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Jim Koch

Mar 21, 2014|

With April approaching Jim Koch founder of Sam Adams and the Boston Beer Company are releasing the special brew of 26.2 for the Marathon with the proceeds going to the Greg Hill Foundation to benefit Marathon victims.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I always get a little bit sentimental. When our next guest joins us because he was one of The Who he was one of the very first if not the first. Advertiser. To -- support this program 24 years ago. And look look where we are we're still here in the same place and he's on the Forbes list. How is that fair but -- -- but Tim Cook joins us from my Sam Adams the Boston Beer company morning jam. -- -- -- -- And I'm gonna admit you know everybody got a brand randomness of but look at what's -- good eliminated totally so -- particularly yeah. What's you're out what's your beer of choice this morning I got a Sam Adams Boston -- off fantastic. Fantastic. And the you know I mean it's it's actually. When it when it comes to buy nutritional value it's a pretty good breakfast choice. It is actually it is. Good work up this morning and they need to rehydrated. And some. Complex carbohydrates. That news and even some electric lights and that is linked you know an energy drink for grownups. Thanks well actually listen. I'm really excited about the Boston Marathon this year and and and last year. In the way and one when the awful events records. Jim and and everybody at Sam Adams -- it was. When it comes to corporate citizens is one of the very first companies and and individuals to contact me and say. What can we do who when it when it comes to the Greg -- foundation to help marathon victims and Sam Adams last year. Donated to close to a 100000 dollars to the Greg -- foundation for marathon victims so which -- the proceeds of the 26 point two beer. And then this year I didn't expected but. I'm Jim you guys are doing that again when it comes to the 26 point two growth. Absolutely. Because. We were just really grateful last year that there was something like -- of foundations that could immediately. -- help. People and because it took a little while for you know one Boston. Setup the organization and the foundation and then its tax exempt outlets that you guys. We're right there. Literally that day -- That was really a great service to Boston -- -- we were really thankful that you were there as you know partner in this. Well that the -- 26 point two but which by the way put I was I met a couple of the guys who drool over there. When we were there are a few weeks ago with some of the the marathon victims and they were doing some brewing those guys do a fantastic job. On the day but it it it it really is delicious I I I really I commend the guys on a job well done in creating and again this year. Well defined -- to make thing you know what -- -- things that. I've always enjoyed in the in my life as a borrower is the ability. To revive some of historic style of beer can you know when I started Sam Adams plus thirty years ago. Now everybody thought beer was cold and busy and in you can ask this is so it was. Basically throughput. They're coming from a family brewers I have some. Appreciation. Of this very ancient art. That has produced hundreds of different styles and there's one it's so appropriate for the marathon it's. Called goose it's an eastern European style -- -- That. Relies on some different places including coriander and and it has salt. In it so it is that'd be perfect. You know marathon. Beer for. Rehydration. And yeah energy -- using actual electoral Wright hates gay it's perfect. And it's great with a hamburger delegates because of the salt -- give the other a you know cheeseburger I mean it's really. It's it's well done and and and on Wednesday night. Out the brewery there's an event going on which I think a lot of listeners might like to attend -- Yeah as I'm going to be there. I think you're coming up so you can get both of us. And we're going to be. Serving the 26 point two -- -- fact everybody's gonna get a crowd puller. Arbiter of who's everything is legal come walk out of there with a prowler the 26 point two -- see only place for you can get it. To go in the whole world and you get a glass and commemorative bottle openers since it's awesome. And our friends at Texas -- -- bringing barbecued burgers so we'll get to try out you know you're suggested pairings or. Danielle I think is gonna put up the event link right now that's correct on -- on the FaceBook page yelled at FaceBook in a treated well and -- it on our WA AF Twitter feed so if you wanna join us. Over in Jamaica Plain. At the brewery on Wednesday night this is going to be a great event I -- -- -- barbecue area giving me Sam and and Jim of course a text -- Watson though would you ever be able to get this bearden and AI you know in in liquor stores are you just gonna stay on on premise with a. Yeah I think it's just going to be