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Comedian Craig Gass

Mar 18, 2014|

Comdeian Craig Gass joined the show at Wachusett Mountain.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Good friend of the show. Very funny guy ladies and gentlemen comedian Craig gas let's give them. Leo how are you and I am very emotional because I I've known rob for over ten years you have -- and what's it's a California thing yeah I would see Obama I would do well I would do shows -- CO Diego and there was a guy on the show. But Hulu which is called Boston rob -- and now is like who this guy doesn't fit any here Atlanta. I did all -- like hand people right now -- looking people and it and then there's a guy covered in tattoos -- just naturally gravitated towards. And I got to tell -- demand for ten years I've been friends -- this guy having conversations with him. Where he's had to hold themselves back. From attitudes in California and he would and I would have the -- -- alleged when he -- like. Those guys disrespect to me like right come from like people still think it's kind of respect our republic and -- can't get to fight the people he California nobody reacts to any thing. Did -- that you know whatever the California thing is lakers Dodgers whatever -- like he was always late it's. You -- the studio. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I thought like she gets to finally fight somebody -- it does not brutal -- by him going to Boston knows like. I could've been more excited -- and that you don't know yet but give prodigal son has just returned everybody. The column Boston. I'll just rob. Welcome up -- -- -- thoughts on something clueless that you just I couldn't be happier for a man and I love you rob and now I'm happy is that he's back where you belong. Some you're at the regent theatre on Saturday night -- -- -- -- beacon -- we're -- as the region we have in Arlington colleagues in a bad outset what does it is -- lake north west actually it's like five minutes and five minutes north of -- yeah it's last year I came in me and my timing was. Terrible but it was had a big show at the Wilbur last year. And my guy and like like few days for got -- town was the Boston Marathon. And I I felt so long comfortable coming in the town tonight just I just said. I just I just gave everything -- easily -- you did a pre show I remember that I like to Lleyton is they took all my money they paid me and given all of the -- -- India and a one -- -- something -- one find and then it was weird cousins exe on the phone with the mayor's office yeah currently. With a guy would it's really mean to be. You know it's usually for me -- a plug in anybody political -- these -- some bad you know -- is trying to get some help with some -- -- in the case. And so I'm -- I'm happy to be here when you later and yeah and to see you know what the marathon. Is going to be incredible this year -- so there is it's that there's so many people who are running. Who are raising money and there are so many people who there's people who weren't able to finish last year who are running again I mean it's just going to be. Celebration it's going to be an incredible day they show that -- -- doing a week later when I was you know here last year at this time. It was a really emotional shell. You know -- there it was still kind of on engine. And and and it was just it was a really it was almost intense shows every time -- -- -- were like they came onto my goofy stuff and talking about you know doing voice on Family Guy it's only that but it was. It was is a really intense emotional show -- and I'm I'm very have you back I love this city and down. And you know I'm Anderson for instance we can and usually fundamental -- the point out. Can't touch it and thought about some serious -- -- and you thought you are human being interacts you're allowed to your comedian but you're allowed to have. Emotions -- say this Gene Simmons from kiss yesterday and because we too felt the pain of Boston -- guess we are raising money. This week only we're slowly kiss T shirts for a thousand dollars a -- And and get this every few short resells. We're going to donate. Five dollars to Boston up so let's say -- a hundred -- -- that we will raise 500000 dollars 500 go up. That permit Google to Boston's strong. There's just very generous -- you're so welcome. Now -- you're not you're not playing you're not Google play at the rock and roll hall of fame induction ceremonies well we decided what we're going to do you wanna give offense because it's always about the effects. We want to give the fans a chance to participate. In the rock and roll whole thing so here's what we'll do. If you wanna be a part of the remarkable thing. Go to kiss on one dot com and bullet you performance when the numbers as well -- in the in the make up and that's yeah 101000 dollars to. That -- and it seems reasonable twenty bucks if you will abuse it that's. -- only any grass. