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Inside The Simple Male Mind With LB

Mar 14, 2014|

This time we take a look into whether or not the number of partners should have a big impact on your relationship.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always. And on your schedule at WJ fumble while you're gone I got a text. With -- regard to somebody who was listening to the show yesterday just with her fiance. And when we were talking about. Lindsay Lohan yes. List of celebrity smashes him. Lindsay had written up a list of the 36 guys famous guys that she had sex with -- and that list is now allowed me -- about day yesterday this woman had a discussion in the vehicle whether -- fiancee. Who chic car -- live. And that's how I got tough track what was thought -- myself. My fiance admitted yesterday. During the discussion about Lindsay Lohan. That he had been with the more than ten women. I'm absolutely disgusted by this we have never discussed it. I knew we had to a serious girlfriends. In college and I'm fine -- that. But -- basically find out that he is a whore. Is somewhat -- in a hole and something on a roll and get over -- or aren't whoa oh please. Fourteen please ask LB. If and then. Is that normal number of women for a man to have slept with he is 34 years old -- -- -- -- -- up and threw it on my. Are you seriously right you have did you have a diamond in the rough -- -- got your status right that's what you care about ma'am. I'd be in hand. That and that's not even one a year but so I mean the -- effort in saint. That's that's that is that his soul under that then the average yeah average. Let's just do average repeat it. But he gets -- At a at a spread you OK just aren't on the norm I would have to yes I -- and -- -- because I -- on the -- since -- -- -- golf -- here -- is so -- I was suddenly wonder -- I'm not a -- but I. After -- that's not saying don't -- so. Let's start with the prom night just that's Warren okay. I would say the average guy -- -- probably. Five chicks a year a year. Five a year I think so yeah yeah you bet you bet if you do -- -- if you're 50% of the people. Right. Are buried in -- just go by marriages you know fifty pick you up 50%. Aren't there forest or get married marriage divorce sort of -- that average so you're gonna hear you know most guys. Don't don't have serious relationships. They you know they data growth for like five years been dating girls for like five years I'd like that's so not the Normandy there will be the norm would be. He -- chick -- -- for offering us a couple months six months may be that. So yeah you're talking like the opposite the average guy probably -- -- point five chicks. In his life so the average number for women who are wondering. LB is saying the average is. The would be 25. Is owners everywhere I mean I you know and I -- if it's one of those things like about it yet dinners with me on this too. It doesn't happen and I mean what if what if he only had one girlfriend he -- with one check yeah. Much did but they can be you know if you like you the truth. Rushes in the movement like. -- -- you know are going this. Like you know the guy has like you have VW mortar if I didn't get to hitch to the route from his bedroom. And some -- Kate you know that I would that would that what would that be okay what -- apparently the Turkey was with before you know -- high heat she she used to -- M company are. Heard of plastic soup with a ball Garrett and -- Waechter Broward cattlemen like yeah. I just don't understand what you -- -- so I mean his you know. First crazies I can be an uptight as I can be about certain things misses one thing that I could give a crap lasts about -- yet you don't care for a guy has been if you don't have a guy. Had been -- Fifty girls who careless you can -- what. Like we didn't get what they like what -- is -- other it's just that's enough we're developing your relationship then that's like that's all I care I mean if you if you did your thing like. Everybody's got a past everybody. No because he's slept a lot of people it doesn't mean the era -- K you have had a lot of like short term relationships that just didn't work out let me Honeywell Reno. I've -- I've only had I've only had a one prior. A girlfriend and my -- when we're together for ten years Frazier was a bunker. Right so she got home you know they might how many there are times but I -- -- on her -- -- and I'm not gonna happen. I got rid of the GG -- yeah Biden to 34 times -- you know while you never really hasn't -- -- a great person now but there's here's a woman. Who says LB is way off dead the average of guys that I have known. The average is ten total in their life on -- they could take DiMarco made him a few. I mean I'm not for not -- -- I was I was married I was married to two women now and I slept with I don't know -- commodities. I don't like -- I put these women afflicted Pope. Don't think that the guy that is -- has jealous of literal overhead is so you don't think that when they tell their number that they're being completely