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Spaz Meets New Prodcuer Rob

Mar 18, 2014|

Our old buddy Spaz came out to a live broadcast to pass the prodcuer baton to new prodcuer Rob.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online pin on your schedule -- WA AF. Happy Saint Patrick's Day from what she's a mountain and and just to yes and I. Let's go big day. Yeah Danielle the only one wearing green although LB is arrives it and he's got to tell more Duchscherer gonzo he gets extra credit -- -- green sunglasses here are. Job. Whenever I got my average true viable you've got your -- about it and look into the camera and aren't what you expect look at look at that this. I think Harry said look at the bad that's locked in and and that good at this is like oh I'm gonna get it here in my guy I this is. I like it like get. Thirtieth. There is. BC pulled out the CEO of the fortune 500 take. Jumped empire you know it's awesome yeah it's a B and a fisherman he smells like trash I don't always like Arabic. He probably he probably by coming out here with a pick up but somebody's house. What is there a border around here need to place cleaned out the. You guys what Maleeva -- stuff that I actually deal with on a daily basis and I -- on the Massachusetts. Border reg ER yeah so I was out on any evidence or by the evidence a pass a test on dealing with people. Who have this disorder are really what -- very difficult -- -- it -- to be like him like yet the pit like you get the that's its -- that there aren't that basically -- -- -- basically Massachusetts wants like 500 dollars and put -- -- but it cannot -- Look at you with your low road to take John jacket that the imitate -- -- also want to look at -- apple this -- about radio -- it because -- myself. That's -- candidate that I -- I can't believe we have Fred is calling that the biggest shock -- probably -- What you know if that's accurate that accurate but I hope he. A lot lately but the Jack and -- that's what you -- -- -- that a little bit disappointed what is he actually beat me. I cannot believe who could tell me it's an idea why. You couldn't believe it was rightly so I haven't listened to the shall allow because yeah difficult for me to wake up this early -- but I -- I love that if law I wanted to shoot myself what time you normally a lot of people probably wanna know what kind you'd normally get up now -- -- -- you're not working on the show and he -- And all really up. -- -- How do you make -- get up on trap it's an obvious. -- I don't think you know so you roll out of bed like -- and I want -- event and then you go that you you you look in the mirror and you say. If that will recycle it. It can't it can't recycle and that he'd go pick up a couple pieces -- -- and then Matt -- that day -- that's and I got my first workman's -- lawsuit coming RA really really dynamite guys all of his world as April -- Yeah immediately Marty go for the workman's comp I'm -- -- Well I gotta tell you -- them we have our new producer here rob. Who I know that. That you guys government together because I think -- I think I've met rob a long time ago where it's each year's drop rob used to work on the street team and years ago this year 1010 years ago this year -- you started working on the -- -- you gonna -- that you came and got out. You -- it it. Though it might be you know it might be appropriate -- if -- now rob when he worked in radio in in this in Diego. -- were -- signing weary was for the last ten BAA's sudden his name on the radio was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah but I yeah yeah that -- Nelson has of that on the radio you're Boston rob and -- stock ten is what weary for your front -- Yeah but we pockets in Framingham heart graduated Marion Catholic school -- to -- Framingham bronco goes. And the. Now -- -- yeah isn't it put your foot down. Now what -- or fifteen years laid out is you'll -- span -- -- -- that's I -- now like just if you wanna have a -- real radio personality yeah I'll just say it right now what you wanna be called boom it's raw that's what ruined it for his -- was it like you -- view it started off. And you didn't tell us that your nickname was that you put your career. I -- cars -- use the -- Karzai right and then got called up -- like houses analyzes -- and so if you hadn't had that nickname your whole career would have -- you would have been on a different track is -- you're saying well yeah like -- -- -- when I tried to do my -- my last deal you're gonna like I would have a -- think what does he -- -- -- -- like. How -- takes as seriously like if you -- -- a you were you'd think -- out eighty. We might consider giving -- idea night that's