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Mistress Carrie & Chef Jason Santos "Carrie's Cocktail" part 1

Mar 14, 2014|

Chef Jason Santos from Abbey Lane Food & Spirits came in and made me Gin & Jam. We talked about his reality TV appearances, The Brady Bunch, Gordon Ramsay and this weeks Carrie's Cocktail!

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Plus as a rock station W way out my name is Mistress Carrie thank you very much for tuning in this afternoon and thank you to my guest chef Jason Santos. For joining me here in the studio. And bringing. Cocktails. Delicious I love this Friday afternoon carries cocktail thing any excuse to bring in some -- in the studio on a Friday afternoon his. Brilliant to my favorite things Friday and -- to -- so Ole. Are right so you weren't down at every lane of -- -- spirit yeah right bunt down but people would know you for you all over TV like he did hell's kitchen and I did some TV. The Dow -- you know it's like one of my favorite things I was a runner up a season seven hell's kitchen. They're on the clock recently had a couple of times and just always sounds stand out about staying fresh and funky. When you get into those like TV studios of all of those like tackling brides I mean when you're surrounded like at the top three you. We there was Sharon Osbourne and stuff where she cool. I should actually super we have some great pictures he I mean they're all fun they're all tons of personality. And it's that was really a great experience I mean love love love live TV when you're on the talk the Brady Bunch re reunited their right yeah I was Florence Henderson's eightieth birthday and they brought me back to make pork chops and apple sauce so I was British well so. -- which which Brady is kind of held up. On his like we grew up like that you know are generating incredible grew up around and brutalized these you -- as -- still kind of -- -- -- I mean I think you know it's like getting Bobby Brady owns a comic bookstore in Toronto I mean is not my College Park where. No yeah it's more exciting to watch his show then and not so much -- now. Well it's of those things where it's like you know they've made one decision when they were like thirteen years old and is followed their entire existence today they'll always DE. One of the Brady came late from. I mean ever you know that half the cast in the hosting even know their names to their column by their -- names which I think it is got a -- is a little weird you know but it was it was really fun to see them as kind of creepy and kind of -- at the same time. I was hell's kitchen shallow lake is it really is terrible. Working condition wise is it looks on ten million. Hell's kitchen for me was one of the best and worst things ever done in my life when it was good it was private jets and champagne -- around Gordon. Amazingly it was bad you know being woken up by the USC Trojan marching band. The living room to -- What you see is deathly what you get I mean there's certainly question I was reality show how they really are pouring everywhere I went well and Gordon you know. Today would you be so kind as to pass me you know it wouldn't be good TV so -- -- thousand. You know I was always have a stroke Armenians really angry seem kind of guy that can either be really cool to hang out whether somebody just want -- and -- repeatedly when -- -- open and my -- -- some blue ink. He actually came and came to -- thing came to the restaurant checked it out and give some advice and took a bunch of pictures of my cooks. So I mean he's a really really good guy we've since become good friends so it's pretty amazing experience and I'm certainly happy to be a part of it. Well you I came up -- you're gonna make me cocktail and we're gonna put the recipe up for everybody to kind of steal and be able to do something with this weekend. But it involves adult not just donut I assure you if you're gonna does that -- change your life you'll make this. Anger directly into bed and cry yourself to sleep because it is so delicious. It's called the Jimmy Jam it's -- strawberry preserves and it's garnish with a cinnamon French fried doughnut. All right so we're gonna we're gonna talk about the drink but why not one for the road a little drinking song to get this in the movie. Wally back I cannot wait to taste is saying it's smells like donuts in the studio just fantastic. After a lit. More with -- Jason Santos plus is not stations of the.