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Too Hot for the Gym

Mar 20, 2014|

A woman was told to cover up or get out of the gym because she was too hot.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. This lady who says that the Jim told there -- to put more clothes on because she was. Better looking and in better shape than everybody else in the jam and they were whining about. How hot she will curves. -- -- it first when I first saw the headline in the story in my wildest -- let's get ripped you know would have liked. 3% body fat guy like it -- -- total like bodybuilder type. And I saw her and she's she's just she's a woman who was in good shape. I mean I don't know seven and I wouldn't put her -- her guns out of any other category you know besides like Michelle Obama than -- -- She's not I don't find her to be threatening an all I don't know I don't know abide by the story here I don't I'm. I don't his -- is does it from California yes the Bay Area this DiFrancesco. I Tiffany Austin is the woman's name and she -- she's been shaped -- while -- recently got -- car accidents issued tickle I'm not which again that's another factor that contributes -- break is like she's not even in tip top shape. So she was looking for a local -- she went to a local planet fitness judgment free -- And she's like OK this looks that says she Chile and that she was on the trek on Monday. And a an employee of the -- came up to her and I'm gonna let Tiffany tell you what the employee said to her. He says you know excuse me. We've had some complaints. You're intimidating people with your toned body -- put on the Fed. Liked your prep race of the policies so she agreed just a teacher and on you played like Al Ali we know grab you one of art teacher it's just that fine. So while that first person who's going to grab Bershard a second employee came over it was like hey we have some complaints yet and we can't do this so she then went to the manager. And requested a refund of her money now. And achieve our current. Relationship. Well listen I get a face MLB. Nothing worse then you know when I'm on the elliptical -- Donna global fitness and some just -- skywalker now that you know I have shared on embarrassing everybody else because we don't look good I -- I don't appreciate it and I've -- -- -- going to -- yeah I walked over and Saturday slow it down. -- your billionaires and everybody else a guy like Dover and says listen mr. hill. Can you put like a long sleeved shirt on your guns -- they're gone they're scaring some of the -- Some of the regular body builders down noon island now I did I vote yeah I don't know by -- -- by that are not a lot LO canny. Hatred you guys this is true. Not because in my toned body that this this happens in the -- haven't checked but when I went there. I did a lot of galapico's -- like what you want and I -- a little -- 160 pounds. And I I -- a lot of weight slightly to put the weight down gently but they might have shall Collette also elaborate plot but mostly backed them story like yeah I can't properly -- it. And I do it again into the I have to actually semi joking that's serious. It's not normal. You right yeah even -- literally much -- literacy TV commercials supplant that as saying. It shows some beautiful girls in this thing we won't find this here we don't discriminate what is it just by now the -- people still. So this is probably a part of bears they're non judgment thing. Where they don't wanna make the fat people feel bad because this -- -- like run reasonably good shape ride but they. They contradict themselves into a hypocrite -- basically saying if -- caught looking in shape which is why you go to. We don't want here's what -- -- ugly you know pick it. I'm what you get in shape yet to cancel your membership and they'll I'll play I'm -- -- right. Transitional. And it's class and -- is a real a big judgment freeze on I keep hearing -- doubt that he real is that -- -- real it's -- want to know about that uncle Israel real and it's now been dropped a -- you grunt or go out. Local arm of -- has to do is slice your arm is there anything worse though then then like some dude who's working out so -- any any and then he's like do and buys or some man. Throws the Whitney law and throws the -- down on the ground you know after his twenties. -- yeah -- yeah. I think my own deal worked out there and but it's a crap some guys seriously it's like -- here. Did you did the -- up whenever my own business focusing your own work out and I can't stand looking lose that are at the gym like always looking in watching them like you believe this guy in a blank I don't even know he's an -- there. -- -- -- -- -- -- here's the text that says planet fitness -- gym where they discourage people from actually working out well I -- up up up. Hello people -- the gym with a large dunks -- -- doing well well treadmill the elliptical that you don't drink iced coffee at the -- you Canada and I would throw that I have like a smooth and what's wrong with that. It just puts it gives you do better go block water that's well that's a. Yeah I don't know if you think my. My -- like I don't. You see I see now you're meaning of American life because you because you just said -- BI asked ghosts yeah -- up I don't care but if someone has a copy. Aaron you're. Apparently gigabytes just it's ridiculous to me it's not ridiculous I don't get its north Coke caffeine -- is so you you're gonna bang out and if you're