powerless don't listen to your -- lies so we go with a golden goal of his friends on Friday you'd think -- tell you Israel number at somewhat. I just don't understand why people play so much support like. Like I love when people I mean this is like I feel like it's such a thing to do when your twenties like all you sought to X number of people will anybody I don't know who's there obviously but I. I don't like rallies with -- Really really really -- -- it is important only slept with three women but there are really like it when -- great put a strap on time hey everybody's gonna. I don't think our district contentious I mean what did -- -- -- number I think I'll -- it appears many other. Here's that Texas says -- strippers counts. One dollar and how else are they don't I don't permanently and that's just the affidavit week. Call -- listen strippers and the therapy. Enter into this. Here's somebody says that Danielle is just same act -- her numbers higher than I is that she thought that's true I just I don't. I don't care like it is what it is I don't judge you based on just you know I'll just say they're -- what do what do we what -- -- -- -- to understand news there -- the guy you're whip you have to know that if you eat you if you if he didn't have a girl for a but cannot get guys better benefit of the doubt that you have a girlfriend you don't -- -- -- -- which is. -- But if that's set up the when he doesn't have a girlfriend a guy is hitting something. Minimum twice -- month. -- -- Now think about when you're single now twice a marquee that he's able to hear from women to get -- -- somebody wants to -- -- count it's true yes or six. When little massage therapist I had a debate -- a -- -- if I guess it's fair to her name is symbols now. I think I just. Women now that that that that didn't just for the -- ma'am. You gotta agree do you agree -- and our job is awesome yeah so they can go back to the well if you're in -- closer -- -- -- -- -- shouldn't freak -- about -- about this lady she thinks she's like -- -- sounds -- she's thinking of canceling the wedding indefinitely and she's not not enough that we had been tentatively been ten years in my mind detention pictures -- birdies still like -- and India set up a path. -- -- -- mean it like focus onion and you now like you know I would and a great guy. I'm not gonna judge based all all that happened -- that's a great story whatever like I'm not gonna end my relationship because of like some you know things happen and as Chad how ridiculous she has to understand the guys' mentality of just put a perspective few. I have a Condo in Newport, Rhode Island third data my -- nuclear -- island different right now I know -- Thursday to Monday my goal. Was to get laid every night right to me. Four for four. Different chicks yeah but go out sometimes it would be to get the same chip for that the boarded but sometimes you -- Three sometimes accused under review of the corporate war hey here's a Texas says why do you think they called Greg gold double zero. All that one -- two times. I have mentioned this many times. You know in my single days stage. You know I was. Slow like the dragon slayer I mean out of the way I don't know app free random male lock into a place I follow on the ground in. Their panties off immediately. Hello. Good morning teel who is this. -- other what's going on today. -- -- that -- you -- who -- you you don't know policy you're a woman and you don't care either no doubt about it. I mean it's pretty pretty incredible to meet for the lady who's engaged. If you love the guy. They don't always know what you're I say this. You're already be -- you don't America right I would you know I'd I'd postpone the wedding. This is a long way to go you a long way to go out of the number of partners is news is freaking you that's your deal breaker you know I think what is something else. Big came up in the relation US still be able to deal with that nothing -- and that's that's kind of I agree with him they now. That's a bad indicator -- that's a red flag you keep game. -- You know our giving guy and guys don't really care about DIC's call money yes what did you what the number they act like they don't care can -- really like it where did you really get our savior. Because they hauled off that well not in now not everybody does but the I I think a decent majority of guys do because they sit there now like they let its due for a little bit down -- the -- okay. And then like they start asking questions and the export about I've -- Gretel when was this -- say it's it. You know perhaps -- A Texas that was -- central and I just said that about the campaign the -- I told the way it can't get her fantasy and L like the key piece they were moist. And she would like that word. Call -- tests. At freer hand them to -- still alive and that was. OK at the hey listen -- we were talking with the mayor earlier this morning about the drop kicks and he said that they want him to go with Saturday night right is that what Marty offset. All right so. Not if you would like to