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Hill-Mail 3-21-14

Mar 21, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics include Greg calling 911, and the black bear on the loose.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each -- returned to talk as the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- may help. Is this story about Greg Hill toward white castle burgers. And her eyes start killing -- people flock to the white castle burger -- On WA EA. Texas as the -- unaware some lipstick that's the only thing that Carla is missing in the pictures she does occasionally she does yes not all the time how she looks okay but now I'm not not know full. Full commitment -- have to have surgery and your natural gas is that's kind of where were girls that hear. But looks like and I go for a nice launcher some probably waiting for somebody there to take her take her lunch there is LB you like to ginger so I'm sure that the yeah. Should they -- Ramirez's is that if -- ever get fooled at least the first you'll be small but -- motto is I don't hated me I can't identify. Carla is up. The eight. Here are the very best till -- messages of the previous 24 hours series. They flattened thirty current and again. Yeah and brutal torture. That's basically what we need a good note apple I want tech is number two feet from -- it to not big ought. And I are now is a baby in it was taken away from his parents in Colombia Colombia. Tweeted a picture that port forty his parents 44 -- three -- 43 43 pounds and hit big gigantic did and they Julian. Thursday 7:35. AM. Got to put this picture in my Twitter account that title at that. And I can get. On my commentary track on an air personalities. That are I'm. Well they woody. It would come on guys let -- just -- so. Think about that we are not that you got something going on here you know he gets stretched heterosexual male but he can play with -- really not -- we know what you -- Yeah I think if we can -- not back if not bad. -- our relationship. And how who went. -- need. 39 PM. Up. And you were a bit. And diplomacy going on that you believe it and are they going to do it there's only 739. -- again. Don't they don't put nothing Aleman wrote about the cowboys their best bet that. Katrina helping out -- that brought it can't. And then -- Planet fitness the broad is the broad list that Aaron wrote his throat his with a halter top pretty -- -- look in the -- us. Very. And pick a doing -- -- not a lot of options here and I think are very army cheat you. Good shape just cut up a six or didn't. Even when he 7:40. AM. Well look I don't appetite to worry about every cab picked out -- compete in. But you'll protect your patent -- That and the it's a that's the there's only 828. And win. Yeah I'm 1122. I don't -- -- act at the prep and -- I think if I am in the calico. A quick -- what. And the market participants without -- -- certainly eight. 470. Yeah. And -- -- picked -- where they get a way to get away. There is an act. Go away that they. Wondered now. And who missed the but the visual analog -- -- -- said. You know on oh there's a Mountain Lion. Another Mountain Lion sighting in in Winchester to yeah. Sometimes on Thursday. Yesterday ten days after the first citing police got calls now I think they got another one. The Mountain Lion has not been seen here in the unit and in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Since Abe Lincoln was president that's the last time there was a Mountain Lion -- here -- massive build another gigantic apartment complex a little bit better. Housing in Arizona resident -- Oregon a lot of homes or are we pushing them out of their natural habit yeah again this is your developing all Boleyn and played every like others coyotes everywhere quite different do you think is -- some good. On and -- -- garden and beverages you believe the numbers are trying to -- all bare -- movement Rivera my -- and Portuguese water slide. They're also looking out on condos or they're twenty years ago. I have been by the way later in the shuttle breaking breaking. Our breaking information on the black bear wryly yes in real. Two hours from now we'll have pretty interesting time what time that when you wanna do it well. I don't fortified Galilee we converted a 45. You know where that we'll do that and a forty foot LB successfully executing -- radio T aggregate. That was -- -- must give us the muscular frozen until I'm ordered shake out tomorrow. -- There's 1107. Ian Kennedy and it didn't get them out full moon. -- read about the color -- what the but you have to admit that concludes that if you -- do you miss poke and also well equipped to say you. That's why would I get nervous and they. Hey I always got the go through me go to school. We don't have gotten out by the park avenue -- Now I was green acres and Tom Brady Gisele -- to change his position. I don't like -- selling selling their fifty million dollar home in California and moving into the fourteen million dollar home not over here in the Brookline. Beautiful Brooklyn. There's only 1112. He can predict the effect -- language is pretty important. That's what I completely independent group -- about it and I think -- would go. I don't -- The that leaves me 1207. PM. Born handwritten. Note I have trained both had I have fact unity and I don't mind a practice. But I didn't have important haven't known as in Mac -- -- into it. Felt he was I -- we're trying to do Leo and I can't -- and I try to -- -- -- -- humanitarian grounds something and the permanent -- fantastic a lot of taxes