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Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh

Mar 14, 2014|

Our meeting with Marty took place with our chance to ask him about a few topics including the St. Patrick's Day parade, the MBTA, Vince Wilfork, listener questions and his mother.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always on. Pin on your schedule I don't. Yeah you know who is a big patriots and as our next guest I am delighted. That it is time for I don't know that it doesn't really sound as good when you say Fridays -- -- for it and but the mayor. Mayor Marty Walsh is kind enough to join us here this morning on the show hello mr. mayor. How are you. Envoys what's going on -- mr. mayor for the late -- -- in words you they're the car to hopefully we get a lot of people out of it. Extend it seven days a week maybe yeah. So. Quit before we talk about that let's talk about Vince Wilfork who wants out of here you're a season to get -- you -- upset about that. Yeah without question who do we -- -- Sergi we are secondary. Now I'm Eric and the launch Saturday and -- -- lose what will be professor -- -- wolf welcome election not out all the public California I was excited about that. He's become an open -- -- is that they all have so you're so excited about Revis. While we try to whatever cornerbacks that it is complex look forward. In -- -- -- popular culture model will be our. What degree here here's my here's my my dream signing yes surfer today effort to dirt -- -- checked him mr. crown after listening -- mr. mayor BJ raji. We aren't as good as Wilfork are what your -- some -- he did -- None and I thought it was so are you gonna you know -- available of ads that -- yeah yeah -- -- in my -- deals -- but. BJ raji and then grabbed by Julius Peppers and Jared Allen. Now I -- we'll see what happens. I'm so I would say let's talk about the that he and and maybe some some some some late night. Extension when it comes to. Last call you you made that announcement this week in how's the response -- Distinctly good I mean it'd be great -- social media -- report said the body you know some of the people enable its concern that I'm a look at bill will enable -- Our government could open up downtown looked and so. Possibly doing some shocking things like that. You know that it works or cities in the country and we're looking to do not every single establishment looking into it it certain areas of protest was together for its exports. Maybe hopefully -- pilots over -- works it works we cannot make it permanent. You know start that in the seaport district. Those are the areas that we have to we have to do that you PepsiCo -- -- to outsource. First certificate from right isn't you know people go about it you are shocked about what -- but get an idea how we do it. And then we we do -- -- -- -- because the way -- elections is to stay locked shall have to make it just the change. I think hopefully that look this year -- Concurrent with the -- open and so I wish we could have a some people are being able to betraying its home -- from south. I'd recommend starting it over on high street over there by howl at the moon. If you if there's a place where I wanna start -- patriotic and they are you on the desk. Definitely I'd never been a I I've never been appointed to a task force -- -- -- that unlike and he put me on that. Mean you're throat -- right that's. But so. Sunday it's Sunday is the parade. Yeah and I you know you had good intentions here. Any update on. What's going on there do you think it still be a last minute opportunity for. Gay group to march Abdullah. I try to -- literature ever makes all called in -- that the thing here is that Google books that's pretty much I've come to agreement but it's it's now at some point of pride. And I wish people put it right away and let's let's let's get to sing god you know we have veterans in China bloodiest days or twelve elections again. We have you know everything was pretty much agreed upon but what's happening a lot of outside influences steps send him. You know you have -- people -- that's saying you know don't let it happen and don't -- ticket deal -- for everything I think we're pretty pretty close. I am optimistic still buy it you know it's just you know treat -- two days before -- -- little make a little more difficult. He did it do you run the risk of you know when to when you're the mayor and you say hey. IE look this is I want I want this done I'm not -- march and then you know an organization doesn't listen. He's you know is that a mistake for either it to say and that way. It's not in this case and we -- from a much and so and they. I it'll be a shame that it'll be something that I'll go back out again share you know time has come a little Jimmy this is this group of possibly your religious cities in the in the country. -- -- the situation -- think about a -- some new Yorker cartoon series several privileged I would talk about light treatment in business and worker. Inclusion everything it's kinda nice who has gone -- -- the -- Louis she'd even be -- -- So forty years so if you're not marching on Sunday when you go out on Monday and enjoy some delicious corned beef and cabbage. Yeah I'll try that I don't know what I'll do what I bet are offered a few parties over tell people it's. You know if you take it easy to get process. Get my blockage somewhere else where. Where would you find that the best corned beef and cabbage any based on year. Irish heritage and your experience mr. mayor and the city and on Monday where would you where we go my mother. -- that Ancelotti grade and it says it and is second biggest dictator any credit of our time is second best. -- -- -- -- -- The venom how to mean government he played that great Kobe averaged out does there it has to -- -- -- you know yeah. It's dirty and are still open mr. -- and I don't think -- -- -- -- dosage every game they give -- match ups. How good a good Somalia beat the beats us. Now we ought to be -- ago there. Ellison speaking of your mother misdemeanor. Have you have you read The Herald -- -- oh my god my mother memos are kind of cheated and reduce -- oil. Maybe that's shall be a bit of -- -- is a barrier is little Shia and let me ask I would start I would target summer after the perpetrators are. Well I was kind of shocked to I mean you are the may year. Above of the major. Cosmopolitan. City here in the United States and your mommy is still doing your laundry is. I think. I -- remote stretch total. