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Hill-Mail 3-25-14

Mar 25, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics include shots at LB and Danielle.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Each unit returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show acquisitions deal made out. There really like that -- out there but that doesn't want to group activity came into the room and he informed I would he's got a few old authoritarian throughout. Throughout this group. Work on WAA. I LB. LB was setting is getting recognized from facts -- that the game all night last night now a bunch of people give me via Iraq troll warrants notch guy itself and -- Attention that the I heard you're on the Jumbotron last elevate -- when you do the Bruins greats this week they Arabic which are on the Jumbotron it's nice there's gossip. The -- -- -- -- in the gospel of full head on there in the yeah I yeah I guess when I bent down and Gehrig everybody here you. Would be cheer for her for the lettuce and other -- guy. You mean -- planet was like I'm at home and modern off doctors do I noticed he would not work right they would have been proud it would have been out there and -- if the the artist robot on the Jumbotron baby baby. The we are about to get today DR -- mail messages. These are the best messages of the previous. 24. Hours. Under me and correct them and again. And I expect it in and get up and. And their children and I picked it up. And I -- and I don't act. And I checked -- in -- network -- and thought I thought that would make it. But that would -- and -- -- not yet another. -- but -- Or belt. And let story take awhile but the group's story out today there okay it's my latest flop in that city and then -- have a MLB is that a lot of -- -- he has you know just so I would check to -- the Monday 11:48. AM. No I'll never forget the time LB over the Kennedy. He got an autographed photo -- tech they agree -- -- -- bit of you know. But I couldn't did you think that the -- The 38928. And again. I was wondering why you guys don't go to the van -- get -- down but the -- kind of rough but threat could have a lot that the things. -- And the message the -- I was just a Dick Van -- reference I thought I asked wow on this program. Under me 7:48. PM. Look out the party. -- -- -- -- gut it out in greater Kevin Millar. Got all of Maine and. And -- to back great -- half -- -- -- I -- gave us severity of injury buried Weis and then mowing came in editing your sides -- what -- cheap yet. Yeah I mean it's it's it's it's it's so weird with how guys. When they go towards the boards now and they try and turn to face -- board so you can't give them rights again but -- mourn came in to stick up for Weis and Millard. Kept it to tune him up well honestly authorities and a million huge cross territory was our show it's also because of these -- guys but the authorities have been asked player anyway it is exciting for us is that also -- number five this week that need to be does need to be here anymore. -- not only taking Arnold told him. -- boom boom boom. -- -- -- -- The lovely Elisabeth train yes selling her virginity. And telling us about it on the show yesterday that's a podcast if you miss that yes she is a medical students. Who is selling her virginity online. And she can really believe she's -- you know 150 -- -- be the issue I think she will you do that Japanese guy paid 700 yeah for the Brazilian -- Virginia -- and -- area advantages -- just -- go through the -- now now is there then -- -- -- that she thought he was weird. He wasn't when he said he was right she thought his identity was the other -- -- make it documentary about it there was some other S going on how about if you're selling your virginity online anything big guy the year you're upset because the guy who buys -- weird. I think. Might seem like we're getting guys followed seconds. It's -- it's going to be like a preacher I we're not I don't. Don't understand now mentality weird -- I selling my I'm I'm not I'm selling my high amen on on the Internet its intent and your weird and you're the one -- -- -- -- to -- -- and your weird to. 49 AM. I will look like they're never gonna fight the -- -- There's one thing paperwork volatile and give it may be willing to try what you do is go. Are we -- -- -- action really. And it might be aware of. May be a -- may may be. Seven older. And I look like if you wanted to. -- you want to -- protective effect -- -- -- -- And the message affects -- it can you believe. That our legislature is considering telling you if you're going through a divorce but you're not allowed. Now sex in your own home I can believe them with somebody else I can believe you imagine LA Kimberly that what they think they are Massachusetts a debts and now. We think people on the campaign -- I'd like to apply. I've for a permit to smash my neighbor. And that was that that night at about eight Friday night I said he. 75 bucks in your signature. I have entered an hour rain and that's but that's the ticket expects a button and twenty weeks. -- -- Great -- -- if I can auction off -- migrant community. Uggla that I've been not very good certified period. I already -- quite Rupert and that it -- you know life. I mean I don't think about it on the picnic where. And that's not much but he -- disrespect. Forty and older. I don't want. I don't want -- and a lot and do it yeah it. Yeah. -- Well there's the picture I treated -- Madonna showing off her armpit hair full hair on us. 5067. Year old lady and she dances -- the European idea is seeing issues that she's the elder at the British accent yeah yeah I guess she's European. I treated out of my Twitter feed this morning Greg Hill WA AF. -- 22 year old and. The web part straight and they'll attribute that aren't here -- -- you know you know that kind of direct -- that there -- now and then -- -- We alarm blaze. -- guys minimum over the age of thirty and and it's kind of weird what do you think about that nobody while they're the most efficient -- aren't they don't have the hardest workers share that. Normally is the homeowner out there -- no clothes on while the fullest being clean and yeah you know I know you know. -- normal occurrence you know what words weren't -- come from death you know one year when you've been married for a long long time. Just wanted to be have a core I suspect OK thanks I hope everything's IG's have be having that think 6:11. AM. To an end to the Hill Man Morning Show -- -- Friday 530 depend think Nintendo. Video of -- -- Wikipedia are all like behavior. This is it's basically -- the lesson we have very little time on the show to find things on the interwebs and if I can find Doolittle factual background I'm happy to hear there I don't know everything I'm not always right despite my tone I'm very -- That was in your wealth of information it we're one click away and I know a little bit about a lot of.