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Hill-Mail 3-20-14

Mar 20, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics include LB, tattoos, and the bear that caused indoor recess.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each you to and to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show acquisitions -- may help. Let's see. Not bipolar. It's funny. Here and it doesn't cost but maybe that's the bottom or is that he wanted to pick up your deal. Certainly it but if they had a little bit I think I'm developing -- -- -- On WAA. Right there are. Or you believe very best they'll mail messages. Of the previous 24 hours and Tony can you -- We're medic at my revenge may go to -- but now Malaysian airline had not thought that they call. Don't know where it goes -- and Atlanta. On its I can I we can come on there's people yeah. These people's family are like breaking -- you know were were removed from it yeah so it's kind you can make a little -- -- like -- the plane I -- Christians or whatever but it's it's the legacy -- I mean I joked yesterday as but. It's singing on reality is that assists 240 people that are missing fairways don't northern -- -- things that is where is the -- keep playing. You know. I understand some I think I mean there is news this morning from Australia that they believe they have found a couple of. Parts of the fuselage. Yet -- eighty foot long part like at twelve and fifteen foot foot part I think the fuselage is like twenty feet wide sell. -- victory if you want something like that so I mean you know certainly looking for a larger pieces of debris in the ocean but yeah. Nice try the Indian Ocean this certain area that they're searching is like the size of France senate try to pinpoint these coordinates if you did it takes a little while well. I mean not. -- will they ever I mean even if they find the wreckage will they be able to determine what happened I mean you know I guess if that that the sneaky thing. Is the fact that this guy deleted that one day of activity from the flight simulator that he had. In his house right so do I always always have simulators in their hours old stale smell on pizza will I don't know of day is if they. Mike Hsu as a flight simulator. In his -- and I -- not I mean and I wrote -- a pilot. I've looked -- I ever papyrus driving X -- -- -- are you guys are just like he competed in NASCAR via computer right below and he put the great question you know. The funding to get how do you afford a flight simulator through your eyes out if your mileage. I think I give -- again a huge built in size of this read I mean it was just like a couple of the candidate -- -- us through the big screen computer screens and non extra hard drive. Asked as passionate wanted. Do his job -- -- -- I'm James finished it just doesn't read -- miles an ailing knee Saturday days that seems a little bit sketchy I mean who does work and home threat. I can't allow Mac. What's up next happy -- deal. They would that I would domestic -- It's this -- is I -- they actually find out that the plane did crash debt that we don't have to worry about somebody with a massive. A plane with up the last inserted a drive that ended up. Fire his sorry into a building there. I don't know I think people -- -- I think some people would certainly be relieved I mean people think that it's going to be used as a business as a weapon there before a terrorist attack. Wednesday 8:11. AM. I want it all now but what -- got -- -- -- Cold War we're all going -- hadn't found that the it's Syria ordinary -- content they -- -- true that the. And LB you wanted to stab a lunch -- leader and and -- confident enough equipment for influence the way get busy there's. Where there. Now and then is it nice to see everybody rundown of the new initiative nude. And probably likes go off an eleventh -- is the premier NBA players and the the room only 8:44. AM. Greg you know what it would cap coworkers. And for. Story can -- 10 o'clock in white castle burger down. And then connect. Channing Tatum. -- I don't think I've ever been to a life thoughts awesome what do you blame us I camp filed on the issue -- looking Nadal in the hole -- the and ball beautifully me the best -- of a box of important. I thought and therapist is that important. Wednesday 9:24. AM. Are you. Know I don't know what a parent but Torre -- appeared. Oh no you're not. At all. I have yet to merit -- -- mountain in one after mock rock and yeah. And now it's no and I mean at at some resentment in the I know there's something in there there's some talk about I don't know what I couldn't quite hear it. What was swell its image. Now I Don Imus back -- -- skyrocket on that chick voices on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's not bad robbed bird indeed. Rob on the VC. Fact a few of them I'm your -- of -- -- is one goes down but there's no one is under Fritz is yeah. With my kids that the on -- gonna get one of those tapes and Atlanta. 6:28. AM. -- it back in the day when I get traded wait for the shot. I expect and relocate here. And then. A few more names that come out on a low hands Nationalists. Today. Ashton Kutcher. And I had had sex with -- -- noted Benicio del Toro. That one -- we're looking did Brian Philip -- yup. In Orlando -- -- Orlando Berlin among whom there is still six celebrity teams that remain. On the 36 when Lindsay was making a list of the 36 celebrity's. That she had had sex who is. Now be do you wanna be on -- list there would you not want me you'd wanted to crush on awesome as some street cred there for a few outstanding. I -- I think the good the bigger question in Hollywood is who is and on that I -- island who does not have rights of Lindsay. Guys like c'mon man saw me cough the big. Through between -- and. LB nickel and you know we won't have the greatest convention in the world well thought out on the it would be a quarter. It didn't call him that Hannibal Lecter that it might call commercial that Mike found something a little bit like they're having trouble sleeping at two co. -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's quit -- -- all week and they wanna kill cops -- one shot. And you'll be sleeping like a good little lap. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well here the inspiration as it's when you. When you introduce your new Kermit the Frog impression yesterday -- motivate in the local business but that's a bit. Really appreciate it did Iranians they're looking at. My god LB he's on the night -- the I just I have I'm -- I'm not -- articles move my head in my chest appealing to approve. This is WA AF and WAA FHD one west robots that WKF. And WK EF BHD one Brockton -- then. It's a go through. And we are listening to EU war hill mail messages. Police see him. -- one want to get this -- -- we get bigger and double that's why I couldn't get out quickly -- just -- it. -- in Maine. -- yes some some not treat workers thought that the that the big guy was threatening them so only they were alarmed by his. The tattoo of the if he had a good guy and and his waist band and so they called the police and the police -- -- what he meant. -- -- The violent -- of I'm here's your taxes says how is OJ Simpson not on the Alan teeple if realistically maybe the little bit EI and I've achieved. He was probably in -- by the time she was of age. It's breaking my brain to try to figure out these other because they keep just looking at like what the blurred letters could be in trying to piece them together in the right. What celebrity starts -- and all that class seems certain than me -- you're telling me Charlie Sheen isn't on there I don't see as an analyst it's number four in the second column under Wilmer Valderrama yeah then I don't see anywhere or cassette on the road. What about Gina. -- but Jared you are now -- -- -- he'd gotten -- actually down on now we don't think Jeanne you know on the Gina smashed a -- -- -- -- She's too damaged. Hello and reputation hello Andy -- nor are we what's up Andy. I'm living under a -- image cure referential in the lower and yes LB -- 37. Yeah. That the that the that the -- she -- -- Daniel's favorite movies -- yeah he's thirty -- associates thirty she's -- security searches and battered and remember what that's just select when he seven. She's she's 27 product care strategies but she's a -- -- only place I love Bradley you know -- -- but that's just. That's just celebrities -- that probably triple that or quadruple that by and regular guys. That she's had sex with that I'm you know not just are being hammered an ally you know what I was probably doing this list. Based on occupations like up next will be CEOs. And accountants managers. Family members on that you are suited to a relative a couple of outlets that not to mention this list only has 36 available slots on this piece of paper and -- also opposed to say there isn't a -- to it could be a decade and a half and half -- three and -- or seven I think there's something else coming to a could you see -- -- And cat -- can't keep that -- He got its -- in here and the hip punitive searchable. And then it. Rob has is name tattooed on her for being -- that was a little sushi -- Assistant I hero the casket gig and he's passionate guy got a rabbit. There's just you know some -- it's you know it can't be they'd they'd ripped they they they're adults think about a sunglasses on he pulled the shirt off. -- Japanese giant -- like they -- -- just because they have a long Italian net last name it's like -- role model and make them really along with the script font it's like dude I don't even know what that's sadness mixed dislike laid down on. Too far behind I'm Scottish I wanted to get going we don't want to get our court of arms and her with where the -- -- the fires on a -- We want to get the buyers dimly crass do it and that's it I'm eagle at the outlook might cut the corner as it looks awesome and -- -- I -- -- hands and then. You know we -- what does that look like a glove you know whatever angelic in July yeah. Enhancement at millennium within weeks. Can he thinks he had. Great I'm glad we're not. Back come on you know because because it's had taken away from the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that and then come back in time for the real contact. The last -- facts Mexico now placebo though I'd get The Sopranos. -- depreciate the men's process. Don't attack obese kids that's his game he loves facts that I don't like Greg thought attack seventeen years of a -- -- -- -- -- Big daddy. Why are all -- not a black -- LP. And -- let you know there is barely moves in western yeah. And though. The animal people are advising the you have an air -- with the -- To scare the bear off. Hell yeah unless it's jealousy and and it Jared that stands on its current feed now and then your attraction but I mean won't like this. That Levy who was who was advising the airborne. What happens like so you blow your chair and I guess the black bear may run a whale rider course startled but then what had what happens when that vote. The lady. The bear realizes that the airborne does nothing to you afterward and I go to guy isn't a -- gonna come charging back that you would be -- After the bear realizes that the air horn does nothing. Great now I believe it's just one particular there a male I believe and am -- he's out a little early not. Not too bad you know we have some really -- days they have an issue they think he's in their reacts. Did airborne and that scares -- There's Alia that scares off -- and then it comes back and -- your jugular out.