like. They are they really they love that thing you know -- -- to -- and appear to hang on and yeah I'm here I can't maybe will have you -- your -- and determine -- club did -- live video camera -- They'll think -- -- -- for Craig gas coming up. They're home free. 36 PM. Well well well now. A member of the biggest bank family at a clinic got the red green bell what it did it like. What -- -- you could call. I hope people hope that they get you'll -- it would be I have an eight bit of being able to stick by. That the party -- Fred Phelps has died died last night. Yes he then. You know -- -- America couldn't actually she's a chess match early as today you know there. You have a shot ego of war. So they'd -- to their privacy that's right. Out of here so that really is unbelievable especially -- bunch of people around around protesting that they have funerals of men who died fighting for this country and they asked for their privacy. Because Fred Phelps best dial by. Hope I hope everybody -- in the vicinity but within a hundred miles. You know any veterans -- supports the armed forces the show our beloved defeat -- just sheer torture and -- -- Share. I mean we did well lunatic to go with that I'd read something last night after he died about. They did and now they're denying that he was said they they they ex communicated him from their church or what what. That was something I read left late last night after he passed away about -- day he is. Chris -- he was persona non Grata or something at the end. Yet to his son's. Have left the church you know few years ago and they said that he was excommunicated. Into when he twelve. After advocating a softer line I'll. Yet he wasn't mean enough that our families of soldiers in the idea bored enough so lays so they so they bounced yes. Personally think if you -- and keep. Planning I think it is not yeah I'm going to spending went to war there go out there today. -- -- The kid this is it Craig. This guy Schneider is -- see that giant kid from Columbia the 43 pounder none. Well I mean generation what looks like the Michelin Man got pictures I guess I'll find it might Twitter feed here and punitive ago. Get out or anybody good to see you under a great -- -- gases kind of two come in again to get issue in this town all week. Yeah I was I came and I join you guys on Monday and had -- stories plan it was a coming into mail all these funny things have been happened in the day that I went get your data and yeah. And then spat is right the beginning said there was. He does there's no huge Jerry and the Internet -- -- the crap and why don't you think China my brain I was like and how well he has mono is that though how does that play it was all over after that I -- -- -- thing from yesterday it's gonna take Miller allowed tweeted a link yesterday about well Greg is trying to find that I'm going to joining in now this is going to be Christopher Walken. I'm telling you -- -- children's too ludicrous war Brazilian news meant -- two and a food and so. We're kind of ability. Makes milk. -- what kind of a a -- Etc. That -- a lot -- opponent no I'm not I can actually get the picture yet yeah. I'm not have a lot here Hogan aren't here yeah manner I'm gonna do workers who are continually. And another. Dublin children's joke he's been writing what route to crazy people panic in the forest and now. We psychopath. I don't know at least took him to told onstage at the. And -- I don't know I don't know if you don't apply we're -- a thousand of those and retailers. Stupid. Stupid joke I hope I died soon. Hey and -- I -- you look at the winter. -- great area but they don't drive in via one in ninth but -- and -- -- park lot all. What political spotlight that's going to be proactive not reactive. -- still got to be proactive not not reactive and I mean there is. Another mean -- -- just told me this now flames coming through the roof but I don't know -- I'll be -- anything's possible dude I don't know I don't I don't think I believe that I think the fire lines were just going not a big deal. Do we -- 7:40. PM. -- Know what that war or. Oh why don't walk. And -- I. I don't want just didn't exist just to -- -- how -- the state not deity is right now. Well okay how she's even relevant can. Skip though I mean if -- husband do anything I mean no disrespect but by the fear that if you're a new senator TE you know like two months into it it has. Have you had time to write a whole book a mean man remains yeah. Since and I assume you're like a little busy kind of like adjusting to find multitasking and Washington DC not able to find the time to write a whole -- and I'm -- not not not for now than the parents aren't as around the corner here thank you might wanna be around Gary do you think there might be some -- need Houston security issues for the wanted to be a charge. Seven and all the. It's definitely can't get recognized in new -- out here and let it -- and now the equipment out -- -- and get out. -- -- -- -- -- Don't let that Barack. I mean what they think we put up any. -- -- Think that keeps your producer -- you're pretty good job here in the first definitely angry about how your first week bed. Overwhelming I'm OK you guys have so much going on -- got so fluid believe transition that honestly I'm kind of lost a lot of the time don't let them a blank -- there. Don't if you look right into the shooting from the Hilda I don't know I don't mention who could help -- -- Bluetooth and let the -- and I didn't -- phenomenon and not another -- -- motivational. But they'll let that if that's.