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Hill-Mail 3-14-14

Mar 14, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics included Vince Wilfork, the MBTA, and our Governor.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- its online and on your schedule that's -- now each unit during -- talk as they Hill Man Morning Show resilience -- -- help. Eight can't hopefully -- 901 why don't try it out and I let somebody get -- -- are -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On WAA. I mean these -- -- -- Kyle one last night crazy. Crazy Indians win which we talked authority about yesterday was the last their last eight games are in for a Earth's ridiculously 152 and three or something it's awesome that it's really time you are -- there really -- His taxes basically LB's rule is if there is a holiday it should be followed by a holiday frank and senator what is essentially young people holiday if you don't him the next day after you're right. You know when I mean every holiday should be followed by another holiday but then you run into the problem of the day after than -- the second holiday that would -- now. That and the whole we -- is it's clear recovery day you don't drink on recover okay -- -- here only most most party here is a legit partners like myself yeah. That are 55 day a week people -- Monday and Tuesday are recovery or recovery the rest and then Sunday -- day in my day recovery day -- day recovery day Wednesday's Friday Wednesday right -- -- got to be right back -- got it. I should here are the very best dome L messages of the last 24 hours -- -- southern city Karl won't. We've got a dusting -- no. Everyone -- 110 miles per hour -- a -- -- let state. And under that it -- has always been a tornado I -- eight yeah eight people were a freak him out. -- afternoon snowstorm. Just the little of that a little illness now here I had. No measly inches give or losing their minds no big deal no big deal Drupal. -- -- -- -- I -- hundred pound charging. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I had a day of the leader of that 500 watch on washed and -- it to will's -- yesterday. Yeah and that way how warm -- that -- -- before you take to the to the motorcycle. Authorities forties or 4040 yeah and I you know I'm not -- did you know my I got -- right in the winter you know they were they -- that the winter Macedonia have yet and banana -- Arab and I'm not -- not that in any -- -- put on a pretty good. Show. In January when it remember NG early January it it hit ferret like. Mid fifties -- there was like 52 after that snowstorm yeah we took the -- we took -- scooters -- -- the beast -- and afternoon tilt must give a little while the road the road we're completely soaked in we we were white with salt must've been a little chilly too little in their quest ethnic balance -- -- twelve older. Side but in Europe but out here -- that it be -- Hillary. Miss the boat. I. -- you know it is a natural born athlete -- -- NEC every sport he's he's not yet. Big not a lot of I would have a lot of respect from the Brewster I'm excited to see a little bitty place senator but I. -- -- -- -- -- I'm excited -- back -- I'm -- and nice that the Celtics a kind of do in the mini one on one good thing and the announcer kids and ratings. -- so what's a breeze is number doubles era he does not -- the doubles the rallies that I think he's wearing number Syrian -- seven these days ago. I you know how he's I'm I'm looking forward to a nice you're you're not undertake the picture's nice thing yeah little video I mean it's pretty cool to say you played on the part today. -- let you know -- I didn't obvious. That's when I was a kid I would you know obviously I would in the united I would never even dreamed of meeting a pro -- -- -- -- in arms in the middle of nowhere -- might might. My arm over junior hockey players I'll never forget the first armored played at the prince Albert. So arena was the itself or are you -- I'm sorry for the team -- but eight gave me this name of it this city which was a big city yeah you know I think like 40000 people. But -- had 3200 seats. And they efforts over -- where did she did -- tier two junior hockey -- those guys were like you know for me they were my idols like I still remember that their flights are you and give their readers go go raiders go -- green white and gold haters -- reasons don't stay right outcome -- soccer may not come they adopt them in the parent brings -- -- read them I'm gonna make sure there was amazing idea that -- seem like. So page like Sims just seems like him Incredibles like -- like for freely for Greece. The backboard and the and the group -- seem like they're like thirty feet high value you single person with 171000. On the -- your ball would not air balls right on the back you know the problem is -- a half to 29. PM. It mattered little when will open and that they could start. -- didn't like that but he's gonna be open the Harry. And then -- he's very excited our governor not announcing the MBTA will be. Staying open late and running late and -- you know -- a look very when things are bad. The ought to look for distractions I mean a positive things to back to talk about -- to twenty current older. Greg that -- -- that the entire sport brought a little late night there are every -- you get but -- I regret that I have. We aborted it all into new Democrat candidate he crack at Wofford and beautiful -- And the -- it was an accident. It's I think that's been you know it says things happen why you think should happen more often when all the trains running all the time. Well I wouldn't actually think it would because it's like they're on track so. The track doesn't go into the law so I I I wouldn't think it would happen more than two -- -- but that's the scrutiny any man. It then you've got one year remaining on the eyes mere forty billion dollar contract. They're cute. That got up and play in -- that put it -- And that's -- -- that's how people feel about they're patriots about their athletes he sign a contract. You don't have right get out here Vince Wilfork are you right here on it and when your thoughts comes use dancers take a page count. Earth's and I hope people don't do these people they get upset with the 27. -- And I -- appearance note that we might -- schedule staying I -- really -- Allred who we are considered overweight Friday Saturday night. Because hospital workers. And cleaning -- and that of course our port that the little -- work every night it started to -- people that the state. If our unity candidate that I could just please be honest at 5 o'clock a we're where we were running mid to late so I can get those trying to asses off the street. That's and a good idea. And forty old. Don't bet we'll all watch out basically what we couldn't get the body felt a lot Sunday but I have to eucalyptus. Anybody come to my. And -- -- -- -- directed at either some there it is that is 709. AM. It will -- -- -- That it -- woman -- now has the work here I bought into that packaged it did it. That didn't seem old man who are -- -- it -- ordered. Sorry. The. -- the complete. I'm very good -- and -- Larry Dillon.