see the drop -- shows are sold out of course but don't let Saint Patrick's Day gets here. Without participating. In. True -- in tradition and that is drop kick Murphy's at the house of blues we -- biggest giveaway today. During the 1234. And 5 o'clock hours. I have to do is taxed into win. It's the march to -- Murphy madness you can get keyed -- at WA AF dot com but just listen today. Twelve excuse me 1234. And 5 o'clock hours a place -- What's up step. And I don't under the -- comment on that thing that I -- that -- in many us. She's crazy. And many -- -- -- -- -- then I don't know one another number and I know it more than an end. And I think that was -- Pretty cool that -- -- what is your number. My -- but I think is dead. Cat one. And. Yours is do you still -- my -- Patrick Hamas. -- -- didn't get -- at eighteen. I. Just -- and I -- -- Powell to use them and anyone thirty wine and cut. And who you view what age did you lose your virginity. I'll -- so that is sixteen years ago now and less than one a year is what you're calling. Iraq. Many thought the fifteen to 1818. It's -- you know and when he killed but. Funny I have and then. Now it's getting a little yeah Snyder's single. Lets -- know I don't know yeah. But no I don't know I don't -- -- but I have a baby and I am. You know I'll get it. 653. Minutes to lose to doesn't get there see Stephanie. Does she does not care hello -- well. Good morning everyone around June oh. Well let's. -- excellent in culture should mostly. You know they are loyal. And then -- in the wake up first thing you're doing you're going on trying to let anything you hear it and get on a good credit and I. -- -- -- -- You know I mean any any decent guy. That -- that's out there -- single one week one a week. I mean that's what it's one that's off the and that's a -- -- -- -- train wreck and stealthy hello hey rich. What temperature. The -- I was at -- would banned a Michael wasn't there wasn't already this year due to the quality. Where they are all drug addicts and criminals and I had a real hard time with it but. I -- cal fire -- particularly. In their money yeah. -- decent. There -- there are greater -- fears that Texas says no girl named staff has ever only slept with and got access. Don't know what I call my micro stuff you know or but from. That tape out anyway. You know our -- there's no such -- that the rule on the women as you multiply by three because they're never honest so the actual number for staff is about thirty. -- -- -- -- -- -- how much I can be viewed and we could see if they believe these problems document down -- doing just you receive the the mullet I have. -- -- You know why. One on a date with the I believe I've mentioned this on the show before. The lovely musical artists the Fiona. Oh really yes yes we wearing your earrings she time I'd get up. And -- Came to the to be 66 and was somewhat enamored by a young. Production assistant then we went over food. Oh I have known Framingham on primary pastime of the old hands through nine. How not well I don't I don't -- you get your oats are nice I don't kiss and tell when it comes in when it comes to the celebrities. Albania I don't kiss and tell. I don't even know at this woman's name is yet like a minor hit and it goes public talk to me and something like that and you don't want talk in my opinion of the Hebrew is way before you -- Google it we -- trees sort of pretty well this year as -- talked to me in this in 1980. As a CN yeah this is well. Smoke. Send and -- probably will never forget this she probably I don't. We're out of pianist well I love this music video in the ad that they showing -- dramatic -- -- You know that it was a while -- addictive -- like 1980 I have those -- -- -- -- five -- six -- something -- that the yeah I mean honestly. You take a look at that and you tell me that. I don't you tell me you never had anything like that I doubt it. I doubt it nobody. I -- the smoke and a half doing the double step with the leather jacket pants it is ask kept talking to me afterwards like. Bother me -- on the top all the time call last Wednesday. Column my house on bond advisor and how violently as what else would she called -- enough a couple of the telephone exactly. On Wednesday you know I'll do -- a -- a picture this album right now and if you tell me. That that is not. That's going to be in my book when I read I'll reveal what happened in my book. All right and be known if hold on and tweeting and if you really sit here on affirmative your -- -- sort of follow my colleague a couple guys and I think apartment over there on. Where the hell was it. And chestnut street I am in the office and sacks and 33 man staff and -- Larry -- -- yeah did you make out to this hit song of -- a little over romantic version underwriting integrates on economy by -- -- -- -- You had a very beautiful usual spirit. All right 6179311. -- is the number coffee like to be on the show LB with the sports coming up. And just a little bit here if you would like to tax the bed WA AF Ira motor group text line is nine B 7107.