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Hill-Mail 3-24-14

Mar 24, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics included the missing plane and the virgin auction.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each -- returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents deal made out. Think that was languages pretty important. That's what I completely understand gotten about -- I know -- On WAA. -- I whole lineup and getting reports that this woman's name is Carol. Clear -- Nothing like Martina is nothing like that I'll let you know the guy I was confused that happens. Carol Clara is very New Hampshire initiate and it's really ask I. And it meant to get a put a picture of her of her not a FaceBook or let everybody know we Jerusalem are losers can vote for -- to go get it done people my Villa. Oh she is very attractive and a little cutie yeah whatever on care that we should it. -- and support her way many repeats or listening is gathered debtor -- column be on the show yes let's go. All right Google mail today brought to you by the beer summit at the park plaza castle on April 4 and fifth couldn't. Get your tickets now yes. I will be there on April 4. Which is home opener -- I now know we I'm old -- -- -- all fired up full schedule I'll never miss another beer summit are forever on that are really the best. He can sample over 200 craft Beers. Go to beer summit dot com to get your tickets that's -- beer summit dot com. Seven and an old man. -- really like that without kids but the deadlock but you're -- to -- Panama and in front and nobody can start trio are tantamount. 200 great work. Bloomberg the worked -- day. When it comes doesn't Baxter Max at 7:24. AM. I think Greg -- or are never the boat regatta. -- where there are calling it go but are -- -- and a lot support open up on me I'm fifty years ago. Up into that it's got to be very careful. I will find you. If people. If there's like getting text troll GeMS like gossip making fun Danielle. She like goes into detective mode looking up information awesome and then she text them back. Sometimes it can't take these people back sometime engage so you can encourage. Yeah I know that we'll get off fund buying -- -- -- I don't -- -- -- -- occasionally out and it's usually it's a neck high the worst is so annoying with both horrible accent on my sock you have Pulitzer you're accidents sorry to -- enemy to show -- -- my father and have a person here in the like bush can no loving every day though -- -- Favorite now they say like -- -- text thinning down Danielle socks you're accents documents she does. How do you ever do accents at the medical clinic where you work. I think like you do an accent when your -- you know the -- percent. Right plus whatever whatever I want you ever notice that plumber was that ripped -- that's right. You -- if you don't wanna engage these people are dogs I -- it's done now what about the woman in New Hampshire could also be Melinda. Garcia Terrell Clara assists from was -- associates yes OK I'll be single mom. Okay well WW after a parent what what if your machine and Carol Clara she's a cigarette which is yes. We we we should go back to doing the hottest state -- contest we should we haven't done that like. By BS with this Melinda Garcia Obama got Melinda and wounded Garcia and -- us. Though she's very pretty -- sharing data Melinda that was incredibly -- doubt this -- -- this one's under sixty. Usually so hard and so awesome hardened Lewis yeah. You know very public and she is Hampshire and everyone is -- more -- Jose sharks Melinda Garcia -- the extent. And when -- might moderator. Yes she's a smoker's room. He likes the pencil skirts she is running for congress. Yes congress and New Hampshire and got my vote. They threw she's from Salem New Hampshire and can that credentials from -- called Linden and -- to a good conservatory of music. I -- Lennon piano actually so she's a -- -- What you studied the organ. Wouldn't that we does that now mean them the 730. Or. And didn't. -- kept speaking welcome remotely and I'd play 370. You know -- slate of anything goes. I know -- its builders appear arbitrary and -- their -- spotlight. He's bringing in a bit appeared battle. Vehicle competent it here truly did go in the news. -- as I'm gonna make that work before I -- -- -- it is it is if I do nothing before I die I will make anything goes airlines so it's a legitimate business what I lol I will make that happen again it would it would take one in Italy I -- -- -- yeah -- Sarah -- -- -- an old. I know several several senators one -- idea area amiga but I want a plane one plane that tell you start. And and I will I promise you before -- before my business career is over. There will be a legit anything goes airlines. I -- 7:30. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I do a better idea are up to them they are. And under now that we know. That'll be something -- -- and stop being that many can focus on the youngest. Rival Akron taking -- and again. It -- wonder how are based there you're looking without them -- and other. And sure that it is yes I think my -- and if you are happy ever daughter -- Lebanon. And that message that's one -- the name Marley and -- what is the opinion of people are saying we're saying her name Ron. Morrow -- -- ma oh yeah it is it's more -- a marlin the island and I created a picture or but I -- there on -- My apologies morrow Linda I called you Melinda Maryland at Maryland. There and we're just going to give me a great thought I was a lot of beautiful girl -- that I do -- -- yeah that then reminded me of another incredible -- are used to date named -- that lives in New Hampshire. -- indicated -- shout out to -- -- smoke show he still living up there and -- she's made -- think she's got to do given nursing home where she you know I think she was north of Portland. One anonymous. My proudest moments time and I talked I taught her how to. Packed day and Saul really. Well learned journalist Charles thinner LO is that we will talk. They could have ballroom dancing I'll. -- -- -- I Deaver and -- one of the greatest. Stripper moves a ball crime Mel when we were in New Orleans and talk and not. We -- -- I went to the hustler club yes where where I proceeded to have this girl. I never remember we went for dinner at that restaurant this Steele Doug believe you -- the restaurant do you mean that those incredible like two inch gold beads that were like thirty feet long and everybody one of my beads Milton remember we were flooded the inside track for second going blind like sixty something -- Took me back -- opposite was swapping -- -- oh yes and I and I cannot I came out and she said she should come to my office I'm gonna give you the greatest -- a New Orleans and she gave me these -- that when -- around my -- they went down to the ground and -- around my -- again -- -- and so I had this incredible set of -- that for Ford days. I was offered like. 2000 dollars out there at every chick on the planet would kiss me swaps have been. