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Hill-Mail 3-19-14

Mar 19, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics include the penis on the news, the missing plane, and the morning crew.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each unit during the talk as the Hill Man Morning Show resistance hill -- up. At a world but it -- to -- -- -- important to ride out. One -- one don't. Want to roll them over big joke -- every -- so it will reflect the public school. On WA KA half. Here are. And be very best hill mail messages of the previous 24 hours. 00. Swollen teen. It stated I have very little information on right now. At that now we are about somebody goes nowhere the Malaysian airliner it's. The only thing we know right now is some guy named Waldo as well -- will get more information as soon to become available. It didn't fit their particular. And that message some of these I mean these these web sleuths who are finding. The the radar pictures and that. I mean it's it's interesting however. It's like. But it reminded me of the days after the the Boston Marathon. Where everybody I bet they identified those two dudes in the picture is -- knows that kids those two guys there at. Their lives are ruined except I think they were able to sue the New York Post francs fifty million -- It's like I mean I can't tell if this the latest the picture of the plane flying over the jungle. Looks pretty Linda -- to me yeah. On our radar and and so that's because that's where it and and that so that would mean that it was flying low over the jungle who to -- -- Radar right right right yeah so I mean now one today that little on purpose looks pretty legit. I'm not sure about the one in the water where you can see the plane the shape of the plane down the end of the water. I get it I Getty images that they if the compile photos everything they got evidence that they would have found that there if they'd they'd be there well. And it's the I know they have they have did the coordinates of where the Indians aren't you -- Are you saying that. Individuals at home on their computer. In their mom's basement has not are not better than the militaries of the world when it comes -- six countries compete and tons of finding a jet that. -- -- Well when you have to go and ask the Thai government and military have you seen anything yet we saw that in ten days ago we didn't giant nobody asks -- Really that the month that's. -- there is there are several legal online. You'll be able to see several images. That you web sleuths have discovered that that identify where the plane is why -- forty Aaron yeah. Yes it is -- portfolio and don't bring over a book though on the air it you'll. And then the yellow Google all of them they are things better analysts. I think it's just that I'm tired they -- and I Hertz is -- I don't know it and really you were a lot of our I -- I do well me I read thank thank you for acknowledging Manning family again and I get it but gonna retire. Since -- -- get on -- definitely out. You know yards sixty maybe 65 gave vendor -- IU I my my radar -- you're -- just it was a little bit and I Jatiya muscle my -- yeah -- -- -- -- -- Hey -- -- with somebody was going on I don't think rectitude -- sort of play and if it's also very. I've hijacked it wherever they took the -- while they're fly into the jungle it say it quietly not partner might not think it would report something away from whatever they want. Well here's the magnitude theories -- that our number one it was a practice mission. More for another -- terrorist act a -- salt it the other one is that they just want the plane. To commit a terrorist act. Yeah and nurture that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That the people would be and that's an area of the people are dead right. And the plane is gonna be used to load up with the with -- explosives and -- and didn't. And Albert -- satellites we have we could see every square and some -- basically ever and there are that you can't beat summer camp -- they got plane went. You then you can get tiny compared to the united you know it will look at them you would think Kenya had a few power everything you have to remember. You don't know who these terrorists are -- targeting. -- so there's very small -- well in it and they've got the plane maybe the plane is close enough that they can. Loaded full of explosives and hit their target before any before an air force -- get jets in the hearing cheated on -- -- And here's this article about it now is about us is that Texas says what's the grace period. On how long rob has the mercy left and obese -- to five I think rob enjoy being. Jokes I love it seems there's really enjoy it and make -- -- and his -- sounds exactly like spaz as we we learned that picked it sounds almost exactly identical hello preview hello Alex. Oh man what's going on Alex. -- -- -- -- So and I hope that I can sense that you know at the back and -- an excuse to open the open air assault part. Mentioning really an airliner and authority to go to bring in David but it could figure it out. I mean it I -- it's just I mean it really is amazing when you mean when you think about how panicked people are. Over the NSA listening to phone calls and and spy key -- cameras security cameras and everything in the world. Really I don't know if I I don't know I don't I don't think America is about an hour a day at a triple seven disappeared elbit as the aviation expert credit. A triple 763. Run older. Then no