when you crawled back that's when he crawled back to us and said yes when I went back to helmet and an -- would have you thought. I just signed up. So without advised. Yes that's gonna die -- -- -- like you got some good -- you -- what if if you don't because I've been thinking about this for a really long time yeah. But when you hired somebody no yes yes and I wish someone had given me this advice. Fourteen years ago I think it would have made my life completely manner yes because I care about people and given other people this advice. Go back to Cindy -- Yeah. I'm -- apple -- and that I. I don't know like I guess yeah I -- this is a great opportunity a great job and you're gonna learn an awful lot of Oreo from Greg -- Well I will continue to custodians at all. Yeah. -- -- Company you don't have to do it -- Construction coming up and it's all it's about the guy went well it will be we need a doctor Janet roll offs I mean no more and more. Yeah but more importantly we just get did not is that it is Sunday still give the police of the barefoot. That Sunday. Outdoor bar in San Diego everybody's out torn -- and I got a bit. Some quality time nine point oh really got -- the gulls. So so I'm familiar but there was is that the bear far barefoot bar attack that. You might not know about the -- they out of business in 1982 Iran after -- that it does that and I don't want to use up -- -- the sad thing when -- you know of his 2005 they actually closed that down and I was living out this yeah this -- Ohio yet has not been out devices serve on -- -- -- Larry. The bar on the -- you know look at their big battles indeed I did Tijuana I was into these guys that. I loved apparently -- had a ball there was unbelievable. Now bass bass with texture would like to know how you feel about the show having the same intro for the last month and a half are you probably don't know I don't know -- -- and I listened to it than I purposely listen this morning yes I actually did something some listeners might do yes I stayed in my car a little longer so connected European Cup yes yes what what did you think. I there's there's two things that I should apologize to form your line is missing your father's funeral yes yes through an -- crappy in. They would like to do what got me to put that again none out Daniel that it could yeah. -- -- -- -- I -- thing I did get a -- together myself. That -- let me tell you something beyond his guest -- years ago yes when used to sit over my shoulder -- and you would have me doing shows you never and we. Ever let you know we would I would have. Ever shock value but you know. Listen you know I was. Like sat. Not making the best neutral on the planet I have nobody I mean that I can't. I can't suck everybody in the working his blog is used to work I guess -- -- -- audit that's very that is that doesn't -- -- -- happen and I really -- like something like it was playing and how great of a is a real Charlotte test I had ever happened with you leaving. -- everybody you know the odds on by like 1130 -- into his character Don. -- real -- networks and I want a guy as a big guys are very successful in Ottawa restaurant. -- please I loved I work at radio psychic commanding get text messages from people parade -- milk and that's why don't. I love I love the bogus text messages you throw in the lot in debt premium never argued what -- we didn't wash out in Washington got quite a gallon City Hall talents that I -- -- -- -- -- All right so listen here's what's going on Anthony was kind of have to come out and now past the producing -- gone to our new producer rob who is -- what she's about. We're there's a lot of skiing and boarding going on that a bunch of listeners coming out the ski and enjoy saint Patrick stay out of the year. Here's the text spaz please tell me if you miss anything about being on W that's -- obviously isn't there a case over Christmas break when you guys around. I would say if I was the only show I was supposed to go to Las Vegas to watch the Weidman fight yeah. Yeah so you go from they paid thousands of -- this and you to Vegas and put you up to I had to pay sixty dollars to Comcast -- -- The money at the time I predict I. And that's the part just pop pop pop pop pop pop up that's it so that's about it the preakness -- all the freebies I senseless and I -- and hollow at the moon over the weekend in -- is some new dude we're gonna do so he had no idea who otherwise job and I literally was like a I'll call Greg Hill. Let me not just once -- write -- embarrassing me I have a our -- I added flown up from Florida so -- yeah he wanted to go to the marriage how boom we don't get and we get I get back of the line and I really like