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Julian Edelman of the New England Patriots

Mar 18, 2014|

The recently re-signed Julien Edelman called in to discuss his feeling on remaining on the Patriots and his new teammate Darrelle Revis.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Listen. Witness right now is somebody who would never eat corn guy gets smooth these all the way for Julie and an -- one of those in this movie I did yeah. Julian gentlemen joining us now from California I believe about the line early this morning -- eight. You know what's up. Copy and as well congratulations. On remaining with the New England Patriots. Are. Appreciate you guys will appreciate it -- It's going to get there was dated you back in the -- and let. I need to be there forever warriors and see. Was it about the show even wanna stop doing this program is our mission to provide amnesty agenda is go to west. That's pretty much exactly what analysts. You know -- I knew that. You know waking up at 5 in the morning. And interest pretty neat going on to the great social though every morning. Hour of the morning that they do I mean it actually -- right. If I don't do that and something that can be incomplete my -- so I came back for that reason yeah. Well we appreciate that -- and I know there are other opportunities but they didn't come. They didn't have the same thrill involved with getting up to do this should oh. I assume. That's so does now and I mean. Not only do -- -- co relate to three minutes let some way to you know mine deadline it could get on the island -- -- -- And -- to get pregnant belly was a period of the good -- -- good yeah yeah does -- think I mean I would never would never know that's the most valuable. Very sir what is in minutes. -- few of the show goes on there. -- -- -- I -- -- I know really truly that you do levity here how how hard was it when it came to making a decision about Baltimore or somewhere else. Apple was it tough for you to it kind of make that decision where they gonna stay or go. It was exactly. And it would back up pitchers. Yeah your -- visited and these are scary thing and she's sort of organizations. People and then you can see. The niners and groupies that are -- -- Not being in New England for the last five years. I get home I mean they -- -- -- now and a you know just the way the mentality. Good scene. How everything done. You know exclude. The players locker room saying. It's just. It's something that I I can I can leave him in I'm really glad that we go to -- and then not and then. Bring you back. Was and I'm sure that you know the year you had and and the opportunity to play with Tom Brady again as a bit of a factor too and. Will it mean. You know -- you immediately come to work in there and play with for the best. You know it's the next little while you're duke. Especially with what he says there. Play here -- in person very median. Follow up although a lot of other guys and being sold. You know the latency makes we're definitely huge core of that and you know I didn't hear. -- here get so close and he overcame adversity they'll let us. You know look we need more available build on. Do even better it was -- good as Darrelle Revis care. I think. Is that -- leak out. You know it regularly -- two retired supporters. In the national football and when you have guys that are. So long lanky and get a line of scrimmage curriculum facts folks be good transition. Little. We hope he's seen -- all that oil. You know he's really very -- Could compete against. It's great to have him. On the -- thing. And what and -- I mean is here -- yeah have you spoken events and do you think he ends up being able to cannot overcome his stuff frustration that the patriots won wanting to restructure and if he does and how big of a Los is that. You know I -- -- And you know. But I can -- because that is. Personally I don't think so my job part of this team news to -- look and -- their. -- look up I mean obviously been truly great player. Go. You know he's -- good credit line and then of course she wore. You're a guy like that around the I don't know what score on it between between now and so you got that either head coach laureate has been so. We'll get coach John he's pretty free throw -- this series for charities. But but when it comes to talking about this stuff is he's pretty open about it. Because there's. -- it will be your but. -- now when when that whether any. When he went ahead see any of these other teams where anybody offering any thing unique and different you know like free burgers or. You know the use of nice vehicle learning thing I mean can you when you're gonna cut these deals -- you just start throwing crazy stuff out there. And it really. -- that it is college. Yeah. A lot of the -- like we needed to order late -- Slow. I just gonna see. The city and unique personal people and. And Lynn executive laden and a -- consult. Well you -- believe you don't want him to be the conference Sherman there's like a stack of -- hundred dollar bills says sitting there beside. A Mountain Dew on the LA -- hey it's good deal earlier this is this trio. But let's. Let it citizens Lou I just sort of trip. Yeah aura I don't know car for my mom litigation. And when he went to Baltimore they were like. Yeah we like you but no felonies itself I. But he has realized I thought well -- your -- and let me let me ask -- let me ask you this -- because everybody accountable but -- -- -- did you take a hometown discount. -- no interest at all they're there. Clearly it what do we tell us understand where you restart your contract so it'll be important to us and seeing twenty million rule it you know about it at Churchill. Chill yeah. I'll become one now he can't say anything about that trying to find out how much money right now and hundreds if you don't want to tell you I'm jealous of borrows something that's. Brothers and tired you know where he lives he let me crash. Ovation. You're actually doing if you do it. Did you thing yeah we are you know move into a new place in about Schilling's place is available over and over what about that. Could it be wrong but I guess people outsold the I asked -- I'll sling yeah I think the council where the count to probably be in use over there -- -- you know whenever you can. You might keep you up your heart Lennon's power vs -- battalion that pure elf thinks I vandalism on pomp -- -- Home that you're here -- I love this year life took the next step in your. Hope your pro career took the next step saw your tests is just some more balls for four years from Tom Brady UV ink and other big bad -- deal. All crucial road rules well. And the total insult. It's it's it's certainly great situation -- more often. All. I usually acuity started it and get back in the town and and upon that. Jakarta -- you know I'll let you know aren't. There and -- back to work so. All right we'll listen thanks for getting up early we appreciate that CU you missed an opportunity is -- as yesterday he was looking forward to it. I don't really really good. Koppel -- -- off pullout would give me a number of Banja Luka and pass them around on. Give my number over the air and you by the new Jack you'll come collect your trash -- If actually. I would go a certain attraction to the plate and let outside have to take bags of trash. To light up like distributor like either sometimes the facility here like you're gonna bid could only. Four blocks down so well. You mean you throw your trash and Tom Brady's dumpsters so you don't have to pay for that tonight the payment of the traffic certain values exactly. Yeah they have like my that's pretty good. It back up probably to get in trouble to this city -- appropriate saying that read earlier. And -- there -- certified yeah Jerry everybody's everybody cheats on track has. Held up let. So huge that -- save. What about the recycle -- The question in California broke records yeah he's a California. Journal again LB doesn't recycle number -- -- -- there was -- time like I -- we Adobe -- you collect all those beard standing period. Did you like probably a hundred bucks a week. I love about -- yeah I mean to be honest JFK because I've turned my wife my beautiful wife penny into an alcoholic she is my answer by giant jugs a line up. Doesn't boxes and boxes the -- -- -- -- with -- the -- I clueless and we're delighted that you're back. Right you'll see no problem we'll see when he comes to town and I. But I guess we'll see it hi there is Julian element. With a lot of inside information and tons of those New England Patriots are weasel as they always give.