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Inside The Simple Male Mind With LB

Mar 24, 2014|

This time on inside the simple male mind with LB we ask our relationship guru about a divorced man crying after sex, a guy was caught watching the Bruins game during sex, and what we discovered about the phrase Roger That.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Are you ready to go inside these simple -- mind to win then yeah buying it's debt so if you're a woman. And you have a question about why of man in your life does -- does on Mondays at this time LB is find enough. To allow you inside. These simple mail mind. Not complicated very simple the way these brains work. So here are the questions for you today LB if you have a question just texted 97107. 97107. LB ready Gary got yeah. I've been dating a terrific guy for about a month he is he is a divorced father of two. This weekend we had sex for the first time. And he cried afterwards -- It is product is that -- -- little -- and I think that that could I not abnormal that is not normal -- -- -- and by the way yes I did it it dating an instant fairly I'd I'd I would I'm just get out now really yet they don't advise somebody that David guy who's got a couple kids I don't know what's your did you understand the work cut your -- -- Is all over you know yeah I mean now. I mean it when I mean -- the guy I mean -- -- -- I guess you know I don't know Jeter would would would be better for you know. Did did did not have to go through the pregnancy is stuff amendment and get a guy they have a couple with a couple kids or. Well his I want that to be I mean I don't let my interest for myself I'm you know -- -- a baby I want -- they know that -- at ideologues that out of there would be opposed to I don't care is when you have when you ran it like I did somebody previously who had kids. Who dealt with crazy baby moment that's that's -- well I -- tricky I would you know now it's time I would say the site like if I can confirm if I was a woman if I was your age. And I was I was a woman or -- resist this lady yeah. I would I would I would just I would just. Date younger guys. I wonder if you think if you're in your mid thirties -- you're geared divorce and don't know. -- would you ever ever you know tie the knot again let me add due to ratify a player are you a place to live. I didn't need to find the time them what I had to find a futures. Had a cared so important so. The guy crying after sex with them out of assets out of -- there. Isn't it it's because the first time he's had a may be sent this there's justices who specializes ex wife not access sappy ones that can sappy. My boyfriend and I it's a five holy text my boyfriend and I were having sex the other night and I caught him watching the Bruins game this isn't the first time he's done as I. Look I'm a good looking girl why does he do that includes. Ports baby and is there anything better for guys not just tell you deal Canadian joke what. What experience do a -- east so you boulevards god yeah -- -- -- -- Barack. 978 tax -- idiots love you my male mind question are all guys comfortable naked yes I'm always self conscious MI partners are always so free -- isn't. Is that normal or might just dating -- bad. I'm not completely norm on our watch inside my watch inside my house it's wandered -- Maya -- into a -- -- -- a whole lot of money there terror terrorism be able to walk term nature they're not enough room and I are -- -- around they get married there is there anything better. And you don't you don't you don't slap the barest turmoil there are -- -- support soft pop up. Crack at a cocktail any skin -- its thanks and now I'm an ambulance -- -- have not -- there's nothing better than being naked. Why would you be -- naked. Is is that when you travel they come back to boats armed with food -- drop bought your wander -- -- -- CNET and in any area anything you do that I can't eat lunch hour and now as you know that was -- your -- From that point Florida demanded separate rooms. I obsessed let's see. My husband and I have three kids and we both work why won't he help me out and vacuum once in awhile. -- please sir save massive -- What are you vacuuming and get him to give videotape you know from out for dinner. -- and is obligated wow I just get here in the year Gary we can't use that system don't know and any relationship right there and that's -- that's a game changer. That's that that's the beginning of a divorce right -- -- what I do a lot -- -- and use any any any vacuums what's next 00 what not your own the dishwasher and unloading the dishwasher. Is my biggest pain in the answer number well we don't like that is where -- and are certain things that we do and there are certain things that women should do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A good thing or do they know it's there but they just don't care died regular guys that. -- don't hear him I'd care one of those guys I have to have one and each eyebrow and that is like five times sticker. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know fixated on well I tell you the best -- the best is good when I was when I was involved I think I'd have scared you know Yahoo! aside my daughter got pushed my hair back no idea what it's your ball did but it what's going on what is an opinion in my eyes open and -- finally realizes -- Jared you can't do that and our chairman camera. I want to have sex in public but my boyfriend is afraid where's a good place to do it. Died greatest outdoors sex placed in Boston is on the common enough. At 98 update that debate that willow trees the branches -- down to the ground you looking -- going side to the branches and there -- you you're like in a Condo because it. Know that the branches like ten feet up in the air to the and then it's great because no one can CN. But you can see out. And then you get after that's a good place yeah any other good places the recommend. Wall and that's my point is what position so many people so lots of it was amazing how quick he rattled yeah yeah yeah it's a list of I yeah I wish I. -- it if I can't I can't see her name but thankfully -- thank you for all the publicized sex -- -- a common. -- this is argument there I think that this is my favorite text. Today now we're going inside the simple -- mine -- they'll be as we do every Monday at this time. Up over the weekend I finally told the guy had been seen for six months. That I love him. And his answer was won't. -- his answer was Roger that the. Hot flat what -- all right does that. That's sounds of that's awesome he's president relentless that let me in a corner rocking back and forth I love. I thought I thought I love you is like that's like -- I think Garrett I love you is like you're you're gonna have. At least a year may not drew him out minimum a year or allies -- -- -- And probably in my position myself uneven relationship he's still -- like everybody hearing. Roger that that's OK and what is a -- Does he not love her or her -- -- -- -- are sure you eat -- -- they know they've been together for six words but you hear you -- you can you can stamina I love you six months and then that's a little. And I'm twenty afraid of my boyfriend is 33 he has no desire to settle down any time soon. Is he on the path to being a bachelor for life. Hi -- them. Pretty -- nor argued for him 33 tortured. This is committed to -- these yeah. He's not given by the idea -- say that you know you have at least here you gotta get guy because he's honest so used to hang tough. A lot of my boyfriend keeps asking me to text him a photo of me naked I'm worried that if I do he will show all. Of his boys right. Do all guys yeah killed shows sex that they are sent -- -- all of really aren't any guys have to you have to peacock at some point and now there's. It's easier and this text. Are -- -- you know and I goes there's a pecking order in the afternoon Sunday some guys' eyes on you know is that I always on me you know only third to fourth level Darren and united you know he's like the last data find out when everybody's going for Beers on Friday -- -- -- find out they're saying you know we're drawn to the -- -- the last. Garrett -- when she sends you the text of her naked do you text back Roger that. That's just because that is when you don't know Roger that a man and floor robs your grandmother I love the fact that that. That that. Woman is like. I just have been thinking about it for six months and then I just wanted to tell you that. I love you and it's like Barack -- them -- what is he like an air traffic control. I'm bringing para yeah that there were bribed -- Agassi and Roddick and I think I -- -- about seal and I. I'm gonna I'm going to in my some hoops with the guys up a -- you know I know how guys -- I know I would rollback rate hit he tried to say. Roger that I've extensively -- who played -- lovingly insecure and -- -- that. But you like I know that would have been about the other thing I love you I now. Well I took Roger that. They I didn't Muster only blood do that. Thought -- had a pretty good possible thing you know he's asking America on the streets very. -- -- I think I think that it I think that the backdrop autos and the Elijah has gone on student beaten. Somebody from like one more here from my fiance is mother has to be involved and everything especially when it comes to our winner. Why can't men tolerate hearing anything negative about their mom's side you have a bit if you years sensitive of this you know what you're I was up well Lester mothers are you -- when you're eleven -- he'll we have the put another -- one time you really need your -- step up and down. Had great you grabbed your back him and -- these precursors -- saying you thought I should have been sent you allege put me on a box. Now -- well he wouldn't be who you are today if that didn't happen Rogers asked Roger. A certain doctor event at its. -- I that is inside the simple mail mine through it that LB here at WA AF.