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Med Student to Auction Virginity

Mar 24, 2014|

Going by a stage name Elizabeth Raine a 27 year old med student is auctioning off her virginity to the highest bidder.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Mike -- -- it just in time for our our guest. Liz ring. Who joins us to talk about. How she is made news of late she's say a medical student who is auctioning off her virginity. -- Liz good morning. Good morning how are -- I'm do you and excellent thank you. You RA a 27 year old medical student is that correct. Yet as. And there are obviously there has been of -- some news about your decision. To auction off your virginity on -- at twelve hour -- can you tell us a little bit about why you decided to do this. Well I don't do it because but I am about a year ago I happened to hot and I -- an article about Natalie Allen. You know let Americans who had done that I think about -- year ago at auction yup I just offered very large amount of Manny. And I happened to still be -- again. There wasn't any region -- my virginity. Back. When -- heard telling it -- thought it would really I'm an easy way to make a lot of money honestly. -- -- -- -- 150 category by historian at I heard the story before this as -- -- full confidence and pay for my guys who have been -- us a little bit. So on now. Not tied -- -- -- it paper medical school law. Even want thank you my education dollars and paid for our. -- On so you're just trying to make the money get my money are a lawyer or would go do something unique correct. I'm having trouble hearing your diet. I don't know why but will is that better is that you can you hear me a little bit better now. I'm a little bit high I will try to speak up for you. So now. It did it did you remain a virgin on purpose that day when you get to the age of 27 I mean. Was that something you decided to do on purpose it. Well it really wasn't any night and tiger. Faster than ever in India like a lot of -- I think you know back actually died at age yeah I would never done intentionally there's no specific. Single -- can pinpoint. Now I'm more about your message out there but. I am a mom. I'm input yes you can I ask you a technical question. Yes and how do you define virginity. Well I technically I ain't buying it as heterosexual intercourse for the third time. OK. So that's what -- so have you had sex with a woman before. Now I have no. Now this way -- to get your timing yes what about oral sex do you count that as. Virginity losing your virginity. I don't have at our act now okay. And now penetration try to keep them honest I think there's an editing error on the things that basically -- -- -- you to talk a little slower and how could you please. Now Liz what -- it doesn't matter what the guy is like I mean -- yeah I mean why are you gonna decide so let's say that one guy is auctioning. Fifty he's offering 50000 dollars -- looks like you know and me and then he got one guy offering 25 grand looks like George Clooney. Are you gonna are you are you do you care what demand looks like. I don't know I don't care very Matt she's okay. I think -- -- and really terrible exception. But no it does it barely mattered at all. A deck and and down will -- act the actual act of holy to us. Will that take place in the United States generally use that word. Just serves our guests at a game I'm I'm really it is -- good shots right now what will that take place in the United States -- we'll have to do that somewhere else. Because of the -- them around because of because of prostitution. Added that main reason so you -- any major American corporation doesn't get to the came in on Garcia. I know you can ask. Are you are you worried about your safety like you were able may be you know if you obviously. They're -- say this is they'll be asking for job. How -- I think it's easier here. I mean I know that there is its us some Princeton gave them divide it's gonna cost a massive go any -- why is somewhere that that -- worry that you might not come back. I'm not. You -- just be as banking that the banning it -- very public and especially the people around me know what's happening. I am a little bit worried in the attic like no matter what happens I'm not gonna backer I think basically -- the money. Out and I don't think that the guy and -- go through with it. Why my recommendation is an audio of people -- by the -- it my recommendation is video. It just make sure I I'm not going to happen. At the -- got a lot of money. Obese -- that before. Quote -- now your website Elizabeth green dot com is that does that how people can find out about this. Yet an okay. A lid on my blog meeting that occurred in Florida content musings of a virgin -- dot com. And what is the reaction BN in general on you lock showing off your virginity. -- then really mixed as you put it back -- I think there are a lot of people around him and especially when many -- under in rank coming from a very important. And then probably I think -- probably. Forty. And then navy. So like half of their remaining iron disagreement speed back at her concern that fired. Even though -- agree with me Rick back to bed at night. Asia and yeah and then they're probably another quarter that they're just completely opposed an important I don't -- situation. Now Elizabeth out of out of the people of giving you negative reactions to this would you say the negative reactions. Have been more strong from women or men. And -- and its right to really be great email I've gotten. Like the most hateful lie and have always been from men that have been very -- -- -- mentality. And say that really long. Mean it a little under -- and it really just three import it. I thinking because it's so obvious need -- it and I'm patriarchy and appear a woman being in control of her sexuality. New interest and like I already thinking and what and we're all thinking. What if women start to charge for this. It has obese I was it to you see them you -- -- now that's why summer so angry. So what about your father what is your father think about it. Might up is very support ahead. You know we have a very adult relationship at this point I am swinging bad and yeah. And he he got me you respect me and you know I have very good head on my -- there. And so when I told them that an equal and very calculated way I gave him a very long not let that -- -- every angle and cotton crop. And it court made myself available to you got the -- against that -- that woman walk away. I know attack -- another -- he's our he's in the bonus plan premier Tony -- -- you know. Being get through high schools are dads are