In Hawaii yet Hawaii better made up of islands and if you ever rodent infestation. They -- a recap make all of a tourist industry -- have been. Area so I'm going to see -- back. Nobody got. You family an injury and didn't I don't know that I climate is the climate in Hawaii is too good for hamsters yes so if they ever escape gangster they would start wild hamster colonies marriage that would devastate the need of crops rational fear that what that while -- -- now find -- terrified. Going for the juggler who -- Our rights this is Mike good morning Mike. Morning guys -- and Michael. I'm good how are you tax -- -- what is the what do you do Mike. I am actually an electrical student right now Greg where do you view brother where do you go. I go to order Sasser what -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And didn't -- lights keep going off it like at 9 o'clock at night there's like -- power surge you know anything you know anything about that. The elderly the our rights. Might -- Singapore. Has the highest percentage of millionaires out of any country in Singapore one out of every six people are millionaires factors smacked. -- -- -- -- You'll. The ghoulish America's. Back wake up a smaller copy my friend yes. Now what was the movie with. Catherine Zeta-Jones and and that beach John James Bond -- Mom -- the movie yeah. What was that what you mean was John -- John -- remember -- they went to the capsule learn how to steal Downey from would you judge dad meant and -- -- fat man's good movie you remember a few buildings and that's gazing you like super. Incredible buildings yes right there enough said what -- that Singapore and watch a movie note to all those people of the circuit at Sears -- fact that idea right now. Five or by away how old unit Michael. You came up against the buzz side today. By the by the name of Lyndon byers. -- the factors have been a little bit of bottle a lot of stuff that's that's if it the here's 774. Attacks that feel like moments coming more LB snaps out of it like will -- from what I after the debate very sensible. This is it great I mean.