someone that actually. Once the your heart rate to like a buck eighty and turn offs and a -- off the extra extra and the coffee I just again. I hate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's a picture of this woman and this story on our FaceBook page right now yes if you would like to learn more about her -- she's wearing the outfit in the -- that she is -- to the gym it's like little pink gets caprice but Hanson and like a halter top half so. FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks. This lady says that she was told by planet fitness you look too good. Others are complaining. The the big bone to the those -- those of us who have -- metabolism we don't like the fact that you look too good in the gym put some clothes on hello Kim. What's this campaign. The I bet you that they aren't and -- I -- they can definitely a bagels and pizza and. They got -- going on its mark. Hey Danielle refused to believe you go to Jim in -- not grossed out by gadget that Barack. Obama is right away Blake doesn't. Mean I've I don't -- I was -- a bodybuilding so that it doesn't like and like whatever like if you're gonna get twenty forage biceps and plants that's your deal like I don't know at what ever do you single I'm I'm my own business when I go to the gym I know it's hard to believe that -- -- I think you let go. Not nothing as a Jenner. Nothing is funny than two things at the gym. One is when a dude can hit like he's doing some massive yup I've -- lift any doesn't have anybody spotting a man and that -- -- -- -- are -- -- -- -- because -- -- Florida. And the other thing is when somebody stumbles on the on the treadmill while letting go. There's nothing there's nothing better than that there there there really is nothing better than Halladay if. Greg Greg -- -- sort of my underwear at the debate over compute -- well -- the bar up at the present involvement. Well our prosperity. Your program and they don't want people there that actually works out. They want that they want quick feet BP ultimately that the sought from on the committee you'd like -- -- the weight because it could put. Minimal Wear and equipment the whole -- walked -- bit it actually will wait. Well I don't think the other thing the other thing too at the other thing too with with grab in the people that don't work out there there have worked -- long time in that are heavy. They they they it it's a family I know their personal trainers like Clinton white -- wit would pay. Someone unless it's your own home here rich enough and you wanna work out in your own home and you want a private trainer come again and again but to go or -- Jim. And pay 25 to fifty bucks an hour did to a personal trainer or or more and more are a different personal trainer it's the biggest -- it. Just keep Doolittle homework it's been it's like c'mon man I'd I'd go there at a bar the Asian day they need Lola liquor -- well hello hello so. I know I know what's up so. Well I am a member -- planet fitness that I wanted to program got an extra little longer than sixteen minutes. And that ticket that does so I was too -- to do it. Really he's -- well. The tendency regulars but did she use -- did she use the word that -- or did she and I did she euphemistically where exactly did like kicking her and say wow you are not Arabs did this -- -- -- -- -- your leg up there. Not often know about the bullying. Then a planet ipads luckily hello the hello Russ. Yeah I -- like that you -- a small -- network. This guy they sure you're between reps on the bench and no one. I'm not the words words I mean I can't stand can't stand those guys is set up from machine and then America go for like a walkabout -- you have some want to texting until. Super sad and -- what about. What about the guys who want they do they wanna do like. Bodies tries they want to and so they have their whole little -- she's got up and then they wanna be roll around and and bump in the -- I mean when out that when I'm doing tries to focus -- You can't. I don't get out and well. Intentionally though fortunately -- we are now out of the way working on the apples in the banana stayed out of -- Iowa and down out of the way. I love -- 140 pound guys with ILS imaginary -- syndrome they walk around the -- that's -- -- -- don't -- if you put your arms down inside -- -- to my head and they're going to go sideways -- a -- and now you're not that big bet that that -- like 32% body -- knock it off -- apparently Patrick foreign Twitter hello Patrick just told me that the athletic club in south he has a full bar -- a different engine bill. Serbian president sarcastic rehydrate. You listen that's that's one of the best clubs -- full gym it and you put Libya they have massive groups still something that's fantastic yeah. If you walk on walk on -- so well there if you wanna check that lady -- You can go to our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks the morning Sean. They're good morning guys that you know it's morning. Say let's say. It Gary shirt dark corner and certainly are some girl Carter white don't. You're an actor I'll see you -- -- well we're not post or out ass gun. That -- there could be something else that's going on here did did you look at her I don't think she's. I I'm driving -- -- and -- look I'm pretty sure it. If she's not like I mean just like you know. Like a female body builder and if you weren't good but I'm not like super. Smoke show -- you -- -- the Olympia -- I'll let you know night.