pumped. Hitting it pretty under the red button that bar. -- now if if indeed you feel like this is not Ron. There are a lot of people asking why a year concealing your identity and and and Elizabeth the rain is not your real name. And what the reason is because. Big judgments and that they love from people suddenly -- to. I even judges women very actually. Based on what they do -- their body based on their sexual activity it. And I you know I mean I'm gonna think a lot of judgment possibly some people that have been going ever met her re there. I don't think that there but got the reality. So in other words you get notoriety for doing this and then you're not able to become a doctor later on is what is what your concerns. Potentially yes yeah. Yeah. All right so as the bidding started already. -- -- in April and OK we get and and it and the guys. -- and -- this is it and it's not an April fool's thing like good like the guy -- I just wanted to undercurrent that I'm the mom and -- -- -- -- another month I think you can watch him -- -- option. Now listen you've never done it before. So you know let's say guys spending fifty grand and you know first time around here you're not that good to -- the does he get a second the second go over out of the. Well -- our day yarn and taking their -- I mean -- That does anything to include -- can beat -- more than one may be more than it has been very sympathetic and offering here I'm not going to. I'm pretend like and they know it killed her then ended and ran -- I -- -- man looking at probably shouldn't go to me right and I -- out there are a subset of men that have sort of did urgent and at the end and after. I'm offering. Courts have -- like 90%. I seriously -- that there really is again -- go all -- my first time and it's not just because you're a virgin it's because they wanna be first you know it's like mountain climbers are explorers you know they wanna be the best they wanna get their first I had a huge ego thing -- Seattle times. Yes and I sales might come a virgin girls gone out where the guys step and I -- is that -- so far enough among women where the guys going island off from ivory. Thank. I'm there are hurting there are the Star Trek -- -- Hey hey guys they -- generally -- a problem. All right well listen spin this been very very interesting. Elizabeth then and beginning on April 1 the auction starts and you can go to -- www. Elizabeth dash rain that dot com what what's so what's Lou what's the opening -- is -- dollar minimum that I know are former producer used to say you know adults fifty. And you know we start every option like guys is to get in their -- their minimum bid. And not. Yet potentially we haven't I think it got back yet I mean from my perspective I don't think I'd be willing to do it there. Under a 100000. Well good for you sister and I got it the -- hero -- thinks he's worth it and that's good do the -- he's doing it for real. So you set a hundred grand. Yes I think claimed. -- Price tag and they'll an option Aaliyah at an auction of strength that they'll buy it now feature like eBay now. Now a new. I mean what I mean I suppose don't like what -- you sometimes virgins is the first guy that they have sex with -- -- level -- what if you follow but this guy. The -- meant to be great. And likely just because the -- Mindset telling and. Yeah I know I'm not -- well. You're not gonna be -- very emotional thing you're not gonna be like acting like like a life during this thing and trying to get it over with Arianna and I -- they think god does -- under -- -- -- including -- you know -- under the guidance on -- I -- judge shows up -- -- And now I don't think that one -- all right. All right -- -- Can we come join the twelve hours hours at a 150 grand I did any album after the auction is over can we Colin and find out what happened. Yes and quiet. All right and just for the record if you really likes sex afterwards LB ULLPWM. Dot com I'm crazy Goodman and does the bomb attacks there and keep that in mind I think it OK okay you know the usual thing you know usually the Pentagon can always deployed to the Boston Bruins -- -- the original thought but then and now now now now. -- -- that you may point or does the does the text terror attacks or wants and all of the person asked to Wear a condom. But is it negotiable but there will be -- -- -- -- tighter screening or iPod them a. OK but they could get screened or something in and go a bare back. Yes that's awesome history. That's the proper medical term -- guys get these doctor Q what he's got energy goes back its -- -- really been now do you have any kind of a doctor's note or anything proving virginity. I can't of course I Nino expect that the winning bid farewell. I'm probably -- and I'm biased -- -- I'm I'm doing today under that I had been. You're okay so you're willing to show that she's to a third party doctor to prove that she lives indeed emergent. Wow that Simon is in place you look but you -- The cars separating bonus thirteenth but you've got and everything this is really interesting -- very very interest Astaro. All right. I'll -- I -- Well -- -- you're watching the action is April 1 that's when it starts at Elizabeth -- dot com and then -- -- will check in with you after how -- does the -- -- What don't debating it but probably a month a month a -- until check back into the as a goes along. I'm -- all right thank you very much. Yes thank you lives every day there she is Elizabeth rain. Auctioning off her virginity 100000. Dollars -- just has our guys you know -- -- at the wrong airport with paramilitary announced. I'm -- know you don't think there's no landing at the -- airport and had one and number two a lot of fun. I'm sure she's planning fun if you don't think there's going to be some sort of limits placed on the type in duration and number of activities your head getting -- -- 150000 plus dollars purely damn mind acrylic. -- I think that all depends yeah well depends on the situation that's not where I haven't unmarried guys the guys hot you know if she kind of if she likes him like he's nice to her in the small you know. Yeah just talk about doesn't matter right yeah this is our first time goes on pretty big guys get a puddle jumper. Casually over there mr. mixer cracked -- you know maybe the -- here -- here and our association's little program when am I supposed to do it there's certain that the are right on that interest. April 1 is one that's that and what if anything she's special delight no sooner than an hour or 47 no moral and divergent yeah I think 27 the move. Sums don't busy with school just wants to be in the newsroom on this.