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Should Yoga Pants Be Banned?

Mar 21, 2014|

Weymouth High School is considering a ban of yoga pants and flip flops.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at W. -- AS dot com. And now. WA AF Hill Man Morning Show presents. Down in crisis. All right so. I am I hate the fact that we have to do this again but if there's anybody that's right for the job at that you would be us. So up about it. Apparently you have to stand up. In defense of the yoga is again here and here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and it's Weymouth high school I guess that is about they may be institute. A yoga pants band that is correct students are very upset so one student in particular Julia Cronin -- sixteen years old. After she found out that way that -- wanted to be the -- because they're considered a distraction. To the male students. She sent an email to the Harold -- interview I think with Jessica has Columbia. And she said it's outrageous you know Boyce can do whatever they want she said they'll let boys walk around school at their pants halfway down there but -- -- right and then they say girls look trashy when -- you wearing yoga -- narrow the focus away from the guys and their school yeah meaning schoolwork. I thought it was really stupid. Well day there today this came up I guess Wednesday night at the school committee meeting. On because we can talk about this later but. Apparently they have a ban on flip flops and read that Weymouth high school 'cause there's so many injuries. Wet when that when young young watch when young kids Wear flip flops and only. They're they're they're they -- their toes so yet so they were talking about clothing and then that they brought up the yoga pants and bright and it is school committee chairman whose name is Sean Guilfoyle. Is not necessarily supporting an outright ban on yoga pants but he is suggesting. That the Levys. Wear shorts or skirts over them so. And the -- and those list just guilty. Feel that a whole lot of guilty -- you all got jobs are assured us ambassador chicken now listen to this quote. It doesn't worthwhile as a as a grown man. If you're on the school committee it's probably impossible. To talk to talk about this topic without signing creepy but they don't Tibetan but the guys vote is quite honestly is the quote quite honestly and I have seen it. There are some folks that are high school that have -- literally tights as pants. Well -- -- both paid you know from the time that the the other sweater -- not his young lady though I mean I don't. And we talked about this at this comes up now lives. I I don't understand why I mean. Girls are going to be distracted by something that a boy -- boys are gonna be distracted by something that a girl winners I mean why why they're here on the youngest. -- -- -- -- That's why -- bill but who killed terms. I yeah one guy it's that one guy you want a teacher at orange there so many other -- owner gets what he's talking about me and says OK -- did you see Cherilus missing today not a France she looks amazing and -- zero spoke although I'm not at the -- my body desire and I can't. Although he is right here the 781 text I am from Weymouth. And girls should not Wear yoga pants at school why -- about what we're we're good at what they wanna Clinton takes human not to ever do this you know what they were sun dress. Now we know -- ranked. What Davis and there's a million options now there's what do you think the no pain I don't I ended its girls look. Now exactly is it sometimes and LB brings up examples that so that they could be wearing well definitely yeah I'm I'm -- they lose I'm not I don't know I don't know I think in -- I don't look at it I associate you'll want to. But yeah you should. You should -- yoga pants if you're looking at your high school seniors North -- I gotta get some of that -- -- I knew -- I mean because -- real problem yet this isn't the ninety's with -- trend was to Wear T shirt under the baby -- -- but it's not like that anymore well I -- begin to know there's a million outfits that are growers is I mean there miniskirt -- school. Let us and he's sure it is rare. Hi I'm sure there's I -- -- know it's like you need you've been looking in the wrong place you know it's -- It's likely to teach the classes -- and does so. So this is the school committee item now -- whether or not the girls can Wear yoga pants and in women feel -- I mean well I mean that I personally I buttoned down no button down shirts for the ads usually big moves. Now known ocean no no please don't you don't know notation what are we don't -- what are mock turtleneck Celeste is a conservative Lane Bryant cut him that it. Here's the issue is that it is that tax the five finally text. I wish there -- yoga pants and I was in school I would have graduated yet and I tires but I understand I know exactly what you're saying labor November seminars in big -- coming up all follow my. Everybody would like I -- out of a barrel of those limits. CNN. 90% of our wardrobes. But you -- I mean -- I don't lectures. Assistance they all have noticed it right in that article about the most comfortable attire on the planning. I mean what I mean how he and it's a pretty much what they. What do you mean everything goes by that you mean that it. Yeah like yeah does it every day that he had been -- and then we don't. I thought you were saying that yoga is there anything goes yeah yeah. I'm. Like yeah but I don't -- -- and -- the clintons like that like anything goes airlines he must Wear your anything goes yellow -- I think -- like airlines everybody lives there or excuse has he -- for the full one pieces at the front that code I would say hello Dave. Geithner -- Simon and ominous but the problem little lawyer. Currently traveling at the -- Summary structure on the yoga -- because great and you know like that's available much more revealing -- -- -- a lot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's and I hate Dave I appreciate your point of view you're an assistant principal and so you're saying it basically. The boys we know what we're best we can't think we're boys were man we can't focus on anything other than sex I'll diamond -- I agree that it bought it you're -- and holidays and I know I have two daughters and -- that bought it lately we allow me want to pick hybrid is yeah -- Card that is accessory that can. It again then and what this is the paranoia of the had a file this is the problem. It when I was in school chicks were the -- with the leggings but the they had to tops and then when I like they did -- didn't know. And I and I make a point here because it's big guilt that is put on line. You -- like you. From from from here consider picking up -- their kid who. You know doesn't allow their daughter to where yoga pants and then six other girls -- yoga pants and then then everybody gets in this pedophile pervert -- we think we all -- tilted up. Chicks have been wearing sexy revealing clothes in middle school high schools since the beginning of time NL because outfit and I and and you shouldn't caves. LB I was bit I was a little -- in the eighties. Colonel mark of the school which are tight on they had heard all this got -- this is you look the same thing at the same page the plot that was what this. And now they've thank you oppressors think your point of -- you thank you mr. gave it to kick gave to the profiles -- opposed to. That's been around then they win we have -- -- and ran and then you know we should use -- depends -- -- -- -- to catch the kind of -- right if they are there any tabloid. Listen if they banned the yoga pants and at Weymouth high school the terrorist -- that's how I felt I -- donors went as high.