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Mar 21, 2014|

With an assassins game causing trouble in New Hampshire many listeners thought it would be fun to poke holes in the story of why it is a problem and share some games they use to play.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Controversy over the this squirt gun game. That the kids are playing. And so I wanted to get I can't quite figure of how the game works I might have to get clarification from from a young. -- for snapper who licences -- program but there's this game called assassin. Which -- led to a car accident in New Hampshire and Merrimack and now everybody is all worked up about it of course because it involves. Squirt guns yes and that that could lead to some kind of later on in life. Some some child. -- grows up and they immediately. Shoot up -- a hospital or something if they played with squirt guns advocate. So the kids started this about a week -- got its student run game cost five boxes to join -- -- -- It leaves out -- -- -- if I could putt -- box the jackpot is up to 750 dollars swearing drilling 750. I think I'm gamut of -- pretty good okay so what happens is each student in the game is assigned another classmate in school to quote and quote assassinate what they squirt gun on school ground that's a violent where an assassination technically -- -- that -- -- -- I get the person down and they're out. Well. One kid restrain do I assassinate another kid and he hit his car now. The big accident now cause a lot of damage that the families pissed now the police are involved and I guess they're trying to put the kibosh -- There's lieutenant dean -- Kelly from Merrimack heeding the students get caught up in the. Act of the game. And they forget common sense. -- Well. I mean you think about. I guess it somebody's gonna I know somebody's gonna Collins say. You know basically to give the the object to this game is to assassinate somebody and that teaches the wrong lesson taught me to acknowledge all the way back up there and Robert it yeah absolutely shot rubber throughout The Who OK can we get it you know cowboys and Indians don't forget about smear the queer. On the on of the all time great game scene and I say that again you know you and -- yeah yeah yeah yeah. Did you know that disclaimer -- -- yeah we actually given a disclaimer -- that game is not appropriate now it happened when I was a youngster in the early eighties okay if -- you could not I would. I would not ever play that game Norway an excuse me human in the mid to late seventies and well yeah. Playing high school -- Iowa -- That I gotta tell you what it you know what what a cool. What a second yeah. Which -- played here in the office I mean I don't know. I don't even know about it -- the top part about it very you know the copter tong over ya Yahoo! did country kid down -- didn't realize that gives them that the secret dialogue -- I don't make plastic yellow. Yes here's the text that 978 text. This game sounds amazing number of played it -- today and apparently what it really does he -- the money and I can't I'm sort of winner is the winner of the last does -- -- Friday. -- some skins going on for months tomorrow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On their helmets can get in good backdoor that they can. I mean -- in south psychic I looked off campus so I am I've got my dad yeah now -- Smart. We need to be and squirt guns I this is that gets more or its sport guns or gateway guns like hello -- Morning guys what's up really. This game has admitted in the late eighties early nineties it was with how. I was because -- actually will be what they -- -- -- the cost just got you got you who's in that. I don't remember who's gonna be -- like -- said -- late eighties early night. Early ninety's that Mario unless you really Edwards -- Lopez to Elizabeth Elizabeth Berkley in Mario Lopez Linda Fiorentino there in the high school but I learned so of course you gotta love it. In the eighties got hot. Pellet guns pellet guns it was OK I thought I was gonna admit Columbus we look back. They are here with -- Aren't the only atomic girlfriend that well. If I look at our college and we have the game former -- eight years is. The -- unit -- company. And we you -- on. What's ironic -- -- can you look at what's called in our human. Vs I'm leaving -- gonna have those done -- on BI -- the college campuses get shut down there that there was like a big there was. Like a campus where they thought there was a mass shooting the Anaheim's. And then we're just playing. The human vs zombies you employ a Bryant. I bet on the game we get -- right yeah yeah. Gotten up to get a little of water and you Ryan's -- costs a buck online he can't -- for five seconds the real problem blow shame. What's up. Now automatically creates so war anywhere -- can also water sports -- grew up for the match count yeah and we're Trevor ample water -- direct tries to make the other cops are right or left of me when I was fifteen. Would you get for that you have to go to like -- literally get together in order. A big country for littering while it fit it. But at least they threaten these the threatened to send you to what was the school called that they would. This is before your time near draft probably before your time to LB did you ever get threat -- to threaten me alternative to not nearly -- send me to think of it. Reforms -- warmth Aaliyah. Other forms it was bad. But they didn't exist there hasn't got any -- the best part about it is that there is no such that it bit hello James. Thank gosh let's up. -- -- -- YouTube this Daughtry got a direction which are rare back underscore what I expected let's say here on C Eric it was first. It epic being that got people already juggle work on each other -- we actually players walk -- -- but it's almost got yeah. A larger -- actually have a change. -- campus -- -- -- what about your app. Yeah so basically. If this is what you're saying is the game's been going on there for like Thomas -- it's a tradition in Merrimack New Hampshire. They didn't actually see your game apps are so yet so -- are out at the beginning of the year. Are certainly didn't start out your ears and face a walk all regards Ali you know people actually it's over our. I know I -- it actually in this court so outburst here college and Dexter