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can't be all that in. And -- -- and. And now it's my baby is -- -- what what what I I gotta give back to the -- though you don't ever forget about you guys notice that the stripper hustled drugs now just took my -- and then she'd Wear them and she'd bend over but the -- Google. You know assuming a forward big ankle back but -- back in between the cracker rebut and then that even goes straight and it was so incredibly was agreements move ever -- -- -- -- My beads -- Belinda who Belinda and Jameer does is that she meant like -- like I'm multi multimillionaire and she's done. This those who are our rob. This event what we have minorities and robbed him -- that you segment I noted it's got to be you don't have the talent that is stories or -- -- I realized he China's future because announcement. But -- that back in the very last day it's a -- -- hello hello Mike. It got man without Michael bid got a good show collection at epic that crap that you aren't they wrapped. A lot election a western ears open I don't think it by John solo. OK so she's accused not currently in office and you know unfortunately you -- a lot so we're -- well let's get her back in office that she's a smoke show. -- -- -- Incredible very lovely woman. Here's the tax somebody went into Dunkin' Donuts to get their copy and that they came out and your story was still going on about the -- and I act and Nolan. What does trip that balance that friendship. I'm but it was I was really taken aback I mean I didn't kisser I -- I -- but. I was little taking about shoes like 62 National Journal showed Childress incredible restoration is an older woman does presidential candidate she just give them. 640. Guillen. Lou Russia and Ukraine. Will Russia -- world war three. We're gonna bring Gupta silos. -- out of Star Wars back into action so what's the deal that they have amassed. Tons of troops out of the border that's correct everything military exercises all last week and a. But but but yesterday -- that basically is is when they start remove and everybody so. On they're probably gonna take the whole Ukraine writes okay. It looks like -- and worried about and weird and like while they're while they do that we're just coming gonna go on regular press conference and been sanctioned. Put a personal thing Q nine new. They're not allowed to mom use your credit card in America anymore that's -- -- hello Paul. -- morning vote that it Monday it would just. Okay LB quicker court cynically called bullet -- her side of the door because it -- -- You know what exactly what if I told you this story. Don't eat I'll just say this or figure there's more to it now I would just say this economy. But Linda Kennedy is one of the nicest. Most amazing human beings on the planet yes she is a professional photographer now also review I have been UV Google mobile and -- -- -- of and a photographer for wedding -- want some -- pictures data she's if she's incredible issue like a wedding photographer who strips. 'cause I would not that easy for sweating like if -- -- channel on Asia middle of a thing like he's taken -- candidate -- electric yeah. -- a friend of hers needed. A little who mutilate help and she she took care really yes so is it it would it would it's a story that would make your car. Men and god bless now and she's she's amazing. What can I am. Golden China and go forward three. The period -- -- ever want to see. And the Connecticut. Let's. -- -- -- -- -- Well. Golden chorale. And that can include movement that there is a senior citizen. Rage food fight at the Golden Corral in North Carolina. That happened during the early bird dead in there about 4:30 PM or so. Over the weekend young and does somebody cut in front of somebody else won the most annoying things -- all people odd man. And and a lot of people boldly cut in front you and they deal but really it really hacks me off and I. Really I don't -- -- doesn't know who want to politically and I never alleged that I'm sorry now I think some well. -- -- -- gonna run out of food you can't -- one person like -- to Buffett yeah grant a fair ball timers like I let me thousands of pounds of buffalo wearing the same that. Let me just tell -- something that most annoying thing. Them one of the most annoying things. Is when I knew. Cash register opens up at the supermarket. And people rush there to beef. Are unimaginable lions ahead -- now we've. Here should go and should go in the order of who's been waiting for like a I loved you guys and he -- I. -- -- -- -- I was a market basket once that happened and it is like a guy usually only a market basket like seven on Saturday -- it was it was a little bit later so I was really busy they opened what happened I was like check into next in line kind front medium and always like you're all -- -- you know I go to sign my card over -- -- comes -- you know I was like -- -- -- not -- up now under -- -- itinerary to I have to supermodel I love. -- arm of this right now because Saturday morning kind of went. I -- literally went to to our market basket and everyone got mad at me because. How you can tell that the older lady what was pushing her cart to do yeah VIR and I have done our ambassador. And I slice and the and it was like three euros of people streamed -- cash register people everybody just stopped in their life. Really. Yeah -- yeah that you're not Linear and and -- -- in Latin black and helping things and they'll have started I had more minutes. Second twenty -- old. And now we have audio of both of them from the couple to get married every day. And now the others loving couple they get married every. One wedding was not enough they wanna do it. And every single day 732. Year old man. What can -- weather alert. -- -- And then it happened and now who -- I've there are gonna be. Way bigger deaths but hey I'm excited -- they. Spoiler they -- determine us now of course you know permanence Latin for end so who who that really is going to be the end. That could be the end there I guess Wilson we're gonna find out. Seven yeah I -- he had. Already called moral -- And 41 Indians. Her main character you drove up in major show. I claim that that air know about -- No Corey -- quit do you think -- ever. I a couple of bad but you know into. -- the values I mean I you know they wrote him off Billy wrote him off in the nobody else would work for the -- written out of the scripts. -- -- Let's talk about how it's gonna cost of paper that trick for getting. But it can go back in my country that apple for the private pockets -- -- these. Britain has caffeinated and after I -- there a difference. Many people if they're a nice try but I. There is no woman. And a medical student in America who is selling her virginity online.