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So a case that we can clarify that a Michelle your mother she does not come over and do your laundry and dust your home as she said repeat. Not achieve unity she took all aroused by knows there's not much that's saying a laundry or not. Sorry he did do appreciate beautiful body -- -- -- -- she taught me to stop doing that perhaps you know at some point you have to cut without a little bit. And I I did read something earlier this week that you were thinking of kind of trying to create up park at City Hall plaza -- you still thinking about doing that. Yeah I know we want a bit produced public park I mean would refuse district Democrats over the years that we separate -- -- to it you know picture -- a lot of facts. And you know it's a great that you go to great about the whole. Building an apartment and my favorite in the spacing. And reduce. What do put additional work -- -- space at some point. You know but right now it's it's it -- states it's in the middle the city I should be used suffer -- and likes to this very. On FaceBook great shape and wanted to ask your opinion on the registry increasing fees. On drivers in order to fund the the MBTA -- and -- what many think is a kind of a failing operation there financially. And you -- good wanted to keep as needed is regulatory tilt the system -- country. You know to keep that to keep the cost of stigma he got a little bit and keeping the cost on the -- isn't the right. I think you'd have to try to -- other revenue sources. You know I wasn't aware of the fact that the united that you raise the fees for that particular. But I know in the past six out of its target rate and fees and it is never an easy thing. But sometimes for the good of will be transportation folks -- look at different way to generate revenue gets more people sort -- We would that would separate the fit directories that cease. And why they couldn't get it people want to try to get. This tact it's as I heard that Marty is huge Star Wars fans is that accurate mr. man. I don't know per usual but I certainly grew up in the air what the original well they have been ordered but it's on. I'm back in the eighties certainly grew up and that's why they're so yeah. What is your what is your favorite movie on the rearrested. Com. Or a combination of -- budget or very Erekat. That's certainly -- -- as one of them late late record beautiful well logically it won't give up our costs to comedy. Kind of comedy seriously. And then. Denzel Washington movie I'm. -- -- -- it's sort of -- here. With a who's gonna. And you go to any cannot fire yes men on higher -- fire scribbled -- is. Ma am mr. mayor -- that is one of my all time favorite movie I will sit down and watch when he walks over that bridge. Gives himself up for that little girl I -- that that is unbelievable -- -- -- up. I I disagree with Christopher -- explaining about the massive piece of -- to pay out great great with me. All right. Let's see further questions here on Facebook. In the oh it we've discussed this I think before we view but is somebody wants to know if you still wanna pull Boston chuck -- hands. Wanted to know if you're still trying to pull Boston out of the sickness secure communities program. And that -- and I think that that's that's on top programs I don't. We can't really do -- -- program but by you know. What would people here are arrested for an undocumented. They go to jail and what it says that if if -- -- -- start absolutely but the people for violation of traffic violation. And it foolishly and you can dig in the prices they want to be particularly -- circuit MarketWatch. In prison for people. Sort -- grew total shots -- -- My last question for you would be about the hearings on the marathon bombings and and I saw yesterday that you requested that those be moved to you you want to. Tell us know immediately after the hearing was scared to scheduled for April -- They want to have a box and my concern was Heather it's so close -- the marathon. Literally both of the gate he had in the location. At 2 o'clock library yeah -- suspect it won't -- until it's what except about every prop up the day after America obsolete it should amount on each. The one universe of sixteenth and and the and the marathon itself on the 21. You know certainly think it's important hearing it's important to find out what happened. And -- -- question that the the chairman of the committee this -- at Texas. College locals actually agreed. And and then it didn't reward somebody Eric Sykes read about it saying that it -- -- -- happening or suffocation. So it's just wanted to move it out of respect or -- -- -- get our first look at the victims are sort of the survivors and I respect and Lazard and a roster and now I think some people try to you know it just politically and make it. Make -- initial -- softened somewhat damaged about -- the victims and the families are on the opportunity to first look at sort very difficult they have fifty. And also that were typical deal which toward first -- our slate and then bid will be able so will be able to do it very complex. All right and then I'm planning on making any drop kick shows this weekend at Christmas. -- kitty kitty intermediate exit from this morning. He actually registered -- possibly. Citibank summer trying to -- certainly divided senate. I saw -- -- excellence and I hear that I always have to find out if Bruce Springsteen is gonna show because I think that's why I I checked -- because we -- -- -- testament text of that exam wanna know Springsteen coming in and I will shout out that you got that oh. So I can really see you in the mayor up onstage during a skinhead in the MBTA is. Hello Allen with the belly. Up there that we're gonna get the pit me in the -- We -- worried that could well listen if you had to guess right now last question before you go we think you'll be marching in the brands on the much. You know it's. It's a different. Little more difficult now I -- this consider their votes 6040 probably here against much in the presence -- -- which supports are truly do much afraid. You know there's certain may -- mystery -- since the first -- We celebrated my heritage celebrating graduation day celebrating our veterans you know so I really wanna be -- that. Eric did you did you talk to food to whacko personally. We had a mere couple meetings -- you know what's so why do we understand it as big as well like Turkey. This has some concession made yet and it's just a matter of -- both -- -- -- you know hopefully this has little political not spiritual to curb the excess and exercise. Our right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I you know I think we should we should do the next one in April we should do it in. On opening day are you gonna you know be on -- -- you think you're gonna I don't try to minimize your oh so now let's hear it used to be you have -- car -- we'll take well. I could remember mr. mayor I am officially inviting you I will get tickets. And out there and I will comedy takes you a couple of tickets -- more like twelve you don't know where to cover. Trying to protect you tell me. -- too hard that's got a lot of yeah. I don't know at Augusta the Sox game this is awesome this bill in Albany and I just remember earlier a lot of fun we have it on the audio your take your best opening day. Our -- and just let's get it up to get a couple boxes somewhere. It's night and -- I know. I'll be have a great weekend and hope here overwork side you margins and bigger bailout have a great week I respect her right thank you very much there does. The that is indeed the mayor of the city of Boston. Mr. Marty Walsh.