in bars and restaurants because. You that you were talking it's beginning about Helm you know we were able to do you want your first advertisers you know what I started Sam Adams. Nobody knew what craft beer was people thought it funny taste good they never had let you know whatever for -- Iraq before there was the bars and restaurants to bust in the kind of adopted me position because that took me under their wing has believed in me so. I'm okay. You know I haven't something you can just get in a -- there's something magical about drinking beer at a bar. And that's really where you'll find this is is that the accounts that are on the marathon route and I know you guys expanded a little bit more this year. -- so you can find it elsewhere but he got the look forward a little bit just like we got a five. We were you watch in -- Barger -- the players you hanging at Fresenius is Tony six point two young army something. The fact that. I don't -- debut marathon and most men. And that helped Jim LB is never shied away from any of your products you know you you know than ever now I don't you know that I'm a -- -- A Bob here's the tax will because everybody wants now that we have beyond that really wants to know stuff about the beer will will cold snap be back next year. Absolutely. Okay a cold snap was first brings seasonal this year its first year we made it and it was that huge home runs so yes. We're bringing that back again next year. Could you bottled Boston brick red somebody says. -- same -- you know again the Boston brick red disappear it's only available. In Boston nowhere else in the world can you get it and it's one of those thank used to the people that supported me thirty years ago I promised myself. Unified and go bankrupt or you know and I am lesser rose systems that's. That I was gonna do seven does this say thank you all those bars and has to make a -- that you could only get. In Boston. Now that's awesome on here is. Please tell Jim how great rebel idea is. -- thank you that's that there are new IPA and it's been fun I've been playing around with various IPA's over the years we've. We may have person very English style back in the ninety's and then we get one with a bunch of different crops from all the top growing regions called latitude 48 we've made a -- would -- coriander and apricots in Orange. And then of February beginning of February we released a straight down the middle West Coast IPA that people seem to be enjoying. This you know for many -- this is like you know how pleased to have the the revivals like the the religious the preachers would get out and this is for many -- what you're doing you realize the affecting your words have a lot of beer drinkers their listening right now you know well. Many of the jury is a religious experience. But when you are you amuse you the Pope of craft to the here. I don't know I -- -- I mean I mean I and I say that in all seriousness I mean it is -- from. From where you started here it is now a cry you know western Canada where I'm from in Vancouver and I mean to you you've conquered me about -- -- the. And really cool -- they're showing people how good. Beard can really begin giving everybody reasons to drink it in moderation. Because it's got a lot of flavor and you couldn't you know you don't have to like slam it in thirty seconds and crush the can on your forehead anymore yeah. Well listen I am modeling -- that's not a fun time -- did not -- or get tendered Andrews yeah does that help -- -- trial with a bottle. I thought I thought. Yes well listen I am I'm very appreciative and I and I know that that that marathon victims who many of whom you've got to meet meet at the bad the brewery when we were over there. A few weeks ago are very appreciative of of what you guys did last year and what you're doing this year so it's it's 26 point 20. It's from Sam Adam -- he didn't ask for it find it. And down all of the proceeds are going to marathon victims we establish an ongoing funded to Greg he'll foundation went. When we started to realize that. Some of these folks need prosthetics new prosthetics every two or three years you've got a top 15275000. Every time they get one if they're not amazingly Iraq covered by insurance. So there's going to be an ongoing need in. Possibly establish a separate a marathon victims' fund in and that's where this this money's going -- self. Nice work by you and everybody is Sam Adams and you can come out and support on Wednesday night and hang out with us for what LB said his -- Burgers and you just out of the bureau tourism and Barbeque at the right right jumped. That's exactly right so. Great I'll see you next Wednesday -- hope is seen a lot of her friends. I Powell great to talk to. Chairs that cheers here for a second kid either Jim cook and and did tell you put that link on the a -- place -- right down to reading it as we speak okay all right so I'm hoping doesn't join us too loud on Wednesday we'll start getting ready for the marathon.