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Hill-Mail 3-17-14

Mar 17, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages with Spaz back on location to join the gang and new producer Rob.

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Now each -- returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents hill -- out. I have a very hard charging spot and you know albeit argued that put it. -- -- -- -- -- On WAA. Staff. That's by the way several techsters say they are listening to you ranting. On the line right now -- OK and a -- to pick any guy in case you -- -- -- since your input on what you can hear that on down podcasts when it yet she's -- I think actors I thought I just creative work for somebody wants my finance I don't have you heard. Not all right here are the very best they'll mail messages of the previous twenty he actually several days. Friday second 45 AM. Paying down big -- on our -- in our content being aren't. You. -- it what -- the -- out there and here are. You're not hurt if you don't know that we -- not always -- -- at the -- And the message or somebody is instead it was a rollercoaster him in the movie fear and I admitted today he admitted I don't know. Well I did a self correction yes PS. I am always command like her great great Mark Wahlberg movie -- great great wall -- movies like Paul Gregg you receive that. I eyelash. It's what I'm having a -- has no idea that a year ago I did the most god awful Mark Wahlberg impression that I certainly have rockets that now that. Yes it was not a good ball -- it was not a do over again. -- get abused you get abused -- by the -- -- the and I and I I haven't done it's. Here's my Mark Wahlberg basically it's Mark Wahlberg really worked up it was a it was like Mark Wahlberg hyperventilating yeah science actually is my mark world. -- serious we took him -- months and months. Hewitt Hewitt and that's. It's the yeah apparently -- got better this planet and -- come -- come up over this. -- in Israel which you know it's it's they -- jogging that's jog while where you know. Units and it's because this carry ins are an actor -- Shakespeare background. He's got -- -- It sounds like he's been smoke him enough to go through three or four -- -- -- You don't some skiing today Al are you doing our groups tomorrow I don't these kits at the wrong on crystal -- rolls yeah. I go out there my friend Tracey Morgan we are you guys go skiing. Never had sex misnomer in one of. He's Greg is there a native now it was great. Going skiing and makes me more. I'd go ahead Mikey. Friday eight to. 12 AM. -- -- and well well what can be Bob. Probably -- it revoked if we can put it went on the felines. That epithet that's. I'm revenues and. Are we Bianca alone. He is she's 43 Lynn you know fortunately for sharing it. The new England sports fantasy and -- -- you're out what do you think. You think Vince is heavily guarded you think the are able save that cycle I believe he's going to be you know he's got yes. And you think it's Jessica's expense of I ignite it I -- -- I think he doesn't wanna give up. The seven point two million he wants that money once every penny of it the man I believe that. From there and apparently they're gonna release amenities and -- like a five year deal from some deals -- -- Goodman's school nineteen in all them. So let me get this straight up. You don't have a automatic and yellow red and you I don't know what you know and you affected I can't -- it. Wouldn't. Your -- talk knows how to read. As that in the rights acts both my eyes look in the right direction yeah act on -- I don't have a mole in ahead yeah -- don't have a big gigantic moral here I had more right on I'd like I don't have to call Robin home he called me at home over the weekend several times about today's show I'm sure you really appreciate that. I believe in the Internet if it believes in the future of money is in -- I heard seventy box -- computer and I I collect that. Yeah you're one of those idiots you you and you probably think that he probably thinks social networking is good for a business still kind of but -- -- -- I don't know I like that it says is completely off Mike that's. Angry yeah. Among political background. You guys have a conversation of my -- Erica. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Opponents well grandpa. Go that mean he thinks scrutiny and old man. -- -- I welcome you. -- -- yeah. Lou and then from. Now what I was at payless and and in reference that he gathers today woman who was. Missed a guy guide dumpster she left the teary -- message we would play the audio for you but we can't figure out what's bad spell out how. Everything. Is -- this so it's the bag -- yeah holocaust. Happened and I'm. The go ahead. Haven't totaled between me -- Hey. -- They got a single speed -- is about an illiterate on. It was like a dog but you are or kick started on. And yeah. Jingle I don't know work are getting you would jingle I think that's wrong that's that's your first job that I used in the -- into the game why he needs to change anything else that's back tomorrow. -- -- Here's attacks are spasm Gately married yet we discussed this earlier but there they're not New York still together where we're still together she wants -- married yeah YGU. You know I have no idea why -- who wants to marry -- -- -- has a lot of money so I'm inclined to -- don't get married -- -- yeah I mean I just bought -- house in Florida. Really her -- -- you know when you aren't -- that are out it's my it's going to be denied that guys like -- it's got a nicer and Nazis I love it. Now finally here finally to -- my advice. Married -- development event in Korea I found out the other day that are around her -- I I will soon be the owner of wonderland colonel namely on an hourly now unless they sell it to the casino when you have an ability plasma which is fantastic -- on the market now -- you cannot but I think it's great. And I think she's doing it just appears -- -- that's the only thing I can make a daddy -- you think some bomb did you see your self being married. I didn't you. Yeah yes I I like when you're -- -- -- I want -- African Alamo right. Yeah lock yourself some money. -- their recent ones this time. The -- they'll -- -- also wants the wind might correction -- there once before I was married once why I like quitting. -- you count if you got a month as marriage doesn't always a lot you know we knew we tell -- what are we letting Harry kept us we remember I asked which you listener. Not an anonymous playing on you as a stripper she was. -- -- I towards Albany you know I I I host my own show and I cannot. You know on a couple of restaurants as an act you know I was president -- nightmare lieutenant and then -- there was no money. I -- it and the best for the best or it. -- -- when I was asked to give users high profile radio dude they got looted. He pointer but she got pregnant I don't know oh yeah I'll tell you act -- -- -- her you'll meet the gonna give me some -- And I -- look at times agree is like the idea of just how. No not as fast -- I thought come on and now. Now she was the waitress I was not it was not she was she teaches you answered yes -- the lions again as they are financing the debt to discuss that exists that Obama. Not the greatest cause I thought I -- -- winning you know half and -- lower my child support yuck and I went to an aggregate of nine. And the judges like not. Seems to me that you quit your job Julia Child support I want to come back in two years and we'll talk. Wow. That you could anything get it lower -- that because -- Actually don't know. I tacked on an extra fifteen bucks a week for me it was like. -- -- -- but. Your mind and accept sixty dollars a month while she's trying to generate -- all right well. Tips and spandex. So it's just getting up his -- and -- let me just again. Update everybody just update everybody what's going on where we're live watch used to mountain this morning with -- more do Irish whiskey and but solicitors or skiing and boarding for free today. It is Saint Patrick's Day -- came out to welcome rob rob is our new producer and -- is here -- Greg gasses here in about five minutes Maria revenue analysis given join us Russia and if you listen only part of the show yes. Or any show of -- blew up to console -- dot com. Click on my card do you -- you can. Every episode for 29 Medina Ali you're selling our our contents on the -- -- -- website everything that's on here at W a hook -- isn't just on one component. So go there and spend some money because it's only. 259 days to Christmas.