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Nelly Carreno of NECN

Mar 25, 2014|

With an impending spring snow storm Nelly Carreno of NECN joined the show to give us all the details.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I'll -- the beautiful Nellie cranial. While I and weather make you more players whether woman for the ages is on the phone on this morning hi -- And nobody else in the Rory. I didn't I didn't I was there I was just gonna keep that Twitter now is not quite a weekend sheet at the wrong radio station's call letters what's yes. Automatically eliminate that will be added to Dallas and Eliot. She's going on really elevated talk about tumble weeds illegal immigrants on a. But but but they would you miss -- -- would you be pissed if you told a guy that you had been dating for six months the -- loved him. And then he said Roger that. I thought act. We've got a haven't yet McNally you would never after only six months stellar guy that you love him homes and now -- -- -- dust that guy so fast like -- and it's -- -- she does not put up with BS that he said Roger that yeah. There aren't just any accounts updated it for bad that's not affect me as something earlier yeah you can't. So if you just I I would just really click. Is this legit today because I've had enough. As well. And now he today your power. Probably like an ancient now okay. And load the box and maybe Terry hinted -- it -- me very like it is Smart like a wind storm economic aren't it's going to be at arms and the about a foot of -- -- Nantucket -- the outer cape. And then. You know he needs to supermarket and you're convict him but everybody else is getting. Barely anything had gone by midmorning. -- -- but what about the wind like isn't there's some like is that wind is going to be really intense or. And yeah the -- going to be at the main form. Box and it overtook or any other entities from forty pop -- god you're in the morning. Wanna commit. Anybody. But it's going to be blizzard conditions but it kicking out until it into the box and -- more -- move right along or not anything like that. And morning on yeah this now before mainly X thirty -- rate which you -- -- you -- and gotten it now and wouldn't get on the spot but if you took -- -- expect he'll get better and very quick. Andy is this the last is. Please isn't part is is the last armed. I have this. It hasn't been employed here -- these -- -- -- it looks like sprang toward the end of the week -- any particular sit at your and I. No I mean that should be in contrast the -- and I hate telling people that -- homecoming that -- and all members. Now it's been like doors swung -- have the pain is it legitimately the words on the we've had in years or does it just feel that way. They are -- -- -- that are not -- more up and were not as -- Act on hand held camera yeah. But it just seems like it's not getting full. -- -- -- old what do you mean all Nellie doesn't think I'm I'm 35 that's Arnold right now leading at the -- at this point there it is getting all that and all of. Well you know let's economy -- Just -- right over at -- Yeah she's yeah like and the like pitchers that protect. By bad -- it and get better accidentally get past it get better means nothing -- Did you know I named the storm. Are you -- it. It's blizzard spring blizzard this blizzard 2014. You can use that I knowingly cable news -- I would -- -- won't -- it -- -- -- -- -- -- say the view that you'll you'll you'll see splintered and then your boss comes down and -- managers and blood -- donated something ridiculously sexual aren't enough on live TV. -- Guess who had a lot of -- leader and not a -- million phones. I didn't sell a lot more at the mom wars gone tomorrow morning's gonna suck but it won't be that says. An economy that bad at all at the annual India are better now -- -- -- picked -- cherry pick and Alan orange and. Then it can be pretty apt to it's night I forget now youngsters feel where I come I'm I'm -- -- -- media workshop a National Weather Service. -- -- -- -- I'm like a lot of let a crazy like does the after party out of control. I know Romania and I don't pick and -- and can -- that I have fun thank you -- I -- there's the lovely Nellie -- yell.