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Maria Menounos

Mar 17, 2014|

Local gal Maria joined the show to talk about her new show on Oxygen following her around to get an inside look at her life.

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Bob I think Arian and you know this is on the phone Michael you did good. The lovely Maria many notes and listen. Good morning. How Mario. I'm sorry you. Excellent Greg -- guest is here with us on -- -- you know credit -- guys know each other I never memory is -- -- Tracy Morgan here yet Tracy Morgan is here with -- -- that. You don't baby bump -- out. I love you and that's the -- current. It's become a problem. So commitment is that Maria is Maria is a level who won't and -- and a source local one and so it's always great to have you on the show is six. And congrats on the show by the way. -- -- And I certainly wanted to talk about that but I wanted to ask you if you if you might. We have a little game that we planned to show called county throw down here. And and since you know here yet everybody knows that you're from here and I thought they might ask you few questions. About. About about the hometown. And see if ends NC UC LU do. Are you you learn how god I'm really battered -- That's and it. So on this pilot. Was there resident of -- known after being the first of her kind to cross the Atlantic. Well I was -- knowing what. It was a millionaire hard yeah. You've never as you've never seen the a million heir hearts that you wouldn't and may have been. I am -- -- how it. I know already is right and you know -- royal palace and all that aspect I don't. Had a pretty I remember -- here for Niedermayer first names is there a little bit the SEC guys Gonzalez that that's tell me you can ask about your favorite sub shop. And. It Reynoso who serves hungry nerves aren't got hungrier and -- the best -- -- used to -- everything out there on. You didn't well I can't believe you ate steak Fries yeah I mean -- CD yeah -- now but I got bigger and bigger every year part of it. -- up in the I was hungrier. And I depend almost imovie you. I'm bop. And the US -- -- attack yet. Yes yes the -- now who what part where did you lose it when you might have been met that. Now that what what what I know that I was we're asking the question what like what part of the city. We lived between elm street and I'll play on Arab street. -- With the -- and then growing up what was the what was the weirdest job. -- -- -- What what was the strangest job you have -- did you wait tables did you. I mean look at senator the senator with my parents -- let's talk about the need to clean channel op art that says. A club called the police -- -- -- at all nail. Carry out enemies to clean off the buildings down and I'm. You're so we can. This is like it was like a child labor situation. It's not. Pick in the port eighty that are coming to go to work family eventually and it kind of contribute. Our Culpepper coming clean about -- and then. This freak out but I learned to work hard for -- -- games. Yeah they well I've been able what do you do now is much better yet. Clearly the road -- a little bit agent. They are you you are you ought to get off -- off freaked out about we're talking earlier about the social net where it's. Are you free. Got a dollar equity see pictures of yourself and -- would be you know you're swimming in the ocean of them everybody is like taking these kind of revealing pictures and your. I mean it's it's interesting because. You're looking are drowning like or where Brittany spears is now obviously there are and then you realize -- now you're having or have not function and I think we should you know. A can you can't really do anything about it and I. Know there's nothing you can do I -- -- -- and I got and it worked pretty well on the ocean and and and then -- couple minutes before -- their realized. You know there were some pictures on the Internet and implement. You know -- you have a. Honestly I don't regret it now but then Apple's app that comedy much -- -- over and that has just joking about it as much opera or for an idea here. It's it's it's and and look -- show which job it premieres tomorrow night right chasing -- and announced. Yes it's America tomorrow night at 10 o'clock on oxygen. And that the look behind the scenes in my life I am playing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yup and it's it what does he do. He's a writer director or. And -- -- also. Runs our online TV network -- after those TV would you after chance for your favorite TV show. And that we produce about sixty -- occurring online every week. On -- how do you guys need. We met came back at opting in its first movie. My company Anthony weren't friends -- and the high school and when I was growing up you know we elect. You know we moved to LA and their idea ask. And never believed them. And -- couldn't execute and read it and he'd eat rather. And that can get back to make a movie I worked on it and then as the mystery. We answer it'll -- sixteen years in April. And so it's all about it it's now about your life and stuff them with that we don't know yet about you cracked. Exactly exactly -- if I -- that the comedy but it's dramatic it's very authentic very drop. On. And he needed to see. A real normal family and it's not so normal circuit it's speculate you might expect Greek wedding vibe but Billick a lot has. First generation isn't a lot of I think and we don't really relate to meet -- my god. You know. You know campaign comic -- yelling at me to get married and kids who -- we gonna get along and we can either. And that's. While we change your mind about that not a big fan of marriage from an -- you are you think you think you're gonna get married. It's asking you advise him and those are about to -- -- I really broke don't access and for me. You know I -- don't people think what and about and then not about right Ingram and so I'm glad I had no interest in mind telling me yelling need. I think within our and it's not -- idol party and he's doing it and play. -- own -- don't want to hear that. And then I knew -- -- to. Kevin and I are very different I would love to have a small intimate little ceremony. Singing every wrong or did you got -- to handle it -- But if you want a huge ordeal argued but I'm surprised it's my day and -- like you're creepy part. And we're not doing it. Some woman just popped her head out new -- to sit down. I know when you're. You know that's still like what when you're talking about. That card dashing and Kanye West swimming we know you're really not that interest right -- the -- quickly -- I yeah well I think it's fun to go to attempt first what -- I went here oh split creek country couple. Not remain today but for me so I'd rather put up a separate into my birthday party every year we're up front and then we can track the lake. You know it was a school where and how to be on increase the end. Not so formal and and you know big -- make it what you want it to be but it's been sixteen years -- April. It's not that we're very happy but you've got a traditional father let my god it's like you have to give -- And now its course and it had a piece -- it not -- it anymore are now. Trying to get ugly and I don't wanna do something just because you want -- you don't wanna get because I want to do it or bunkers -- -- All right we'll you'll be able to -- all of that chasing -- and announce it premieres tomorrow at 10 o'clock. On oxygen and she did she did used to go to hungrier herbs and what was the Italian -- -- I was they have. How odd then had it on main street I am and Bob my solo artist. -- and I -- another great place near the liberty heard how called Apple Tablet pretty occurred here or else you ask really throwing. Well you know what what used to be on the side or right right you're right where the liberty parking lot is Fuzzy did you ever used to go to buzz easily -- enough. -- -- -- Utley at an ever made it there. Odds you'll have to get my neighbors or your line yeah I'm semester and that's that's Shelby cobra gonna tell you that I can't. You don't you know well because your Bruins fans that he did an entire room at 34 of course yeah yeah see remember -- all -- thanks. Yeah say that it can't the LA are you kidding me those category is. You grabbed you bet I -- and I love the fact that you love me punching people -- that's. -- feel good. My primary gamer you need the big hit it broke out that are so great can you do. Expended every morning you could care every line. You're remain -- As a player as well you know court you know we are watching a hockey team. It kind of unwritten rule we really want to see that I don't promote fighting in any kind of way but. And I hockey can't be completely honest as anybody and otherwise they're -- and I right. And we needed a few little that you want you know. City ever Rahm did LB ever -- -- -- it like to channel. Half hour as we ET aren't yet ready to re too young acts on I don't know cleaning up after -- -- You called we also as -- -- arsenal you Tracy Watson -- going to be in Boston's. It now aren't going to be -- Next I think what the Clinton for dinner here. Look at the clintons Hillary got a Molotov why you why did you bring you -- a crucial. -- -- our economy they go out -- We're going to look on the show. I'm gonna go to the region in Arlington click -- informant inside of the original port on the walk around with you I -- you -- -- -- blow Goldman you're back to Hogan's at all. Currently we subjected you to a little bit of Tracy Morgan a little as we just allowing your reputation we instantly I love you. Yeah I live like Michael Jackson every day or look in the mirror and I think mama say mama -- -- comes -- I. You really confirmed. I don't blanked Edmonton Paris -- -- economic every moment -- We are well I think Patrick's day so you know if it's all about white people that they caught it extra cops. -- a all right Maria asked the very nice to have -- on good like -- -- show thank you -- an advance screeners that are out. And -- yes yes and if you have another wardrobe malfunction could you send us the well probably I act. That's what are called casual Wear. All right Maria thanks to -- how much they appreciated I hope everyone here than background. I there's every human and mouse and her show tomorrow at 10 o'clock on oxygen.