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Is it Fact or is it Schmact?

Mar 24, 2014|

Lb shot 4 out of 5 this time with topics covering has Bieber had a hit single number 1 in the US, what happens to a bee penis after sex with the queen, and can a man fit a toothbrush bristle first in his penis?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. But -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against -- -- I don't believe such dangerous nothing unsanitary home. Drink yeah there's got to be a lot of demand seed and not. Not only name you blather about aids die and full of facts she Max. All right this is Brian good morning Brian. Florida -- that was the weekend. I would blossom and what was the what was the highlight. I don't know why do what are allowed out so Long Island. Well. And your island you get along with -- in las. I didn't quote. Very good -- well where you come from Brian a Pulitzer Prize. To work at any. He's seen -- this is reason number 959. Why Justin Bieber is a Jewish. Have you seen the have you seen the photo of him recreating the famous James Dean posed with the ass cigarette. Cigarette out of his mouth and the white T shirt on I'll leave you see an idea at -- -- well I don't watch collapse or idle. Tweet that later but. Justin Bieber Brian has never had. A number one single in the United States to act Porsche -- I'm -- yeah -- that coach -- and not enough and Americans. Hate Justin Bieber yet only American girls like Justin Bieber but I so it is fact you're gonna go back to that yes. You're gonna -- a fellow Canadian yeah buy -- a little stylus matter as much as I love what he's doing and I'd be -- joked yeah paired up in Romania without him. Known bank he's my -- he's chipped the you're correct LB -- the fact sorry Brian but -- isn't -- Has never had a number one single here in the United States Ohio. I don't kind of help I. How about you how was your weekend. Not to grade my father felt so we're excited yeah Larry. I'm I'm I'm I'm sorry I'm sorry I brought that up at nobody -- expensive and sorry to hear about the. Engage openly lived a great life. -- -- -- -- -- -- All right Kyle. After sex where the queen bees. The mail honey bees penis dissolves. In fact or -- Matt. Quote. Is soul. From. Maybe I'd say really great so all in all its little share. Tank less than when I'm not fair enough and that's says it's one big -- memory uncle gene won't work Deanna honey before always did actually a lot of time it was a -- -- big big gene byers -- a bee keeper okay and I used to go out there and not only does it dissolve its -- question but if I'm not mistaken queen beat kills. Then eats the other B after hearing. After -- So you -- earlier yeah -- attacks are -- fact yes. Actually Kyle was corrected breaks off and it's also home and remains in the queen I even accept that -- better breaks off into -- yeah. Clearing the field he does die of the -- down. I don't be yeah it does die after after remaining that should teach your man letting you die -- -- -- and you -- she's my hero and -- -- Hello -- there -- thought Eric what's happening each couple. I am afraid to ask you how your weekend buzzer as well -- -- artwork outdoor everybody's all over me for asking and I mean I I I. I didn't knowledge. -- open up. Like both and I can't figure who you know I don't mean I don't know him I didn't mean to -- when he was down think what it took just get out of bed get returned to work yeah yeah. Guys on this side of their own and allowing his -- I don't know I mean jeepers. Alright Joseph Ali from where you from job. Out of it or not -- Joseph the shortest war. In history. Why is the UK verses Zanzibar. In 1896. Zanzibar surrendered after 38 minutes -- acquires the fact that actors -- -- -- -- You're gonna go smack those crazy brits were frightened boy is back -- and -- -- -- -- -- goal you're gonna -- -- the brits tried to current development of the requirement you're I don't believe. The third house that -- crazy -- I was a quick lunch. Hello Bobby. Yeah I do -- Bobby. That good -- Allow indifferent. Are not. Much and it is the job Bobby -- asked for 65%. Of women. There are left breast is the biggest the fact or smacked. You got your back you what I've heard did you hundred talked to a dissolve the economy and energy she is she are so it's it's I'm hoping it's. It's back and it's back yes that's perhaps 65 the left on his bigger and shame on you for not remembering after all the time he grabbed my bosom. Yes yes you'd think he would know the head injury you know who is now the but I think normal give you hear a sperm facial -- -- -- -- -- -- it's still a little place that's the -- And I wonder you know -- the -- we have no way beyond yeah. Yeah it's. It was a sudden my age don't know is that it's the greatest skin tightening. Did you find them is -- terms Dario is the he is the owner of the low hanging fruit orchards that -- Lyndon byers hello Claudia L. How are you Claudia -- it all right. Let's see famous sex researcher Alfred Kinsey. This is going to be painful land and so does -- get ready for this could insert a toothbrush. Into his penis. Bristol and first off. A fact of fact a horse from now encouraged about Alfred Kinsey who audio output back you're gonna go back the maps but what. As disturbing as it is yeah and the captains yet you're the guy -- the freaks do the craziest series coming out of Reno you know. Yeah -- -- scary you know model X ray you know that yet and it's back you're gonna go back and that I believe it. Is this painful and I. This fact that is that is backed. If you haven't seen that show yet. About the Alfred Kinsey and there is smoke show that was his resurgence since then yes. Least she's a smoke show on the and I'll show on the -- a television show it's it's pretty -- I can't think of the name of it right now it's on HBO. The hell's the name of that show was a sense you know bother me. Where. Still I can think of that no idea.