let's. Release states that elect and I actually you're getting back to me I'm sorry about that that my -- on the on the Fritz as -- business. But that's quite broad drop my eye on it last alarmist or we're. Usually though my service you know yeah I might you know it worked out -- -- -- that I can. All if you are the greatest personality Abbas Israeli army and they do any I. Don't play a total sense it in the month Maloney show after a human -- -- I didn't every single minute warning -- document on the Columbia. How does that work so it picture on you only get like one like one strike him and you're out of nowhere to -- your late brewer -- what had happened that Marty said the day starts at 10 o'clock -- man whose work if we usually have it. The products -- That's not -- -- -- in other -- -- if you -- him you don't seem -- two week -- -- want to get on the -- you got to show up on a -- that unlike -- up -- do you hire you hire ex cons is that -- jabs are -- so I do have a guy that works for me -- that is next on and I was a level three or what is it. But I thought -- a little while us punk over decades that I was doing a job that pops -- immediately the copper rose. How long you've been I want how much time do you do -- you knew right away a lot of -- Aristide automatically. -- these types of bomb how much everybody -- it's let's see. Wallace. These ball spaz is there we need to know that he pay off the broken golf cart yet sentenced in Harlem and that that I'm I don't -- that he and I let them -- -- legit spot -- oh well you want -- I'll take -- is gonna sponsor is pictured here -- they're gonna I don't know if we can afford dubious spots you re gonna put the body. -- a foursome. A really exciting we're gonna will I think will commit to buying a foursome will be again that's up from my Brothers abuse and ruin another -- -- That's you know and it can get one that can hold fat ass laughs it a little get -- we'll -- -- the answer is electable like 30 at times I forgot slaps your partner. Yes it is not allowed -- and blue water -- pars and a -- needs now who could spell it. Eight that it can Boston -- or framing Ron -- actually -- I'm not literate -- area that are actually agree that that's good high up above review especially at speller or read you're already couldn't be at a price -- so where everything that he left that yes it's also expelled all it tells -- yes he won't be able to -- any drop us honest how the car. -- me I'm a little. Like we sit there and Greg we'll be like. Do you find that drop from global -- and that is like five of us gathered around the machine like trying to brainstorm dramatic and -- like I -- to be put on their -- it'll be like a drop. Of Mayor Menino. And so will look under Mayor Menino now look Gardner academy maybe it's Varitek maybe it's under split the outbreaks now and it's -- like. You about the date that he mayor and our first. The united. Exactly as you would you include in the -- It's on the plane. Obviously like a rose at a solemn thing yeah yeah you've seen as an this yeah. So do you miss the listeners I mean you must really -- -- with this a lot. I do miss -- -- -- -- lot of workflow listed as well as a -- media today as they give you this jobs of the you don't have to animal back and as you I think if we keep you busy you'll never be back on the pop pop pop pop pop pop pop up. And everything scored -- with Caylee in the techsters wanted to know are you delegates are you getting married and -- and I don't bring -- -- You know hey I gotta tell it she haunts me every single day about marriage ultimately he has to get married you once again man I'd like I don't know what it is about me. And women. I somehow seemed to an -- I'm -- now -- Dog. Like it Harris did not -- In July left me her dog yeah -- had African dog yeah my mom ditched their dog army and now I have two dogs and in this is girl that lives in the bottom. In Revere intimately and appeasement that was liking these transit and some kind of crap relationship yeah. And now I have her dogs I agree dogs really. Can't hear you what do you even revered is that we live now while technically I it's my summer home obviously caught you running for City Council will bring back. -- I am just do what's got brown does it won't barely a week before the election that's basically. What it. I saw my things -- though I'm registered in Woburn mass and I am still citizen it definitely bail. Three months out of the year -- execute I think that's I think that's true. Let's see. Are right well as you may have figured out we're live at what -- -- celebrating Saint Patrick's Day in evacuation day. And -- was kind enough to come out today to pass the producing but on. Over