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What is a Douche Tattoo?

Mar 20, 2014|

A man in Maine had a swat team show up due to his gun tattoo on his hip, which prompted the what is a douche tattoo conversation.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your schedule -- WA AF dot com. Hello Mac. Failure goes -- the job -- did. Except I'd just sort of porno. A -- that absurd but the main dialogue that you ownership. -- it's got to -- Got two daughters Hayley is sorted out it would be had a -- -- -- -- he didn't do anything wrong made an open carry law does not pick this streak are even more awards. Yeah I'm. Somebody Danielle you said that that is one of the may be the most do you she 20 yes I touched their -- viewed two. On alert them about what other tattoos. And argue she. I mean I know you a little bit and we can we get back to that like maybe an hour don't get regularly I get I have to -- we can they win another look at me like he always bust my ass on the traps them yeah a lot of fat guy. It's pretty adult travel freely give me a pass to thank him like side. I feel about the middle finger. That's true. That there's that huge independent pushing look at that that's wrong you have one of us. Not on her finger and rob have a lot of that giving up -- -- that is involved probably have to deal lot's been on my knack. Have brought -- on your knack for my last name across -- back with the American flag and it. Well I'll be all American your flag right LB this backwards and what does your right I did they did that back. I like -- the pledge of allegiance on my back car belliard. That's right that is pretty -- However that's correct and don't know -- good when I go to review that is -- -- was out your new team that's your name last name of women in America flag and it all that's pretty cool in America that's pretty bad now what America why you. Why did you get the Boston -- is there any particular event there any particular court -- Was there and now somebody asked me to -- after the marathon last year but I had this for almost ten years -- united for the I'm just infatuated with like -- many people don't have a -- war I do and it's the revolutionary one -- like obsessed with the history yeah I would say most people don't have a favorite war and -- what was your favorite -- -- right yes I -- world -- in the history -- that was desperate I -- World War -- I thought there was like -- -- people who died it was the best it was the -- war. Com. What he does rob have a Twitter yes he does suggest what -- what Boston rob wood to bees RO BB -- to Boston rob us now to be taken as changing -- yeah gonna change that I got you you can't be Boston rob in Boston I mean I am sure it works out in San Diego but the outlets on the -- here with his -- happened -- -- India. Somebody says the usual do you expect tattoos are ones that are on the anybody gets a tattoo on their lips. While he. The left I think -- -- if I I would never get a tattoo but if that's ever gonna do anything I would do the inside an island. Now and I think it's fancy or I would do a mustache or my finger what about the tattoo -- the access and I'll. The path to where they have two legs on either side of armpit hair when a guy has. -- I'm looking -- I'm very confident in the fifth. I have come -- I can appreciate that -- a great senator you work with that I did there are dying aids. That get like. Yeah said that like they'll get like designer logos tattooed on her like he'll do like the Louis Vuitton LV there's unlocking Chanel -- -- -- have a penis. Thought about what I left. MI Jack. And topless chair keynote -- the -- -- in the nipple saharan. Jeremy I the lesser of nine year old sailor pin -- girl what our armed thug life across the chest. Any reading over the stomach in an arc -- -- or not over the -- no -- no that's that's usually can't do it that is due to do usually. This is this this is Joseph hello Joseph. Jobs that. OK let's let's I do wonder commented that they had gone to attitude not even the digital -- out. Why would you look on it I -- at all these not seeped out. We got out of the way mrs. married I really. The -- of that matter restaurant in Minneapolis the things that have happened and our club card and the sooner you know Mike. And -- yet what's up. I -- route they've both -- main guy yes yes I actually my partner. Lots easier 'cause then. So yeah it's always easier America and since I'm not so it is not. -- -- -- and well. How how are you not sure if your cousins -- not now. Up to the mechanical part of the Nazi tattoos of his bottom coming over that was their deal on them but that that do -- it's -- -- -- what are I don't. -- -- I -- -- began to accuse though -- what about. The text says you receive the other woman and over in the belly button is her yes. Yeah. That's not Moab. You know I just gave yeah dignity and staff opinion began with a lot of arsenic. And that -- -- ever seen have you ever seen now homers face an -- girl soon pop up I cannot. Probably doing one of these flank. Allegedly funny tattoos is. That I get it I guess people laugh the first time they see it but it's argue forever like right on the