got assassinated at work well under. Now now James. How many how many mass shootings have you participated in. Are you there because he played because you've played this game is like five or seven there how many. No I'm not I -- now I'm not hello Dan. Greg -- -- about the pretty good game considering it's Friday how are you. I'm good good some bad blood got my paperwork for the company that -- lynch and company that is huge. -- over the -- all of these world record -- everything else yup that would -- words and rodents got some boxes everywhere. And we'd get these big web rubber and I don't like -- -- and possibly Chile each other our web white's off shooting each other little. And they would censor -- -- and order so they -- to the. -- better than like like got -- a homemade game. I get a -- this this makes me sentimental about my late father Barry hill because even into my. I think honestly I will shame myself and say even into my high school years. We used to play game in my house called lions and a where we would shut the whole entire lights off in the whole house that one person was the lion. And they would it would sit in the in the living -- -- and then the other people would have to try to sneak around in the dark. And try to sneak past the lion into that to touch the home based around. Oh my god I already felt but -- you know it was it was it really is -- that lets it all played that play. I just love hearing you flakes down here playing these. Loser a little goofy games do you you'll meet -- -- trust repulsive in my used to play every Saturday Luis instead doctor we support -- I had the I had pussy boy yeah mr. lion guy and he's decided -- -- -- back to back to back. Bow and arrows and we would shoot the heroes up in this guy you don't have played chicken the first one to move. Wouldn't you know though the young the last one standing there. Which would win would win the game but I'll I'll I'll I'll let our listeners while your work today -- -- another incredible game yes that that was fearless. I Google nip one -- once it's catch one yes there will be a picture of the nip warm water tower and -- and and the game started. With all the kids on the roof. Of the building in the middle of the four legs in the water tower and you'll see the beams in the -- connecting and the walkway around the top of the water tower we will play all day. Andy you were never allowed to touch the ground so you would you would swing that plated your piece off the op or jump from not. The beam down to the -- print run across -- -- being shown -- -- -- run around -- on little four inch steel -- came and went to sixty feet in the -- a little bit more water -- and December to climb up to the top swing around -- the -- get on the walkway on the top I was -- rational -- irrational fear of and the -- was a constant watch -- never do -- -- irrational fear of -- and that I mean that's -- -- -- -- now it was unbelievable -- -- and a half -- -- that was -- forty -- -- With cows' stalls and you can never touched ground and a jump grab the beams climb up -- over the English and I -- and you know I would. Really good at television tax dodge CD and I was really good because I watched a lot of -- of -- death. You know I had honestly -- put out a few people on the one we have got it well I don't have one TV stations owed you one person's -- and they come out -- and you have to name a television show. Before they Italians the are here earlier our hair out yet but that is perimeter game boy LO de. I'm wondering -- what's -- David. LB computer in his life was at a cinema release of the arrow here and everywhere else anyway. Like Kovalev over entitled country years ago that New -- they operate. And the guy nobody else than to go and knowledge treatment of this court and those -- people look the year and inside the. Or else. Battle lines that you faced sheriff yeah -- wanted to chase like dad's just over the download neck. And everybody what's okay. And the man am agree we -- character so now it's going and we and all are a lot PH and Portugal. So yeah yeah well I or against another -- that I. And one real security troops and the other would be not being and we try to be like -- well -- -- and include trade and -- Play a little and it. Yeah I mean that's that's politically incorrect you need to try to understand what motivated the Nazis to do what they did that's -- back that's what they tell you now it's -- that thought you know if not right to -- not a great if not right to kill the enemy. You must try to understand why they're so upset in what what what it what is that what we've done to the Nazi past to cause them to be so certain. -- eligibility like Massachusetts slogan there's -- ever -- your house with a gun like the -- and if you tried and I understand that aren't yet another set before you -- our -- legally -- firearm in the wind. Here's the Texas says in when we used to play critical where you beat the crap out of the guy until he screamed critical -- -- like that I got -- that's pretty good a lot pulpit plus. Thought -- that the. I would draw and -- up. LP get a little bit the only one that went up gain in the project that I grew up -- we have good old fashion Iraq's fight. I'm sure that's -- water -- barely -- -- where was that. -- our series or did you ever have I was so as sort of a pot we all you'd how we'll track fights. But you know you take the the orange one you want strip of how -- our real track -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They they'll start what's up Clayton. I'm -- add that does that David and set some new insight bowl game not. I don't go to school aren't found and that's here in total red magic art program announced they'd let you read that they get fatal. The Red Hat on gay -- on. Also with not to squirt guns in town that is the red marker there aren't -- Smart guy that yeah that's right there's Mark -- I will thank you for the call that it is 637. Big controversy on on a New Hampshire. -- these out of control teenager's damaged plane an assassin games. He put five bucks in. The pot is at 750 bucks right now. They're all running around -- each other -- squirt guns assassinating each other last person last man standing wins the pot. And parents and and police police are concerned that there are 750 bucks who's seriously about a hundred pretty black man.