I look through it. You'd think it would have to lose ten to fifteen pound well -- lop off those tremendously large nearly. And then connect it. I don't understand. I think John Hannah and large he -- somebody Photoshop photo area. Are they bigger than America I'm looking and a mentally -- that'll -- iron -- I I think I can't Lincoln journal punched -- -- stretch tomorrow like zero EE I don't know I don't that's creeping mean men and they really go low hanging breast job better understand how white men seem to be they seem to be indicating that your your closer and attract the same day unattractive year -- now I don't know I don't know my -- are perfectly maybe I should have. Some kind of an ear -- procedure done like ear lobe replacement. You're Lowell back in nearly it'll load ear -- The sodomy or something as they cut. Can -- Timmy Timmy gets some kind of a college in ear -- shoppers I don't know that I want that can you plump up theory are low -- In theory as he -- you could I don't know why you'd want to move. Another guy or does I've been doberman -- stuff really liked but that didn't -- droppings belly up front end up ending. Hello -- At the morning Greg hey you know -- -- And why it at this point and I'm right we go to played well without Brad welcome it and it supplant. You know it -- exactly what you guys said it is waiting for the purpose by. I don't know that that's your guy like you know I I was talking about that thing dead the pilot. Who wrote the blog about it catches on fire and I mean I think there is I don't know that it's a fact that the thing is is sitting somewhere I really don't. Well wolf it it would wreck itself toilet debris somebody would receive. Thing right now yeah Connecticut -- it would be somewhere no -- -- -- government dealt with quickly in the media and everybody covering it this that everything else. I mean it's a -- I mean it's amazing and it's it's. Really is hello Brian. Now you don't know what's up Brian. I got out and play and yes I think that they have the plane and Gergen you've achieved yet the bill by Intercontinental ballistic that -- You would think that they could do is buy like like 800 garments or whatever and yeah. They acquired yourself -- that they have that they really have to get a plane to get the GB outs. 7:17. PM. The governor wants. I'd marry adult book and read around I don't know what it is in part by that we are part of the -- -- but we're -- war. And -- -- three million unfortunately. They commonwealth perhaps gonna spend fifty million dollars. Which we don't have planting trees but like I mean if you ever have to. And -- these people have to run government like like you own Stanley finances or more like a business like where where he said. Well you know Doug you look at -- your backyard music could be really nice to have some some trees out here I don't don't have any money but. Let's spend 2030 -- -- -- trees right now we don't have that I don't the F front of the how close the door fell off. And and the windows that we don't have any windows but let's go ahead and plant fifty million dollars worth the trees. -- 27. Told him. In the fight broke the words that I would like prior to -- -- And it wouldn't fire former -- early and -- it and yeah -- as he -- predicament. So -- the white -- part only impacting everyone do you consider mile or. I'm just now. If you've never flown with -- LB he gets through right up. And goes into the back placed an area where they make the drinks and a gallon a little -- -- -- goes but not the other Galley where there any hangs out what does this -- the whole entire trail and I did given the complimentary beverages the hole and to higher interest. Big cute cuddly you know what that -- -- Hello Evan. And adorned with and certainly security. They shot the plane down into it would certainly shut it down in the same people that don't you know they shut it down along looking forward. Well I mean that yeah they enjoy being asked what obese theories was that doesn't -- beginning the Malaysian military had shot it down and they just did one it would knowledge of how -- -- whereas I think what does it. I think with the attention on it. They would be somebody would be that out and they have to own up to I mean I don't know. -- can he had. -- it is not quite so it. -- can't pick -- important. -- maybe gotten bombed what -- says -- without fear of the million and but it but you can open a -- and developing and they can't let. Internet hit a stroke he's referring to our new producer. San Diego Bob now a great race and loud curry is -- racist. 6:40. AM. But there is no peanuts and a lot of FaceBook I mean Mark Zuckerberg then didn't help. And mess it up a it's been written that down video of the Denver news station. Doing the story about the helicopter crash in Seattle and then a giant. Penis appears on the. I don't hang -- the pants on the screen accidentally us is that one of the funny -- things I've seen on local television the anchor's reaction -- -- there's that's a screen shot that is on Twitter and it's just you know one of the women is looking down the other one is leg. You know just Y died one -- putting his hand over his forehead in this it's priceless stuff thoughts of -- out. The cut the -- I mean we talk about ad living. There's some of those local news people are not -- on the quickest when we know the -- let it roll out there rob thanks teleprompter or second that's so you can see that I and WA AF Twitter fee that the veterans that's at WA AF.