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was unbelievable. I think. He can't talk about that would -- thing that ever I ripped. Excellent I think the Dee Snider roast him -- -- not happy what I was -- afford not IA. Receiving -- in this on the air and I. OK so -- So when you go to -- a -- -- It's all the non comedians. All the comedians. Writes jokes that go into a pool for non comedians OK so that people have stuff that they can use -- And greatly if you if you're coming -- to do gross you'll feel comfortable. I would have somebody write my -- -- and then. You can literally home through like a thousand jokes -- anything that makes you laugh out loud all I love this all right that's actually take negative but it's. And then you rehearse it will work with Vietnam and you -- over and over again -- he still comfortably to would be cents. And but. You have to know that that means. We're going after YouTube correct so I don't yeah and it always seems to surprise people hate cats MR I and they don't let you know ago we get a -- to Gene Simmons. Danny Bonaduce was really excited and and and he's rehearsing is material in. And then that the roast arts and we're like yeah. A lot of the chip the daddy it's so I see your face without a letters TMZ underneath -- -- -- read other guys -- dad Danny Bonaduce is -- it any it is true. You're actually dating again as it reduced its Danny's got a new girlfriend it is her name is the most un informed woman on the planet just a and he -- -- -- -- they wanted to get a -- -- -- -- -- to -- comes out and and every -- users -- -- And I think let -- members saying I'm. Lead -- and I could tell she was already feeling uncomfortable and I was told. There was a rock and roll roast -- Rosen Dee Snider and it's like Alice Cooper are Donald Trump was there because Donald put him on the apprentice. Hot Scotty infamy anthrax -- wild. And the leaderboard yet but to rock -- And -- -- and she seemed uncomfortable at one point -- I I started my set and I said lead authorities in a -- that you are still one sexy chick it was a year ago lead afford. Had sex with every major rock star in the eighties and it went. -- think one -- would have helped you with your career. At that moment on the video yeah you can see her face as she's against she's the gap I actually wrote her. I asked me in touch with -- -- rotor an email. And I said -- it's gonna say that you know I I get the feeling that you were not happy. And she wrote me back and said thank you for being such a gentleman for content to meet yet that was the worst thing -- part. I had the worst moment of my. I sheet that I I think there's a moment they don't even show her face rice -- the lead afford is that. First. Female rocker ever in heavy metal -- when you're nice and -- you literally opened the door and nobody can. Yet Selig. Yeah I've -- Just deadly lesson about -- not ignorant about that okay. That are also exaggerated. And you know play. -- I'll -- you like one of the best jokes I've ever heard I was at the rose to Gene Simmons and they never even aired this. Because -- edited out all that she hopes -- like about -- there opt out there aren't any joke about his hair cut out yes he's like LB LB believe me it's you know that he had the hair restoration gene -- like anybody humility is duplicated what happened is -- Lisa Lampanelli first words out of her -- this never made it on there. She goes Gene Simmons. I've seen better rugs in -- band to really -- -- Iraq. -- yeah. -- our lives. Fires. So brutal gym and and it's easy and cut that out but he's always really sensitive it's we I have this weird relationship -- -- where. I do an impression that gene. And Paul. That that has gotten gene in a lot of trouble. And I we didn't -- going around the country. And I'll go on the air like an hour at a rock station as gene and Paul promoting my show yeah yeah and then it out whatever you ask me about this -- does give you some half past the answer as -- -- and -- never one time being a radio season in Pittsburgh where this this guy said to me all right so -- let's be honest. You guys really did influence everybody rock -- right instant. Sure of course you know not only that we inspired every rock and we've invented the best TV Gene Simmons family jewels we actually I'll be honest we invented diseases we actually and I'm just being candid. We invented cancer gift certificates and goes you can't go we did and here's the crazy thing we have a cure. But it'll cost you go to -- one -- she can actually put out a press release that day because they say exactly if I could not say how this week I was not on the air and it's court today. Please stop sending -- hate -- it was a completely -- what's his name is Craig -- and I read the press release the next day on the air and I said. Whose name is Greg. He's performing at the regent theatre in Arlington Massachusetts. The settlement so get your tickets via debt go buy your tickets at regent theatre dot com and put an. -- -- I look -- -- theory is that the regent theatre in Arlington on Saturday night he can get delegates at regent theatre dot com Pittsburgh or when where and relies -- and really in the ever see Tracy Morgan thanks so let's get you didn't. These yet he Chris Rock showed up at this comedy club and literally bumped everybody Chris Rock stayed on stage for an hour in fifteen minutes -- then Tracy Morgan showed up and they -- the show's almost over Chris has been on the all time so. Tracy went up like right after German descent and a baby and everybody's -- limited amounts. It's got the tapes of that but yankees he's very he's got a sensitive. I did I you know. I do I'm known as a guy who does voice is ready to celebrity voices on Family Guy American and the Cleveland show -- bullet may have to do to kind of voice today. Here because they group and a family. That is completely -- that's not a joke enrollment in Italy -- And I was at -- at that -- -- about a year and a half ago and Tracy Morgan is with another comedian Marty -- and parties pointing at me and I know we're talking about me Agassi parties blaming only human to him instantly and entries is looking -- -- your -- that's -- doesn't mean you're. And then a five minute later Tracy's -- stating in my vicinity and I don't want to talk to me and they find it's only goes so he's like retarded right now that the Arctic. It's hard at their man their depth OK so we definitely gonna that