two rob our new producer who is here this morning so easy and it is the united -- and mr. -- -- I don't what's most I don't you know. Mean I'm just saying you know funerals birthday -- and you don't go to those continue to -- that Monica of that kind of thing. You couldn't come out it cost him one last time I mean I did it did you think about it that I didn't think about it I was actually thinking about bringing a leprechaun sued by an -- given it to rob it's. -- you go to -- drafts. Costa says -- -- it's not out of the it. We haven't brought that up yet but I mean I mean costumes are intervening -- any reason and not thought about pot -- Sunday with -- -- you go up and the NF hack like you like it but yeah I mean this is the greatest I'm so happy Q and prop up. Here's attack has been and here's the text is that as getting paid for his appearance on the show today what we agreed to he is -- the trash from my cues that David Crowley. I don't accurate count of panic on the Internet sales aren't -- dumpsters now to -- -- -- yes thank you rent rental clubs I got my eye and watch of people I have AS CDO. Oh yeah I get nervous consumers find out -- the big bullet struck by you're CBO now you're you know your your big. All right lets you Craig has to say this morning here on the Hill Man Morning Show. That WA AF below. -- are you there Greg and he got to bring Craig upon line of one yes sir what's up. -- yes we got to that. Saturday we want to run America public health foundation. -- -- I think it's -- -- left the show here this is its final because when I present the giant that. Texted. And Aaron who runs Greg's foundation yes and as a K in my stolen in the marathon. Haven't heard what -- know that record background I mean everybody who's running. -- TE they have to raise 5000 dollars after she texted me back to Texas -- cast signed up and I never thought I -- You know I I you know you that you you weren't able to it that you weren't as blush. With cash as you clearly are now as outlaws the CEO of take -- and listen you know -- millions yes you know maybe we should just give five bran yes the maybe not now the public do you have like a hot receptionist there like good who answers laughter but -- I. Since her -- that's -- How I'd be happy I don't. Not myself on a -- and I'm I'm unaware I'm I'm trying to get a 1800 number for the company can't get one wanna. Because they wanna give it a stupid EDT 0877. Iron to one of the original 1800 -- I want a real because it just sounds about his 100 take -- -- -- better than 8088 HR 877887. -- right now. During big -- if -- -- -- small jar. You can what you're into jiggle 18877. Small Jack I think that's what you do yeah. -- -- and said that to me was is that what you need to do little Unita general movement and usually builds cellular for a minor data firm -- they are right. Well listen let it I feel little emotional that that are that are good friends Baz is here to welcome -- or do producers so. All that's -- are we got to get to the news in the coming up it's evident well we'll get defection Max at Greg gas will be a year later. About seven point yourself very funny comedian. Miriam and who knows will be on the show at 815 great get by rob rob just -- missed -- look at mentally I was. President Carter's iPod yeah. -- -- you guys -- -- its producers are you weren't cameramen and us -- I gotta get it and I mean this guy's books I mean I look at these unbelievable best guest -- right there in the business talk to you any help there cause it like 8 o'clock at night when its wrapped up. You can call me you have to for therapy session. And then. At 935 our pal Julie and Immelman who remain in New England patriot will joins us from Moscow he got -- you think he got -- a problem and unique and I got out of the -- you're out of anybody -- -- of and I'm glad that he was the teacher doesn't think clearly he I mean clearly he couldn't have an outlook on what we only got a somber. Articulate ended up he is not saying yet but I think it was probably about two I mean he made. Don't know what they say they have billions of I'll -- from Carolina for 111000003. Years the he had -- -- more and -- I really probably ended -- didn't know what will last season man he is serious enough and I'm sure it isn't as anybody is the man they said it it it hurt him with the with the ravens because they they they YouTube the when you were covering him at the Harvard that was sat there really is is stock dropped a lot when they -- -- -- LA small midget was able to cover him at the Harvard University itself. All right we're -- or -- that happy Saint Patrick's Day the Hill Man Morning Show will be right back. It's time for the college.