last go away what -- see what kind of viewed Iran or joke out of it makes you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Apology that Cadillac through yeah such an. Home now what that you're lotion than that -- mean he wants a Cadillac -- do you -- like candy is they -- -- and last that was like a McCain's sponsorship. Yeah not only I think that he got it the only -- growing back after got to do barely growing familiar old Ford tough. What about maybe -- Texas says -- white guy with the tribal minutes that our guys if you if you'd like a -- -- around your -- and yeah. That's usually yes and -- -- it's a little off topic -- -- and I would -- piercing. Oh well that I know that's the -- illness I've never act that the problem. I've only ever read a couple of times I'll have to I cannot I don't look hard enough when regular contempt and not just -- -- seriously and that happens in an event happens and it is in New England is in Hampton -- along Melissa. -- -- -- -- -- -- I have to comment one I had an -- labor not a black cat on a summit and I can't tell on him a little bit hilariously put backward. It. Could be and then the second thing. What if that -- it isn't -- it later kept it together but Kraft. Welcome back up at often -- I guess maybe Friday the first time and I thought. A Texas as LB you ought to get -- life tattooed. I'll be -- -- forgot about that not happen and I -- narratives and get a lot plus it's not -- it's not the eighties anymore but that Dexter says Greg should get it's not life. That's because their shirts a little one -- My my -- was a local band guy had a fan of his get the name of the band tattooed in the -- above his stomach the band broke up the next that are. Really close so that nothing really -- really synapse. Our IP dog fight. Here's somebody says that anybody who gets their own name tattooed on them is extremely do she no disrespect to you -- -- doesn't this that's of this -- guys. -- and passionate guy so I give him a pass on that it is generally held longer Antonio all of that do you -- -- to protect -- -- -- -- like -- -- -- -- Tattooed with a different shirt -- The current one QB I don't bland day on the first hole it opened sure doesn't look like a button down they need to know how much you -- like via an act. Obama mocked certainly have a god the brilliant. And notably Graeme in his word you used were black teacher I guess I think he look like you're glad you dressed him in irons that you alluded to them. What's up quite see eye to what doubt our rob. If it if that's a good one downtown Roddick -- And -- a girl ELA area and then as a little ribbon on her back sides. We didn't that's usually riddance you want to -- -- like it's a course that I know I'll I know one unwrapped -- present. -- Aaron say it's different when we were targeted but Danielle brought up this guy in Maine. Who has a tattoo of a gun. Going into his waist band and it. The swat team came. Yesterday and the day before because they thought it was they thought it was a real god and then Yeltsin was saying that's one of the do you she is tattoos I'm guys. I'm unwilling to what most that he's on women pass out at all. That you know that really doubt about the ones across the chestnuts like always script. To the chest piece Chinese satellite delay you know there -- -- -- and they always get lake the Chinese words of inspiration or whatever again. I got -- not Chinese. Does that translate to sunlight and happiness no actually -- as French Fries and a double toll says. Somebody and you're right I don't use words that you have whenever they want. I like chicks yeah I mean I like a lot like. I like a little bit like maybe one or are. A whole likes leverage test these are back because I can't -- some different to have like. All these random like all I have one in my thigh from that time I handed in Salisbury beach. That I -- Seattle and in my back he used to be balloons of max's name on it but now it's a flower like while the artist at a crappy American -- -- -- -- -- Named for women. It this text that says that period should get a turtle shell around his neck. For when he sticks sticks his neck out and pretend that's. -- -- I'm -- -- -- particularly. Photoshop so -- satellite models stunts that look as bad as they are here that's pretty good idea. Tattoos are and brass are -- -- -- Texas says -- it's not a -- seemed to agree with rob are growing -- The event you're the guy begins his sick in bed and she chaser here often not saying -- let's not do -- you know I got there are no I think that there are low and -- do. Sure and it's you can't even see cleavage it's most believe the script writing and usually you don't. You can't read it and it really loud and obnoxious not a if not if you are old male like me like -- what does that that. What does the extra classes of charter boat with like when -- -- now. And get like means tattooed on them and they feel like saying you know like -- I love that that's awesome but they picked. Like one of the seventeen million means out there where the person that wrote it doesn't know the difference between YOUR and why you apostrophe -- and neither did the tattoo artist.