they -- -- or helmets look like. That definitely just can't hear you OK so think that it looked about right and so can they see. You can't handle what's wrong with the -- he's I love Tracy Morgan like clinically in C guy crazy sort of give your grandma has shown a million. -- yeah we do much while they a dozen bodies. You know I thought that's. -- he's accurate but yeah it throughout the very talented I was just dollars annually tickled by -- -- are now live in and the urban legend is that Tina -- Came to him this idea about thirty rock and said. Tracy I have a ninety because the -- been going around New York for a long time between comedians of the trees he was crazy. And the room the urban legend has it Tina Fey said -- I have an idea gonna do -- show it's -- 30 Rock I want you to -- care to that -- came up with -- who's a comedian and his name is Tracy. And dot. And America loves this guy Tracy Tracy Jordan is his name and America loves him. Because he's funny but what America doesn't now is it Tracy is certifiably insane he's crazy. And I thought maybe if you're just that you two played a character players out -- the urban legends that Tracy Morgan center and doctor drew that are personal friends of Obama walking -- And he's so good repair a broken up and attack the missile around -- -- the independent -- -- -- And I voters and every call you a. We got today 6179311. Six 7931. 1223. Or you could tax the WA AF viral motor group -- like this 97. 107. We're alive or accused of mountain gonna be a great day out here great actor a great way to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day here or choose it calling -- -- seven -- more due to drug. -- With -- -- with a problem or do Irish whiskey and sell around. A lot yet to evaluate Tracy Morgan if you watch you tomorrow to give me issue on its students took the so. We're -- we're about to get here hill mail messages you can leave one right now at 6177795463261777950. Or 63. Our new producer -- its first day our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now. If the windy on -- when you go to Thompson I can see you soon. Really yeah it's a neon green -- aren't all you have to be aware that at the dump yeah. Do you stick do you pick threw stuff at the a nice couple wanna be sick opera out of -- the pilot I was freaked out because there's because that's their money in our area -- and and then he also economies like an -- laptop because you can pull as the -- get like 78 box -- really haven't really well. I was a crappy TV on the truck yeah that was taken that we go look at my office was mine did not throw it out like I was like -- got joint video surveillance. It's I'm telling you they can be a whole TV show -- called -- wars saga about people who scrap and about people pick up trash out that the Americans that work to this did the union means like people that like team and everybody that works in this business. That that's not the boss in ramat are -- -- I would go to Dallas that's not a process that they you know why these people don't run their own companies has there right now I feel your pain -- But I have to work with a guy like to the other fourteen years that I feel might you know -- I feel for Greg you know on a daily basis but one man has to work with LB had to work with me as he has to deal with -- -- this war and ask. You deserve every day you don't really get paid enough to deal with the crap you have to put up but I can see why you left the mean you know you -- radio now you're digging through the down for us a separate separate box. And -- that at bat he relates to you are endless. That's. The public. -- I I. You Greg and I are on the radio now sell ingredients from the nineteen points -- Obama and we'll read. Does Craig. Play the greased up deaf guy and then -- No that's a guy named Mike Henry -- text message forget he and Mike Henry. My first episode of Family Guy. I came off. Creepy to Seth MacFarlane and now every episode it's always it's the other guy like every -- -- -- with clippers have a sort of really I was just -- Seth MacFarlane and in a room yeah and I can't believe it makes you working on Family Guy. And he and Seth was doing one line as a Peter Griffin we kept saying this is crazy the -- Alpa -- wants Islamabad laundromat Tenet. -- And then they cut to meet as Alpa chino in the middle of a bunch of broken down washers and dryers going. You have a border. And you're out of -- and your overall. And I did it three times it's at the rounds there -- us. I have -- think are good and I thought that because we're working together that we're going to be friends then yeah I -- they so you wanna hang on her own -- Any amount ago and he was graphical views on the news at the Lincoln were coming though aren't you wanna leave he -- -- -- -- tell the. -- Bagels and -- it and then that anything that nobody called me like six months. And I had not been six months later they called at least at eighteen you do -- -- thrown voices that we and I go yeah yeah and now every time I go into work on an episode it's always Mike Henry the guy who does the deaf guy -- -- with -- and my second -- and -- -- about. Could only going to be doing a lot of unemployment in that sense is willing to schedule -- sessions at 2 AM to let you answer the whereabouts of the woods took a quick it's yet here like it substance alone don't want to is that a -- to lobby -- side or have you yeah delegate count out a -- -- -- -- -- gases here -- company does check it -- out of applies. -- -- Maria Maria give it to those exact governor but he repeated that are now Julian -- Littlejohn has talked about why he decided to stay with the New England Patriots that's at 9:35 this morning.