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Mistress Carrie & Chef Jason Santos "Carrie's Cocktail" part 2

Mar 14, 2014|

Chef Jason Santos from Abbey Lane Food & Spirits came in and made me Gin & Jam. We talked about his reality TV appearances, The Brady Bunch, Gordon Ramsay and this weeks Carrie's Cocktail!

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-- rock station WA AF Papa Roach it's mr. Kerry hanging out in the studio with chef Jason Santos. Who is from Abbe -- food and spirits and you're gonna make it carries cocktail drink for us this afternoon. That is the most ingenious and brilliant idea I have ever heard because it combines alcohol. And doughnuts two of the best things. American ever so this is on the brunch menu raid and -- Elaine. We we did an awesome brunch and I feel I am very proud of it it's great it's creative it's fun. This is our most popular drink the -- and jam it's you know. Never think breakfast drink -- think played Mary here you think I'm almost out is why not but this. Isn't drink and a doughnut at the same times like this is like a breakfast -- To help in -- to show he can't get yeah well that's amazing and meet these doughnuts are so good to get literally put them on the bumper your partner with these delicious I mean their. There are amazing in a really cool thing how you can make him at home is if you ever see those in the store those little cans of -- very doughnuts are -- this. It's rather have the wasn't everybody buys and looks at Thanksgiving and claims they made from scratch and we know you did in well. There are full of water in Florida and we take those -- -- and thirty seconds and each side you have probably the best tasting -- you can make. So what is that's what those -- are you. The rest are we actually roll out the dough all right in this at home and I actually make these guns at home I just been the other day actually but. If prime thirty seconds each side a little bit of cinnamon sugar and you have the freshest most floppy is latest Dario. Which you can totally he would hang over as long as it's RA free to be around like hot royals. Yeah if you -- awake enough to be seen him make these doughnuts. They're a bit like pills normally just not my microphone camera so excited about the -- So you you fry him Rolen and cinnamon and sugar and then tell me what's in his drink because I am dying to try it is a. Our flight is diocese six carnage -- so if you play at home that's due out the -- a quarter ounce of lemon juice and 32 very big heaping tablespoons of strawberry jam. She. Just shake shaken and then in a martini glass and you know the cool thing about these recipes a -- like strawberries blackberries apple and you contains a flavor. And then we garnish with a doughnut and it's like you know you get is awesome really strawberry -- And it's just taste just like earth shattering nuclear codes brilliant it's not a big fan of a garnish. -- The -- these doughnuts I mean they're really cool I love doing a drink as a funky garnished or you need to eat something are you imagine a giant munchkin floating in your martini glass and innocent and sugar kind of falls off into the drain and it doesn't stand on my mind. It's six we an. I'm on an issue as you guys you're neither -- -- this dozen of these to take the -- ahead in morning. If you go -- well my blighted WA AF dot com or you check out our FaceBook page or -- on Twitter. We put the rest to be -- -- you with -- all the pictures so that you can be like chef Jason Santos at home. Very exciting almost eight not quite what the blue hair but close close. You look like scandals by the way we should hang out more considering the -- pickup -- They did so much for coming up Jason I'm super psyched have been there hold on I'm doing and this is like the most delicious thing on the planet on Friday afternoon with a doughnut and a lot Radiohead on W. --